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New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:35 AM
Does Anyone Have the # for the LA Dept of Health? [View All]
Was anyone else as grossed out as I was when Jason was shown smoking and rubbing his bare feet with his bare hands at the beginning of service? I di
22 messages
09-10-15 04:10 PM
Interesting articles about winners from the UK version of the show
Ex-soap star wins Hell's Kitchen Former soap star Jennifer Ellison has been crowned champion celebrity chef on ITV1 reality show H
1 messages
05-27-15 10:42 AM
Wheres Probably Clueless Week 5 Speculation
I'll start it because I'm intersted too see what other people think what will happen next week. I think it time for Andrew too go. What are your a
7 messages
05-13-15 10:32 PM
The Final Two
This is turning out to be an interesting final, after somewhat of a slow, grinding season. The most intriguing thing to me is in the preview wher
19 messages
05-12-15 03:45 PM
Where are the You Be The Contestant Posts?
Maybe this show caught us by surprise or maybe because it's just a summer show, but I'm surprised that no one started one of those posts where p
3 messages
03-06-15 05:42 PM
Dear Gordon,
Never open a season with a musical number again.
8 messages
08-13-14 10:14 AM
Top kitchen remodel trends of 2013
Kitchen design is constantly changing. My parentsí current house was built 21 years ago and the kitchen is typical of those built in the early 1990s
0 messages
11-04-13 01:43 AM
No Fat Chefs
Whenever you see a big contestant on this show, you know they won't last....he has and never will pick a big chef to run his restaurant. They can
0 messages
08-19-13 06:56 PM
Hell's Kitchen Suicides
There's a documentary on reality TV that talks about "Hell's Kitchen Suicides" does anyone know which contestants committed suicide? Here'
4 messages
06-14-13 06:46 PM
Season #11
So that's twenty cheftestants to start -- Gordon typically has six nervous breakdowns per cook -- each nervous breakdown occupies eight minutes of s
15 messages
05-08-13 12:11 PM
Season 10 [View All]
starts with dinner service #125. and the kitchen is closed before any entres are served. At least the women got out their apps.%
63 messages
09-11-12 10:12 PM
Clemenza you fat #####!
Clemenza, you fat #####! I wouldn't let you cook for my dog. Waddle home you loser!
3 messages
08-24-12 07:57 AM
This season's opening credit sequence
What can we tell about possible winners from the circus opening credits -- and definite losers?
Belle Book
6 messages
07-07-12 08:44 PM
Where do they find these people?!?!?
None of them seem to have come from any type of positions or schools that would've prepared them for this show, a chef competition. I don't see
0 messages
06-27-12 06:47 PM
Hell's Kitchen S10 Reality Leagues
We've added Hell's Kitchen to our suite of games. Draft a team and follow along this season! Bet against your friends on who you think will wi
0 messages
06-05-12 02:07 AM
SHE IS FINALLY GONE!!!! So long Elise!!!
11 messages
12-01-11 02:51 PM
I finally figured out who Tommy reminds me of.
Every coked-out comedian from the 80's. He's got that way too intense crazy stare, overly loud voice, big teeth... he creeps me out, and no
Draco Malfoy
5 messages
11-17-11 12:49 PM
Elise still [View All]
22 messages
11-17-11 12:32 PM
Invoking The Dead
Sure Paul.. or was it Will? Your mom is proud of you. *yawn*
2 messages
09-21-11 11:09 AM
And they still can't cook.
So who else was thinking 'And if the latest set of boomerangs wins the night, Gordon's going to let one of them into the competition?' In f
4 messages
09-08-11 07:01 PM
A tiny gleam of hope.
Gordon announced that Jean-Philippe will return next season. Please note that this is not a tiny gleam of hope for Jean-Philippe. %
3 messages
09-08-11 06:59 PM
8 and then 7 left
Honestly Natalie over Elise? WTF is Ramsey thinking? Yeah, I get it that Natalie had a bad night on fish, but Elise is just a freakin disast
8 messages
08-31-11 09:15 AM
Episode 9 (what? no 7 ro 8 discussion?)
Aug 15th was Ep 9 I think. Not many peeps watching - or just no one cares to admit it to join in a discussion! :D I missed one e
10 messages
08-26-11 00:11 AM
Elise egotist, over confident or just insane?
And then I thought. hey why not all three! Ep 1. Dives in to take over the fish, when she was supposed to be making the appetisers, w
10 messages
08-17-11 09:13 PM
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