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Name the teams in the Big East. [View All]
46 messages
01-17-13 06:30 PM
The NHL Lockout is over
Why isn't there an NHL thread? Did I not look back far enough? I just have to get this off my chest. Jordan Staal has become my fav
11 messages
01-17-13 05:50 PM
The glacier cliff: countdown to NHL season forfeiture. [View All]
I'm sort of hoping this ultimately ends with the final dissolution of the league, every player fleeing overseas, and Bettman revealing a clause
26 messages
01-17-13 12:08 PM
NFL Personal Post License Payments Due Playoff Complaining Thread [View All]
I've been surveying the pick field for the self-claimed experts and there's a certain amount of -- sameness to it. Just about across the board,
60 messages
01-14-13 06:47 PM
Penn State- Moral Obligations? [View All]
I agree pretty much with everything this writer says [ ters/michael_rosenberg/11/07/pennst.scand
211 messages
01-12-13 04:57 PM
College Football Bowl Predictions [View All]
As we approach the end days of the idiotic BCS and the advent of an actual mini-playoff, let's have one more bowl prediction thread! Simply win
24 messages
01-11-13 09:17 AM
Week #13 NFL complaining thread. [View All]
Somehow Estee seems to have forgotten the utter joy that is an NFL Network broadcast. At least tonight's game has the potential to be entertaining%
Max Headroom
60 messages
01-08-13 10:34 AM
NFL Wild Card Weekend complaining thread. [View All]
{timmy turner}Gaaaah! NBC doubleheader! GAAAAAH!{/timmy turner} ds/User
65 messages
01-07-13 08:28 PM
A little sports trivia...
I found this trivia game to be interesting with some tricky answers sandwiched around some rather easy ones. See how you do. [b]Combin
8 messages
01-07-13 04:57 PM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 17 -- Final Week [View All]
It's been a wild season, and the title is still very much up for grabs. All games on Sunday, December 30. Players have the option of
23 messages
01-05-13 01:26 PM
Heisman watch
Will Manziel, "Johnny Football", be the first freshman winner? He certainly has the best highlight moments. The regul
9 messages
01-05-13 02:52 AM
Week #17 NFL complaining thread. [View All]
In the NFC, we have five teams trying for two remaining playoff spots. Four if you deservedly exclude The New York Inconsistency. (By the way,
33 messages
01-01-13 04:00 AM
James Dobson immediately inquired about ownership shares. _/id/1268282/zenit-st.-petersburg-fans-demanding-all-white,-non-gay-team?cc=5901
3 messages
12-26-12 01:27 AM
Week #16 NFL complaining thread. [View All]
Beware the Seahawks. ...the Seahawks. They're an NFL team. They're based in Seattle. Sea -- Hawks. ..
29 messages
12-24-12 09:41 AM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 16 -- Saturday game [View All]
Thursday night schedule is done. Posting deadline for all games will be Saturday at 8:00pm ET. [font color=red]BET 'UMs[/font color] a
22 messages
12-23-12 11:23 AM
Week #15 NFL complaining thread. [View All] 0/nfl-discuss-expanding-playoff-field-roger-goodell-says *silence* %0
32 messages
12-20-12 07:20 PM
Thanks Miami... [View All]
I left you a shiny new stadium on the nightstand. Loria trades away 186 million in salary - Toronto Blue Jays get: Jose
21 messages
12-17-12 09:49 PM
2012 Vince Memorial NFL Pick 'Um -- Week 15 Thursday game [View All]
That 2:1 Panther payout definitely had an impact this week. Results will be posted later... We'll go back to the standard [font color=red
24 messages
12-16-12 01:49 PM
RIP Rick Majerus
Former Utah and Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus has passed away at 64 from heart failure. ge
4 messages
12-11-12 07:37 AM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 14 -- Thursday game [View All]
Let's bring back the open BET 'UMs. Any combination of up to 10 points. Have fun. [font color=purple][b]Thursday, December
29 messages
12-11-12 07:11 AM
Week #14 NFL complaining thread. [View All]
*looks at Jets ongoing QB situation* I have a complaint. ds/User_files/4
32 messages
12-10-12 11:13 PM
The door stabs you on the way out.
You have just been traded or released from a Boston sports franchise. Were you: A. An adulterer. B. A drug addict. C. A com
20 messages
12-08-12 08:27 PM
Rank the four major sports commissioners in order -- [View All]
-- of their total incompetence plus hypocrisy, highest to lowest. Welcome to the greatest challenge you'll have all year. ht
21 messages
12-05-12 11:43 PM
College Football Pick'em Week 14 (FINAL)
[font color=red][b]THERE IS A THURSDAY GAME THIS WEEK[/b][/font] Officially, the college football season ends after
8 messages
12-03-12 01:05 PM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 13 -- Thursday game [View All]
Looks like the haves and have nots are settling in. [b][font color=purple]Thursday, November 29[/b][font color=black%
28 messages
12-02-12 12:16 PM
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