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Who Do Ya Love? [View All]
*blang blang blang guitar chords* Who do ya love? Actually, and much more fun, who do you loathe already? I'm
50 messages
07-21-06 11:57 AM
MeeVee Exclusive: Hell's Kitchen Interview
Meet Maribel—the latest cast-off of Hell’s Kitchen who hails from Brooklyn and swears the bad taste in her mouth has nothing to do with Chef Ramsa
1 messages
07-19-06 10:10 PM
So, what is the prize exactly?
I'm having a hard time believing they're going to hand over a multi-million dollar restaurant to any of these clowns. What would be the point?
Cathy the Canadian
2 messages
07-19-06 03:36 PM
Hell's Kitchen #2 Episode #5 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all discussion of whatever the 'For the first time in HK history' event turns out to be on this thread until the West Coast gets to be
15 messages
07-18-06 03:00 PM
is it me or does keith look like a wigga baby huey?
not sure if the pic loaded i know it's a shity job but i don't really care. if it didn't load heres a link to where it did go http://commu
5 messages
07-18-06 01:53 PM
RTVW Official Summary - Hell's Kitchen 2, Episode 5: Is It Real Or Is It Cheese Whiz?
RTVW Official Summary: Hell’s Kitchen 2, Episode 5 Is It Real or Is It Cheese Whiz? *Disclaimer: Sometime after writing th
7 messages
07-17-06 09:19 AM
Be The Living Damned Week #4: Next On My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss... [View All]
All I want in life is a complete dinner service. Something with all the silverware properly arranged and an assortment of clean plates, with a spec
38 messages
07-15-06 01:07 PM
MeeVee Exclusive: Hell's Kitchen Interview
Meet Rachel--the latest cast off of Hell's Kitchen who, at 39, has her own nutritional company in Texas and swears she had no idea what Hell's
4 messages
07-14-06 10:21 PM
reality check
12 messages
07-12-06 11:10 PM
Scraping the bottom of the saucepan?
Is it my imagination or are the contestants on HK2 much less qualified than last season's chefs? The names have faded from my memory,
10 messages
07-12-06 06:31 PM
Hell's Kitchen #2 Episode #4 East Coast Spoiler Thread. [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode on this thread until the Home Run Derby is over and I can once again pretend I care about what these
21 messages
07-11-06 09:40 AM
ReCooked Sigpics!
ORIGINAL MIME MINT: ds/User_files/41373986205a61dc.gif [font size =1]Handcrafte
5 messages
07-08-06 10:48 PM
RTVW Official Summary – Hel<>l’s Kitchen – Season 2, Episode 4 – “Defining Moments”
Last week Tom is spared once again when our Whack-job-o, Giacomo, screws up “one big thing”, and attempts to cook dinner without turning on
8 messages
07-04-06 11:31 AM
No HK Tonight
Looks like we'll have to wait at least a week to see if one of the women can sneak the keys to the bus out of Ramsay's pocket and take care of the
1 messages
07-04-06 11:14 AM
Be The Living Damned Week #3: Antichrists In (Toilet) Training.
You know, I think I'm starting to figure out why Virginia is (censored) here. And given that, perhaps I'd better let her (blurred) kn
20 messages
06-30-06 04:28 PM
Do we need a 'Be The Living Damned' game? [View All]
If so, we'll need volunteers to play the contestants, sous' chefs, assorted pieces of HK decor (like the servers), dinner guests (wh
31 messages
06-29-06 12:57 PM
The Level of Suckitude is Unbelievably High This Season
I am starting to think this was an elaborate joke on Ramsey. Even I would have managed to cook one of these dishes correctly by now. For every one p
9 messages
06-29-06 10:39 AM
Is this show really any good?!?! [View All]
Last night was my first experience with Hells Kitchen and I must say I was not impressed! Believe me, I watch most ALL reality shows and to me,
24 messages
06-28-06 08:56 PM
Hell's Kitchen #2 Episode #3 East Coast Spoiler Thread.
Please keep all discussion of Giacomo's breaking into the restaurant and attempting to kill the entire cast with a cooking blowtorch while screaming
15 messages
06-27-06 06:53 PM
Next episode
Does anyone know when the next show will air? I tried my program guide on tv, but it doesn't show any future shows.
3 messages
06-27-06 10:49 AM
what else can be said
o.k.,you all have seen what just happened,and if any one can at this point argue what i have been saying,please step foward.I am just amazed it
1 messages
06-26-06 10:40 PM
preview for monday's ep 6/26
Has anyone else seen the preview for tomorrow's ep? I just caught it and it looks funny as heii - definitely I'll be watching. Didn%2
2 messages
06-26-06 10:18 PM
Be The Living Damned Week #2: Raw Meat, Heavily Seared. [View All]
Let's talk about communications. I said [i]communications[/i]. Can't any of you hear me? Let's try this again. [b][i]I S
22 messages
06-26-06 07:20 PM
Answers about restaurant customers
This was posted on Do the restaurant patrons in Hell’s Kitchen show up because they want to be on TV? Are they being c
8 messages
06-25-06 02:02 PM
Hell's Kitchen 2.3 Official Summary ds/User_files/42d437a57335c2a5.jpg [font size=6 color=blue]Hell's Kitchen 2.3
13 messages
06-25-06 02:11 AM
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