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2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 9 -- Thursday game [View All]
Passing the mid-point of the season and who knows... BET UM returns to 3-point maximum, but there are three games to choose from. %0
23 messages
11-04-12 11:45 AM
MLB Post Season Pick 'em
Necessarily short timeframe, but let's give it a try, [i]nes paux?[/i] One point for correct winner(s) in WC play-in
12 messages
10-29-12 09:06 PM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 7 -- Thursday game [View All]
Week 6 -- more decimation from the Bet 'ums, final results will be posted later. I'll include the team records (bbl to update late
35 messages
10-29-12 06:23 PM
MLB Postseason Complaining Thread [View All]
So. Apparently there is now an outfield fly rule. Who knew? ds/User_files%2
74 messages
10-29-12 03:32 PM
Week #8 NFL complaining thread. [View All]
According to the available rumors, the Jets will start Tubya (at home) on Sunday. According to the weather forecast, a giant disast
25 messages
10-29-12 10:11 AM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 8 -- Thursday game [View All]
The NFL makes its annual trip across the pond this week with the Pats and Rams facing off in London. Have fun, Starshine! For this week
23 messages
10-28-12 05:56 PM
College Football Pick 'em Week 8
And now, the games: 7 South Carolina at 2 Florida 4 Kansas St at 13 West Virginia 6 LSU at 18 Texas A&M 14
9 messages
10-24-12 09:56 AM
Week #7 NFL complaining thread.
Just for the fun of it, I am now starting the Official Andy Reid Deathwatch. Another twenty or thirty turnovers ought to do it. %
16 messages
10-23-12 03:29 PM
2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Lose-Off Finals.
[b][i]All picks due by 7:50 p.m. Thursday, October 11th.[/b][/i] We have a Very Final Two. Because... [i]pry
16 messages
10-17-12 06:55 PM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 6 -- Thursday game [View All]
Another week in -- results will be posted sometime this week (but I do have a lot on my plate right now...) [b][font color=purp
32 messages
10-17-12 06:53 PM
Week #6 NFL Complaining Thread
Does anyone know if the Browns are still alive?
13 messages
10-17-12 10:05 AM
College Football Pick 'em Week 7
"If he had held the ball laces out like he's supposed to, Ray would never have missed that kick. Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in h
8 messages
10-15-12 09:37 PM
College Football Pick 'em Week 6
And I say to you gentlemen that this college is a failure. The trouble is we're neglecting football for education. And now we've
10 messages
10-10-12 00:07 AM
Insane or dedicated?
[i]An accidental knee came up and caught me. I could feel I wasn't right, but I managed to stay on for another 20 minutes until [coach] To
3 messages
10-09-12 05:30 PM
Week #5 NFL Complaining Thread
In a rare cross-sport move, Tony LaRussa announced that he's coming out of retirement to be the head coach of the New York Jets. He h
14 messages
10-09-12 07:07 AM
2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Lose-Off Phase #2
[b][i]All picks due by 7:50 p.m. EDT Thursday, October 4th.[/b][/i] So of the seven people involved in this not-my-fault fias
7 messages
10-07-12 10:36 PM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 5 -- Thursday game [View All]
[font color=red]Bet 'ums[/font color] continue this week, one more relocation renewal and last week's bye teams. [b]%
28 messages
10-07-12 04:55 PM
Running with Scissors
During a football game. 54-virginia-tech-vs-unc-watch-hokie-player-foolishly-run-with-sci
0 messages
10-06-12 08:07 PM
Because taking 'Shut Up, Stupid: Public Expression For Dummies' would have saved you, that's why. y/_/id/8466428/ohio-state-buckeyes-cardale-jones-tweets-classes-pointless
3 messages
10-06-12 10:51 AM
The epic collapse of the New York Yankees (a work in progress). [View All]
Come in to [i]gloat, gloat, gloat at the home team if they don't win it's the same because they can tota
25 messages
10-04-12 06:44 PM
Can R.A. Dickey win the N.L. Cy Young?
I say no. It's not because he's pitching for a sub-.500 team. It's not because his resume' is somewhat lacking to this point. It%
10 messages
10-04-12 03:58 PM
Week #4 NFL Complaining Thread
WFAN carries the Thursday night NFL games and will broadcast tonight's in its entirety (as the Mets had a day game). I am going to tune in for
13 messages
10-02-12 12:58 PM
College Football Pick 'em Week 5
Alright, men. It's time to put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner. We're in to week 5 of this time-honored tradition of
9 messages
10-02-12 07:44 AM
2012 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em Week 4 -- Thursday game [View All]
And our first week with byes. I'm also bringing back [font color=red]BET 'UM[/font color] games. [font color=red]BET
31 messages
10-01-12 11:52 PM
2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Lose-Off Phase #1
[b][i]All picks due by 7:50 p.m. EDT Thursday, September 27th.[/i][/b] Let's just add this to the list of things
12 messages
10-01-12 00:10 AM
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