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Week 13: College Football pICK 'eM
I don't know which game bondt007 will pick as the second featured game of the week, so I'm only posting 15 picks right now. I'll add one more
9 messages
11-25-13 05:44 PM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- Week 12 THURS [View All]
[font color=green][b]Thursday, November 21[/b][font color=blue] Posting deadline 7:45pm ET[font color=black] New
24 messages
11-25-13 09:37 AM
NFL Week #12 Complaining Thread.
*wakes up* There's a game? Oh, it's Thursday. So there's only a referee farce. *goes back
4 messages
11-25-13 09:28 AM
NFL Week #11 Complaining Thread. [View All]
So apparently there's this video going around of the Gronk which shows he hates Asian fans. But that's okay, because it's not as if
26 messages
11-20-13 09:03 PM
Week 12: College Football pICK 'eM
Friday: 1. Washington @ UCLA Saturday: 2. Cincinnati @ Rutgers 3. North Carolina @ Pittsburgh 4. West Virginia @
7 messages
11-20-13 00:35 AM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- Week 11 THURS [View All]
[font color=green][b]THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14[/b] [font color=blue]Posting deadline 7:45pm ET Thursday[font color=black]%
30 messages
11-19-13 10:23 AM
The NFL explains the survival of the bully culture to you.
Nothing is in any way the fault of the person who unleashes a storm of racist and homophobic terms combined with personal threats against anyone and t
18 messages
11-13-13 10:32 AM
Week 11: College Football pICK 'eM
My goodness, the prior post self-destructed before posting! Good thing I came back to make tonight's picks. Two huge games THURSDAY
9 messages
11-13-13 00:15 AM
NFL Week #10 Complaining Thread.
Is it just me, or do pretty much all of the people screaming You Can't Violate The Sanctity Of The Locker Room! sound exactly like all the ones
7 messages
11-12-13 05:30 PM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- Week 9 THURS [View All]
Standings will be posted sometime tomorrow. No more [font color=BLUE]PARALY PARTAH [font color=black] until Week 15. However, regul
29 messages
11-10-13 01:13 PM
Ryan Lochte wants to be the next Kim Kardashian.
Excellent. Now all we need to do is find a degenerate rapper who's willing to get him pregnant. Any suggestions? http://commu
5 messages
11-06-13 01:38 PM
NFL Week #9 Complaining Thread.
Once you've seen a game end on an overtime safety, what else is there?
11 messages
11-05-13 12:13 PM
Week 10: College Football pICK 'eM
Wow, I hated being sick while the Red Sox were winning the World Series. But I think I came back too soon from being sick the week before. Now I s
6 messages
11-04-13 05:39 PM
2013 RTVW NFL Suicide Pool - Week 8
Okay, how many of you got a little nervous during the first two minutes of the second half of the Broncos/Redskins game?:P Ci
10 messages
11-04-13 01:52 PM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- Week 8 THURS [View All]
[b]LAST WEEK FOR [FONT COLOR=BLUE]PARLAY PARTAH[/b] [b][font color=orange]Thursday,[font color=black] Oct
28 messages
11-03-13 09:56 AM
MLB Postseason Prediction Pool [View All]
OK, here's how this year's pool will run. Wild card games aren't included, so the picks don't have to be in until Thursday at n
25 messages
11-01-13 06:19 PM
Week 9: College Football pICK 'eM
No featured pick this week? Well. in honor of Molaholic, whose pick it was, we'll opt for the coast. 1. FRI: Boise St. @ BYU%0
7 messages
10-31-13 08:21 AM
NFL Week #8 Complaining Thread.
For the sake of giving Snidget's jinxing ability its maximum potential, is there any way we can move tonight's game to [i]next[/i] Thu
13 messages
10-27-13 11:31 PM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- Week 8 THURS [View All]
Well, those darn Bengals wipped out most of the [font color=blue]PARLAY PARTAY[font color=black] players this week (while the Ravens m
23 messages
10-27-13 09:51 AM
2013 RTVW NFL Suicide Pool - Week
And then there were 6. Week 7 not so lucky for Yogi. Week 8 Slate: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 (posting deadline 7:45pm ET 10%
6 messages
10-24-13 07:24 PM
Week 8: College Football pICK 'eM
All games on Saturday this week. Only one Big Ten game in the mix this week, because most of the rest look like Slaughter City. There are even two
7 messages
10-22-13 05:02 PM
NFL Week #7 Complaining Thread.
Let's leave the sport for a moment. A little while ago, a two-year old boy was beaten to death. We don't know much about h
20 messages
10-22-13 09:50 AM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- Week 7 THURS [View All]
Well, well, well. The first week of the [font color=blue]PARLAY PARTAH[font color=black] certainly did turn out profitable for a certa
45 messages
10-21-13 03:54 PM
MLB postseason complaining thread [View All]
As a Mets fan, this feels unnatural. It borders on heresy and would have been on speaking terms with blasphemy, but that would have required turn
22 messages
10-21-13 02:54 PM
2013 RTVW NFL Suicide Pool - Week 7
We all made it through Week 6. I think it's going to start to get fun! Here's your slate: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 S
8 messages
10-20-13 12:19 PM
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