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Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em - Week 1 THURSDAY GAME [View All]
Still more than a week away, but with the holiday weekend and the start of school I thought I'd get it out now. Rules are simple -- jus
37 messages
09-12-11 11:50 AM
Another caption this ds/User_files/4e6c0e0d4ab61696.jpg [font size=1]Full story of the rugby match bet
2 messages
09-11-11 11:26 AM
Caption this. _g_maryland_gb2_576.jpg
5 messages
09-09-11 11:19 PM
Majority of hockey team killed in plane crash [i]A Yak-42 charter plane carrying KHL's Lokomotiv crashed on take off. There were 37 people on board.
1 messages
09-07-11 11:26 AM
RTVW NFL Suicide Pool 2011: signup sheet. [View All]
As I stand here before the field of last year's surviving players -- *sigh* -- y'know, you people are really hard on t
28 messages
09-06-11 12:14 PM
The NBA: where teammates pulling guns on each other happens. [View All] ?id=4787825 Not attending. Not watching. Following the Nyets' morbid quest for
39 messages
08-27-11 05:29 PM
2011 NFL Pick'em (Vince3 Memorial Tournament)
Now taking signups. Must be in before first kick-off on Sept. 8th. Basic game -- pick the winners each week. There will be amble opportunit
16 messages
08-26-11 07:30 PM
NFL roster shift tracker. [View All]
So apparently for lack of any other options, imagination, or any desire to see if anyone else in the Bay area could throw a football, the 49ers
36 messages
08-04-11 09:25 PM
The NFL labor talks. [View All]
Two things to remember: 1. No business is too big to fail. 2. The government will [i]not[/i] bail this group out
39 messages
07-26-11 03:45 PM
Jay Cutler has something better to do
Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari from The Hills were engaged? Huh, who knew. I guess now that the 2011-12 season is back on he's realized he has
1 messages
07-25-11 09:15 PM
World Cup (women's) [View All]
...oh, why not: let's make [i]all[/i] of them Groups Of Death!
47 messages
07-18-11 07:59 PM
The Open Championship - Royal St. George's
We could be in for a doozy of a finish. Despite the nasty winds blowing out there, we've got two guys fighting to the finish - Phil Mickelson has
5 messages
07-17-11 04:07 PM
Baseball All-Star Game
Anyone watching? All I wanted to say was that it was nice to see Robinson Cano win the HR derby with his father. Now THAT's a way to play catch wi
5 messages
07-15-11 04:21 PM
The Dodgers and the $400,000,000 shortfall.
Say what you will about Walter O'Malley (with the safety net that most of it is locally believed accurate), but at least any books he let the
7 messages
06-27-11 01:56 PM
The old boys network.
Let me make sure I have this right. There are [i]no[/i] qualified managerial candidates in the minor leagues under the age of 65? %0
0 messages
06-26-11 05:34 PM
NHL Playoffs discussion thread [View All]
We should have one of these, shouldn't we? I know there are lots of you watching. ds
146 messages
06-24-11 08:29 PM
In other news, the sun came up this morning.
Ron Artest admits to drinking alcohol during NBA games. ?id=4706474
4 messages
06-23-11 09:24 PM
NHL Playoff Pick'em? [View All]
Where are all our NHL peeps? The defending champs just backed into the playoffs and big teams are missing key players so who will come out on top t
39 messages
06-22-11 12:27 PM
Wimbledon tennis [View All]
As I write this there is a match going on at Wimbledon that seems to have captured a bit of attention: Mahut (FRA) 4 6 7 6 46
22 messages
06-21-11 07:16 PM
U.S. Open: Congressional. [View All]
Four days of: Attacking other players (generally with clubs) Refusing to take shots because everyone around you hasn't a
49 messages
06-21-11 01:01 AM
Second-generation ballplayers.
In the sixth round of baseball's amateur draft, the San Diego Padres selected Kyle Gaedele. I want him to reach the majors. And in h
2 messages
06-16-11 12:16 PM
NBA playoff discussion/complaining thread [View All]
Three rounds in, and there's no NBA playoff thread? Either there's a lot of apathy about the NBA, or... ok, I got nothing. There must be
39 messages
06-14-11 12:39 PM
Am I the only race fan? Actually we only watch 3 races every year. This is #2 :-) http://community.realitytvworl
12 messages
06-11-11 09:25 PM
Thanksdad Strikes Again
Basketball legend Donnie Walsh gets canned as president of the Knicks, clearing the way for Isiah Thomas to return, molest some more women, and
4 messages
06-08-11 09:20 AM
NCAA Baseball Tourney
Does any one at all watch this? Doesn't seem like it, and it's really some of the best baseball around. I went to two Regional games over the
0 messages
06-07-11 05:11 PM
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