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College football board.
I'm gauging interest on having a college football pick 'em board. I don't thinnk Rudy's done one in three years, so I'll wager he's not
3 messages
08-14-12 03:49 PM
NFL Lockout II: corralling the zebras.
Think the current crop of professional miscallers is bad? Wait until you meet the refplacements.
6 messages
08-14-12 08:57 AM
PGA Championship: the Kiawah Ocean Course.
I give it one day before the field is openly begging for the sweet mercy of the U.S. Open.
12 messages
08-12-12 07:57 PM
Linguistics with the WOAT
Roger Federer may be the GOAT, but Carl Crawford is the WOAT -- Worst Of All Time; that is, the worst free-agent signing in baseball history. I
17 messages
07-30-12 10:49 PM
NHL Free Agency
So how is your team doing? Where will the big UFA Suter and Parise go? Detorit's got lots of cap space and they are chasing both Sut
19 messages
07-24-12 03:17 PM
2012 British Open: Royal Lytham St. Anne
No wind. No rain. No fog. No chill. No bogeys.
11 messages
07-23-12 08:12 PM
Don't mess with Lin-mania.
The Rockets took a gamble with a guy that just had knee surgery. I think maybe the Knicks screwed up, but it was a hard deal for them to make, an
9 messages
07-21-12 11:59 PM
Stupid sports rules
A space for anyone to post sports rules that they think of as stupid or unjust, or even to query how to play balls six inches under water and in a b
1 messages
07-21-12 08:20 PM
Super Bowl odds: preseason.
Just spotted this chart at Grantland and thought it was interesting. This is the average of the Las Vegas sportsbooks: some have higher or lower%2
0 messages
07-17-12 02:12 PM
Euro 2012 [View All]
Who's watching? Who's cheering for whom? Who wants to discuss?? Oh, and "go Spain go!!"
26 messages
07-03-12 02:54 PM
The 2012 NBA draft.
Also known as 'Fifty-nine question marks and one giant eyebrow.'
2 messages
06-29-12 06:39 PM
Cruise/Holmes Divorce
I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.,- 20608003,00.html [small]I rea
1 messages
06-29-12 04:47 PM
2012 NBA Playoffs [View All]
Because we just don't have enough playoffs. Eastern Conference: (1)Chicago Bulls vs. (8)Philadelphia 76ers (2)Mia
Scuba Steve
47 messages
06-22-12 11:48 AM
The Roger Clemens perjury trial. [View All]
I really don't have much hope of seeing anyone found guilty for committed crimes right now.
28 messages
06-20-12 02:40 PM
Smelling Salts for Estee... stat! [View All]
The Mets finally have that long-elusive no-hitter for the first time in franchise history after 50 years. Congrats to Johan Santana.
27 messages
06-19-12 03:44 PM
U.S. Open: Olympic.
It has been years since the court case. Multiple golf seasons have gone by since he last competed in a tournament. He's been
11 messages
06-18-12 03:04 PM
Teofilo Stevenson died
I don't know if very many people here are familiar with Teofilo Stevenson, or even how many follow boxing. But this guy was the boss hog in the ri
3 messages
06-14-12 10:05 AM
The difference between boxing and professional wrestling.
Following the events of this past weekend, there are still people who believe professional wrestling is real.
8 messages
06-14-12 03:31 AM
2012 NHL Playoff Discussion thread - Stanley Cup Finals [View All]
#6 Devils vs #8 Kings. Seems strange that the #6 Devils will have home ice advantage, but I believe they would have had this agai
35 messages
06-13-12 06:53 PM
2013 Winter Classic - Toronto vs. Detroit at U of M Big House!
I just got our package for season ticket holders. We get 4 tickets before they go on sale to the public but pay full price since it's a NHL event a
0 messages
06-11-12 09:29 PM
The new NBA: now featuring veto power! 835/the-sixth-day-nba-christmas Y'know all that goodwill Dan Gilbert built up aft
5 messages
05-31-12 04:42 PM
NHL Playoff Pick'em [View All]
Posting this earlier to attract more attention. Playoff pairings due on Sunday afternoon, so I'll update early next week. Instructions
24 messages
05-31-12 11:58 AM
Ultimate Team player
After watching the L.A. Kings and their amazing playoff run, something came to mind & I would like to toss it to our brilliant sports folks out th
16 messages
05-29-12 01:36 PM
2012 NHL Playoff Discussion thread - round 3 [View All]
Let's keep it going!
37 messages
05-27-12 08:51 AM
Carroll Shelby has died.
American motorsports legend. 1/shelby-cobra-designer-legendary-race-car-drive
1 messages
05-21-12 03:21 PM
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