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The NCAA ain't scared of Ed O'Bannon.
Just because the lawsuit (which has been in progress for four years) recently added football players to the roster... ...just because t
2 messages
08-09-13 09:35 AM
Your current 2013 British Open leader. pM See how far you get without laughing.
3 messages
07-22-13 02:38 PM
They were men in those days
Firstly he was a German playing in England immediately after WW2. And secondly, he broke his neck in the FA cup final [i]and still pl
1 messages
07-19-13 02:35 PM
The Home Run Derby at Citifield.
Good luck, suckers. I'm predicting a total of three. Not the winning total. Three home runs between all eight contestants.%
7 messages
07-17-13 10:04 PM
Alfie signs with Detroit
4 messages
07-16-13 04:33 PM
Woo! Hoo!
77 years :D Time for a tipple!
7 messages
07-16-13 10:03 AM
The Dumbest Fan Base Anywhere
Apologies go to Bebo and any other Orioles fans out there, but I got to put this out there... Back story: Game 1 - The Blue Jays are f
5 messages
07-11-13 09:47 PM
Spring Training. [View All]
With football over and the PTC eagerly looking to enforce their brand of non-justice on CBS, the local papers have switched their focus to baseball.
25 messages
06-27-13 10:06 PM
NHL Playoffs 2013 - Stanley Cup Finals discussion thread
#4 east Boston vs #1 west Chicago Chicago was #1 overall this season. Boston was #6 overall. Boston won Cup in 2011.%
16 messages
06-27-13 10:58 AM
2013 NHL Playoff Pick'em [View All]
I'll be back to update the seeds on Sunday or Monday. Pick the winning team from each series right up to the conference and Stanley Cup f
30 messages
06-25-13 11:40 AM
NHL Playoffs 2013 - Round 2 discussion thread [View All]
sub-threads to come... ds/User_files/43cbc59349545128.jpg
50 messages
06-10-13 10:30 AM
NHL Playoffs 2013 - Round 3 discussion thread [View All]
subthreads to come
38 messages
06-09-13 00:11 AM
I? am a free agent in the NBA ow-that-youre-an-nba-free-agent/
3 messages
05-22-13 07:02 PM
NHL Playoffs 2013 - Round 1 discussion thread [View All]
See series specific sub-threads below. ds/User_files/43cbc59349545128.jpg
73 messages
05-14-13 10:10 AM
Toronto Maple Leafs - playoff-bound
Most of you should know that I am a Montreal Canadiens fan and not a Leafs fan. But I live in Toronto, and am a Canadian hockey fan. So I think it
12 messages
05-10-13 07:32 PM
College Football discussion thread [View All]
I am still hoping everything is okay with newsomewayne. Exciting results this week with Texas A&M beating #1 Alabama. Now there is a c
31 messages
05-06-13 12:23 PM
2013 NFL Draft.
De-fense! De-fense! Pick absolutely nothing except de-fense! ...that's a lot of left tackles... ..
9 messages
04-29-13 10:59 AM
'And not only are we the best college football conference in the world, we are [i]the[/i] most corrupt!' http://esp
2 messages
04-22-13 03:55 PM
Kobe - done?
Looks like the Black Mamba has been snake-bitten. More specifically, torn Achilles. (so look for him on TAR!!) I can't say I
6 messages
04-22-13 01:23 PM
NCAA Tournament complaining thread [View All]
I am currently choosing to interpret 'most wide-open field in years' as 'every participating stadium is currently unlocked.' http%3
29 messages
04-21-13 08:40 PM
SBOT 2013 - March Madness Spread Pool Game! [View All]
How it's done: There are 26 of us competing this year, so you all wound up with 2 teams owned outright plus a shared team, except m
44 messages
04-15-13 04:09 PM
A-Rod ... retiring?
Just saw a tweet from Ken Rosenthal (who's a pretty good source in MLB) that the Yankees have called a press conference for later tonight and he
1 messages
04-13-13 12:00 PM
Yahoo Tourney Pick'em Bracket
Come beat me in picking the men's March Madness winner! Grp #: 50246 Pwd: rtvw http://tournament.fantasyspo
11 messages
04-11-13 04:20 PM
March Madness Pick 8 [View All]
Here, once again, the fun "Pick 8" pool. Since we've had this pool for several years in a row, I've trimmed the first post to just the
39 messages
04-11-13 04:10 PM
The Red Sox are looking to sign sexy players.
Because that's how you win in [i]more exciting ways![/i] (You know, for a given definition of 'exciting'.)
7 messages
04-07-13 03:51 PM
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