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Mitch Rules
I am new to this message board, but would just like to say that Mitch is by far the most talented! I went to school with Mitch and his abilities
8 messages
03-05-05 09:44 AM
Can you e-mail CBS about this bring someone back?
I remember when Rupert got kicked off of Survivor and somehow CBS got so many e-mails that they basically let the audience decide to give him $1,0
1 messages
03-02-05 02:22 AM
Officail RTVW Wickedly Perfect Summary Episode 8: Revenge of the Not So's
[center][b]-Revenge of the Not So’s-[/b][/center] All season long I had intended to watch at least one episode of Wic
9 messages
03-01-05 03:03 PM
02/26/2005 Episode [View All]
Here's the teasers from the CBS site: [i]The Perfectionists face their most physical challenge yet: they must redesign an entire
27 messages
02-27-05 03:44 PM
Official RTVW Wickedly Perfect #3 Summary: Would You Do It In The Woods?
I volunteered to write a summary about Bebo? I wish I could remember doing that… The past few weeks are a blur. My last clear memorie
9 messages
02-25-05 04:42 PM
2/19 Episode [View All]
Who gets the boot and what happens next? Does Mitch go to the other team? Let's find out. Let's talk it up.
40 messages
02-23-05 04:32 PM
2/12/05 episode
I hope Team Artisan crashes and burns next week due to their hydrogen-inflated egos. I think Denise offered a lot more than Kimberly or Dawn. %
12 messages
02-19-05 09:18 PM
02/05/05 Episode [View All]
WOO and HOO! Another episode is here. Let's chat it up.
36 messages
02-08-05 03:17 PM
Who is strong and who is weak
I has this show on the brain today and would like to generate more discusion. So who does everyone think is a strong contender and who is weak. It see
7 messages
02-08-05 10:18 AM
01/29/05 Episode [View All]
Well, one commercial in and team Artisan is arguing and peeps are standing up to Margo! HEHEHEHE!
25 messages
02-04-05 02:45 PM
Kiss of death?
Well, CBS has pulled a FOX and moved this show to Saturdays as Webby reports [ story.php?s=3208%
14 messages
01-30-05 01:23 AM
Wickedly Perfect Episode 3 Discussion [View All]
Anyone watch? I don't think the turkey burgers were a wise choice, but it looks like they more than made up for it with everything el
25 messages
01-25-05 10:00 AM
Wickedly Perfect Episode 2 Official Summary: Never Serve Warm Champagne
I want to start off by saying that I still find myself giggling like a little schoolgirl every time Joan Lunden says Crafty Beavers. BWAHAHAHA! This
8 messages
01-25-05 02:19 AM
Wickedy Perfect, Official Episode 1 summary Apples, Apples everywhere, but not a bite to eat
We begin episode one with a stunning view of the scenery and a mansion that would make the contestants on the Bachelor green with envy. Limos arrive a
7 messages
01-25-05 02:10 AM
wickedly perfect
Just wanted to make the comment that we are in LOVE with this show!! Its awesome!!!! With all the crazy/ridiculous reality shows th
1 messages
01-21-05 07:25 PM
Reasons the Arties lost
If you are buying dead shellfish, check the meat before you leave the store. Or, better yet, don't buy it already dead in the first place, t
2 messages
01-18-05 04:40 PM
Individual projects
The editing seemed to wiz by the individual projects and I am interested in what each of them did so as to get a feel for their talents. Here is a lis
4 messages
01-17-05 04:26 PM
Episode 2
Well, I am having to tape it because it is showing at 2:00am. Has anyone watched or was it pre-empted everywhere?
19 messages
01-17-05 10:39 AM
Show Schedule
Has anyone heard the schedule for this show? They can only air 4 more episodes until Survivor starts.
1 messages
01-14-05 12:56 PM
My god!! Is that woman going to do anything but pick fights and b***ch about her teammates? I am sorry, but her individual project sucke
1 messages
01-14-05 11:07 AM
Wickedly Perfect Episode 1: 01/06/05
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-06-05 AT 08:06 PM (EST)[/font] This is the first episode. What were your thoughts? Are you g
0 messages
01-06-05 08:04 PM
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