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Ishe Smith
OK, I'm not a huge boxing fan, but I knew who two of the "contenders" were: Peter (sayonara!) AND Ishe Smith. Ishe won a huge fight
19 messages
03-14-05 12:08 PM
Just for fun:)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-14-05 AT 01:58 PM (EST)[/font] Sad to say but since I don't see any real competition on The
1 messages
03-14-05 02:14 PM
Mr. Stalone's UNsportsman-like Conduct
All my life I have HATED boxing and this is the first time in my life I have actually become involved in anything related to it...simply put - "I LI
4 messages
03-15-05 02:13 AM
Official The Contender Episode 1 Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-13-05 AT 04:09 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
11 messages
03-15-05 07:17 AM
Official Summary; The Contender Episode 1: Shut-up, Put-up, Go Hard or Go Home!
I think I_AM_HE did a great job with episode 1! He raised the bar and I hope I can measure up! After a very long recap of episode 1,
5 messages
03-15-05 10:47 AM
03/13 Discussion Thread
My online TV Guide says they have to play dodge ball as their team challenge. Let's see how this pans out!
75 messages
03-15-05 05:29 PM
Trivia, maybe sort of off-topic but......
In the Rocky Sound Track Original Rocky 1. There is a song on Track 4 called: [b]Reflections.[/b] This is a ver
7 messages
03-16-05 04:08 AM
New, Sunday! An unexpected loss. A surprising change in the game.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-16-05 AT 05:04 AM (EST)[/font] New, Sunday! An unexpected loss. A surprising change in the
Master B
2 messages
03-16-05 10:10 AM
Anybody know who's coming back?
Wow, what another great show!! Any guesses as to what happens next week that one of the boxers has to leave the show? I wonder who it will b
30 messages
03-16-05 01:26 PM
The Best Reality Show!!!
Wow. I am totally hooked on "The Contender". This show kicks butt. First and foremost, thank god that Ahmed guy got his lights beat out cause he
1 messages
03-16-05 09:33 PM
Peter Returns-Gets Sergio in Finals
Manfredo comes back and Gomez is kicked off for drug use. Its Peter and Sergio live at Ceasers Palace...thats a fact off the streets of federal hill
5 messages
03-16-05 09:51 PM
a woman now obessed with boxing
Hi all, I am new here, just wanted to know how many women are now invested in this show??? I might actually start watching HBO fights
15 messages
03-18-05 12:23 PM
The bearer of bad news.
This was released on the 15th. But I missed it until now. 'The Contender' suffers a ratings knockdown in its first Sunday broadcast.%0
4 messages
03-18-05 12:29 PM
I made this:)
Hope you like it You need Flash Player. alfonso_gomez.html It loo
11 messages
03-19-05 12:58 PM
Any guesses for the next "boxing related" challenge for The Contenders is?
I think these guys will be givin' a hundred dollars each to spend, but the catch is it can only be spent on food and it has to be spent in a two h
Unanimous Decision
5 messages
03-19-05 05:02 PM
Contender on CNBC On Mondays
FYI - They replay Sunday's Contender on Monday 8PM EST on CNBC in case you miss it or forget to record it. http://community.realit
0 messages
03-20-05 01:21 PM
BIG Episode 4 spoiler
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-17-05 AT 07:20 PM (EST)[/font] Don't open this thread if you don't want to know details ab
12 messages
03-20-05 03:50 PM
RTVW Official Summary The Contender Episode 3- The Lord of the Ring
[b][center]The Lord of the Ring- “The Two Time Coward?”[/center][/b] This is a tale of an epic battle between goo
12 messages
03-21-05 05:46 PM
03/20 Episode Discussion
Someone gets hurt...someone comes back and Najai fights! Let's talk about it!
33 messages
03-21-05 07:44 PM
Sly In The Jungle with Jim Rome
I stopped listening to Jim Rome over two years ago and I have no idea why I turned it on today but I am so glad I did! Sly was on the Ji
9 messages
03-21-05 08:19 PM
Omni post :)
Poor Fraza got the chicken pox ( *)> He must of caught them from Ishe. LOL pock, pock, pock! LMFAO @ Jimmy the t
6 messages
03-21-05 11:56 PM
Two private pics of Manfredo.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-22-05 AT 01:00 AM (EST)[/font] Representing the blue team: This pic is of Manfred
2 messages
03-22-05 05:41 AM
Say What?
I was just watching Wrestling WWE and they were talking about Sly inducting Hulk Hogan into some kind of Hall Of Fame? They talked about the show %2
1 messages
03-22-05 07:27 AM
Fight Night: Ishe vs. Ahmed (Extended Scene) better than T.V
Bout Time! Ishe beats Ahmed in a furious, five-round barrage.
Master B
7 messages
03-22-05 06:55 PM
Ofiicial RTVW Summary: The Contender, Episode 4
[h3][center]An American Tragedy...[/center][/h3] [b]The winner returns…[/b] The epis
12 messages
03-24-05 01:23 AM
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