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Hell's Kitchen - Marco Pierre White
Hell's Kitchen - Marco Pierre White I think the show is appalling with Marco. He lacks the carisma Gordon Ramsay who can get away with be
9 messages
07-30-08 09:10 AM
HK 4 - Episode 14 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Finally! The [b]real[/b] finale. Two ugly dining rooms, two teams who don't really want to support their chef because - well, becaus
33 messages
07-13-08 01:39 PM
Opening credits analysis?
Gordon's hidden hints in the lead graphics before this -- and there might be a few clues lurking within the miniaturized chaos in the kitchen. %
12 messages
07-11-08 09:38 PM
Winner of Hell's Kitchen
I have a friend who attends the Culinary Institute of America where Christina was attending. My friend said Christina will be the winner of Hell's
17 messages
07-10-08 07:16 AM
Be the Living Damned 4 Finale
Who will it be? Find out at the end of this post! One person will walk through the Door to Their Dreams. *shot of Christina's a
4 messages
07-09-08 09:12 PM
Hell's Kitchen Finale Vote Thread
Ok Peeps, you know the drill. Cast your vote below for the person you think will win Hell's Kitchen tonight. Post either "Christina" or "P
Scarlett O Hara
11 messages
07-09-08 02:19 PM
Be The Leaving Damned 4.14
Hey! I'm a potato! I guess you humans kommunikate with "wurdz". I don't have many "wurdz", as we potatoes kommunikate via twa
10 messages
07-07-08 09:01 PM
Corey and Christina: The Afterschool Special
Act 1: Christina and Corey meet. A Bad Thing happens. It's her fault! No, it's [i]hers[/i]! They look daggers at each other
1 messages
06-26-08 12:42 PM
Be the Living Damned 4.13
Ha! Tricked you! Honestly. Why would I just do a nice thing like bringing in your loved ones for no reason? And right at the time you knew
1 messages
06-25-08 09:11 AM
HK Season 4 Episode 13 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Okaaaay! America so loved seeing Jen thrown out of the kitchen that they decided to show it again. Woo Hoo! Now, on to tonight's %
21 messages
06-25-08 05:45 AM
Official Summary: HK4 Episode 12: There's no "I" in TEAM
…but there’s an “M” and an “E”, right Jen? Previously on Hell’s Kitchen: The wanna-be chefs teach some hot h
2 messages
06-24-08 08:13 PM
And now, a moment of silence for Jen's departure.
Because after all, she was the most talented, intelligent, insightful, palette-blessed, original, and successful chef to ever enter Hell%2
11 messages
06-22-08 12:05 PM
Does anyone really like the chefs?
I have to say I don't like any of the chefs. If I was Gordan I would try to be nice(the most difficult thing I ever had to do) but the truth is
11 messages
06-22-08 12:03 PM
HK Season 4 Episode 12 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of the DAWs banding together to send Ramsay over the bend, or to the Emergency Room - whichever comes first, here until
22 messages
06-18-08 12:34 PM
Be the Living Damned 4.12
And here is my Final Four. Seriously? You lot? Ugh. This has just been a #####-poor season, yes? As happy as I am to have actua
3 messages
06-18-08 11:30 AM
HK Season 4 Official Summary Sign-Up Thread [View All]
C'mon. You know you want to do it. Gordon needs you. Who can resist a season that sees our 4-Star Swearing Sweetheart trying to find a 4-Star Chef f
26 messages
06-14-08 06:29 PM
Official Summary: HK4 Episode 10: Tornadoes and Limericks
Okay. It’s 9:00 Tuesday night. I got my laptop ready and now let’s turn to FOX and see what Ramsay dishes out. [b]**Emergen
Scuba Steve
7 messages
06-12-08 10:14 PM
Official Summary: Hell's Kitchen 4, Episode 9: The Tears of Seven Clowns
Sung to the tune of [i]Tears of a Clown[/i] by Smokey Robinson: Gordon: Now if there’s a smile on my face It’s caus
6 messages
06-11-08 11:48 AM
HK Episode 11 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Amuse yourselves awhile watching our hapless wanna-be chefs trying to teach even more hapless bimbo's learn to cook a meal. I need to serve the meal
30 messages
06-11-08 10:24 AM
Final Six-any thoughts on who could actually win this??? [View All]
I mean. who is really qualified at this point to RUN an entire high-class restaurant, with all the trimmings, headaches, stresses, and decisio
22 messages
06-11-08 09:29 AM
Be the Living Damned 4.11
Good gawd, JP. Do I have to paint little waiters on the glass doors so you don't slam into them? You know, like how they put little bird sti
2 messages
06-11-08 08:43 AM
Hell's Kitchen Resturaunt
I know the Hell's Kitchen is located in LA, but is it on a film lot. Where do those people come from that go to eat? Can you make a reservatio
7 messages
06-10-08 01:04 PM
Gordon's Beanery Opens
[i][b][font color=navy]The London West Hollywood[font color=black][/b][/i] on San Vicente Blvd.. According to Gor
4 messages
06-06-08 10:25 AM
Be the Living Damned 4.10
Well. This is the sorriest Final Five of any Hell's Kitchen. Look at you. Jen: You are a raging narcissist. Yes, your beef dish
3 messages
06-04-08 08:35 AM
The twenty-one ingredient challenge. [View All]
So as long as we're using the Damned to cook with, what should we be chopping off and frying up next?
48 messages
05-30-08 10:42 AM
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