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Teblew it. [View All]
Well, so much for having a career in a blue state. /1187355/-Tim-Tebow-aligns-w
91 messages
05-15-14 03:26 PM
Here comes tonight's long distance dedication.
It goes out to all the Clippers fans from Los Angeles. They write: 'Dear Casey, there's an old man in our lives that's about to leave. Could
Colonel Zoiderg
3 messages
05-03-14 00:45 AM
Donald Trump wants to buy the Buffalo Bills.
...calm down. He's lied about absolutely everything for roughly the last six years. There's no reason this should be any different. T
4 messages
04-29-14 08:35 AM
Judge rules Northwestern football players are employees: may unionize.
Now: blame Obama.
8 messages
04-28-14 04:27 PM
Spring Training [View All]
And this sums up my feelings about the upcoming season: -new-york-mets-my-bad-boyfr
24 messages
04-21-14 09:57 PM
NBA: lose the big games.
I generally don't pay much attention to the early portions of an NBA season -- or the middle, later, playoffs -- but there's something of poss
10 messages
04-21-14 04:22 PM
About the Masters
Are we at the point in Mr. Woods career where a second major win by someone who isn't him, in a tournament where he wasn't able to attend, is
0 messages
04-14-14 07:59 AM
March Madness 2014: Pick 8 [View All]
Here, once again, the fun "Pick 8" pool. Since we've had this pool for several years in a row, I've trimmed the first post to just the b
25 messages
04-08-14 05:15 PM
NCAA tournament(s) complaining thread [View All]
At this point, i have two theories on the seeding. 1. Someone in the committee was truly desperate for a Fantastic Four joke. %0
34 messages
04-08-14 03:22 PM
Reserving this thread for Moley.
Friday night? Exibition game at Dodger's stadium? Earthquake? We know where Moley was. We need a first hand account.
2 messages
04-01-14 10:11 AM
NFL Silly Season
My favorite comment on the free agent rush, spotted on ESPN, lightly paraphrased. "And now the Patriots will try to wrap up their multi-year MV
1 messages
03-28-14 01:22 PM
Jets release Mark Sanchez and sign...
...Michael Vick. If no one minds, I'm going to save some time and give up now.
4 messages
03-27-14 05:41 PM
A billion to/for one.
Warren Buffett would like to make you a little bet. He's gambling that given exactly one chance at it, you can't pick a perfect men's tournam
6 messages
03-18-14 05:20 PM
Yahoo Bracket Challenge
Test your mettle picking March Madness against a group of knowledgeable pickers (not me, but others). https://tournament.fantas
2 messages
03-18-14 09:52 AM
Wot no discusson thread? _O_ [View All]
So, Winter Olympics, are we enjoying it so far? Britain wins its first ever medal on snow :-) 90 years we've been trying (alt
48 messages
03-10-14 04:36 PM
Jason Collins (NBA, Wizards) comes out. [View All]
I know we have a host of 'why is this important?' responses lurking in wait here, so let's get to the reason they'll need to ignore. He%2
30 messages
02-26-14 05:56 PM
Putin's Christmans card list...
Guess who ranks below Pus[]sy Riot on Putin's christmans card list? 94-russ
5 messages
02-21-14 09:05 PM
Things NFL players can say in a locker room which would be seen as 'bad'.
*reads Incognito report* ...I got nothin'. Also, I am never letting a professional football player within two hundred ya
2 messages
02-18-14 09:49 AM
The Winter Olympics Of Our Discontent
I consider the IOC to be one of the most corrupt organizations in the world -- and for sports, one of the top two, keeping FIFA company. They ete
6 messages
02-10-14 08:03 PM
Snide Of The Yankees. [View All]
The A-Roid saga continues. Frankly, the A-Roid saga should be moved back to roughly 1978. He would have fit right in with the Bronx Zoo
73 messages
02-08-14 09:02 AM
Ralph Kiner: 10/27/22 -- 2/6/14
And he is gone, goodbye...
2 messages
02-07-14 12:10 PM
2013-14 NFL Post-Season PTTE Pick 'Em & Bet 'Em Results
Here are the final results of the 2013-14 NFL PTTE Pick 'Em and Bet 'Ems! What was supposed to be a close Super Bowl game turned out
3 messages
02-05-14 09:59 PM
Is Federer now the GOAT? [View All]
This morning, Roger Federer won the French Open for the first time, beating Robin Soderling in straight sets a few moments ago. The one
81 messages
02-04-14 08:14 PM
Pro Bowl complaining thread.
...yeah. I'm going to a party. Football will not be discussed there because A. it's not that kind of party and B. no football will actually be t
2 messages
02-03-14 07:40 PM
2013-14 NFL Super Bowl PTTE Pick 'Em & Bet 'Em
First, the results for the PTTE. The Pro Bowl was underwhelming in terms of points scored, but at least it was a close game right to the finish,
14 messages
02-03-14 00:25 AM
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