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Opening Day n-base-perception-1.3631854/watch-the-mets-harlem-shake-video-1.4978946 *sigh*
3 messages
04-01-13 02:37 PM
Oscar Pistorius arrested ... for murder? [View All]
Details are still a little sketchy at the moment, but it seems that the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius has been arrested for the death of a woman a
28 messages
03-28-13 09:22 AM
Yahoo Women's Tourney Pick Em Game
I've set up a new pool for the women's final four. This should be the link: I think it's group 2
1 messages
03-21-13 11:13 PM
2013 SBOT March Madness Sign-Ups! [View All]
IT'S MARCH! ...time for MADNESS!!! Who wants to play? After a hiatus last year, I am back! Thanks to Boo for running this
29 messages
03-18-13 07:21 PM
NHL - post lock-out season
Mid point of the season, and some interesting stories. Most important for me, the Canadiens are actually leading the Eastern Conferen
3 messages
03-11-13 06:53 PM
Danica takes the pole
... on the NASCAR Daytona 500 grid. First ever lady to take the pole. Huhuuu! She can race open wheel Indy, she can race st
12 messages
02-26-13 09:41 AM
My 2013 Politically Incorrect Fantasy Football team name will be... [View All]
Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriends. I call dibs on that name.
26 messages
02-25-13 02:42 PM
Ok, This was fun.
[i]"Life in Metta World Peace’s world is not anything like yours."[/i] %0
0 messages
02-22-13 12:56 PM
FIFA game-rigging catches up to reality.
'We're looking for a computer system that can take an obvious goal and disallow it. We're also looking for that system to take an obvious miss
2 messages
02-20-13 08:58 AM
Olympic Sport Reductions
Is [ -fourth-place-medal/ioc-cuts-wrestling-2020-olympics-125709336--oly.html|wrestling about to get
9 messages
02-14-13 12:06 PM
$7500 to personally curse in Isiah Thomas' face?
Look, I know that sounds like a lot, but if you take every fan of everything he's ever destroyed and divide it up evenly... http:%2
0 messages
02-08-13 07:16 PM
2013 Baseball Hall Of Fame ballot. [View All]
Well, we all knew it was coming for a while now, and here it is at last: The Year Of The Cheater. The only thing uglier than this vote will be
27 messages
02-08-13 04:52 PM
Sub-par Bowl Forty-Seven Complaining Thread [View All]
We're about due for eleven hours of total letdown, don't you think? The game's on CBS, so we can count on the pregame drag being exceptio
124 messages
02-05-13 10:09 AM
NHL expansion?
Rumor is that, instead of fixing the weak teams, the NHL will focus on expanding . . . into Metro Toronto and Quebec City. That will leave Seattl
8 messages
02-04-13 10:17 PM
Sometimes I just like to post the trope's title and let the actual contents come as a surprise to you.
3 messages
02-03-13 12:16 PM
Suphar Baughwl Forty-Seven pregame trash talking thread. [View All]
This should be entertaining. There hasn't been this much blackmail material available in an NFL game since Hoodie left the stadium last night.%0
21 messages
02-02-13 07:47 PM
*listens for explosion* id/64754/art-modell-deserves-to-be-in-hall-of-fame
0 messages
01-31-13 04:42 PM
2012 NFL Post-Season PTTE Pick 'em SATURDAY GAME [View All]
Just pick each winner all the way to Super Bowl XLVII. Points awards each round (including the Pro Bowl) 1-2-3-4-5. [b]SEEDINGS[%
30 messages
01-30-13 10:37 PM
Pro Badly Programed Video Game Bowl complaining thread. [View All]
[b]Better Business Bureau Warning[/b]: The following product is not the sport known as "football". It does not contain football, f
21 messages
01-27-13 11:43 PM
Jonathan Vaughters and doping in cycling [View All]
After a great year for Garmin, with its first Grand Tour victory and a come-from-behind triumph in the US Pro Cycling Challenge, Jonathan Vaughter
72 messages
01-23-13 04:31 PM
NFL Conference Championships complaining thread. [View All]
In a stunning show of solidarity, members of the other thirty-one NFL teams stated they would go out and make sure they were accused of sexual assau
25 messages
01-23-13 11:35 AM
Naked Fantasy Football
So this is it… This is why we play the game.The day after the draft, and the day before the season starts. The sun is shining a little brighter to
16 messages
01-20-13 02:36 PM
RIP, Stan Musial (1920-2013) s/20130119/obit-stan-musial.ap/?sct=hp_t2_a2&eref=sihp RIP to one of the re
3 messages
01-20-13 12:27 PM
Earl Weaver: 8/14/30 -- 1/19/13
10. You call that a collapse? Are you blind? Anyone can see he never even came close to going down! 9. So that's ninety-[i]
2 messages
01-19-13 02:29 PM
NFL coaching/GM carousel: wheel of futility, spin, spin, spin... [View All]
For starters, several sources have the Kansas City Chiefs on the verge of taking on a new head coach. Someone with years of experience. Someone wi
23 messages
01-19-13 12:51 PM
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