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Putin's Christmans card list...
Guess who ranks below Pus[]sy Riot on Putin's christmans card list? 94-russ
5 messages
02-21-14 09:05 PM
Things NFL players can say in a locker room which would be seen as 'bad'.
*reads Incognito report* ...I got nothin'. Also, I am never letting a professional football player within two hundred ya
2 messages
02-18-14 09:49 AM
The Winter Olympics Of Our Discontent
I consider the IOC to be one of the most corrupt organizations in the world -- and for sports, one of the top two, keeping FIFA company. They ete
6 messages
02-10-14 08:03 PM
Snide Of The Yankees. [View All]
The A-Roid saga continues. Frankly, the A-Roid saga should be moved back to roughly 1978. He would have fit right in with the Bronx Zoo
73 messages
02-08-14 09:02 AM
Ralph Kiner: 10/27/22 -- 2/6/14
And he is gone, goodbye...
2 messages
02-07-14 12:10 PM
2013-14 NFL Post-Season PTTE Pick 'Em & Bet 'Em Results
Here are the final results of the 2013-14 NFL PTTE Pick 'Em and Bet 'Ems! What was supposed to be a close Super Bowl game turned out
3 messages
02-05-14 09:59 PM
Is Federer now the GOAT? [View All]
This morning, Roger Federer won the French Open for the first time, beating Robin Soderling in straight sets a few moments ago. The one
81 messages
02-04-14 08:14 PM
Pro Bowl complaining thread.
...yeah. I'm going to a party. Football will not be discussed there because A. it's not that kind of party and B. no football will actually be t
2 messages
02-03-14 07:40 PM
2013-14 NFL Super Bowl PTTE Pick 'Em & Bet 'Em
First, the results for the PTTE. The Pro Bowl was underwhelming in terms of points scored, but at least it was a close game right to the finish,
14 messages
02-03-14 00:25 AM
2013-14 NFL Pro Bowl PTTE Pick 'Em & Bet 'Em
First, the results for the PTTE. The Seahawks were the NFC favorite with no one picking the Niners. AFC Championship picks were fairly evenly split
4 messages
01-26-14 01:57 PM
NFL Conference Championship complaining thread.
In which the first four hours are spent discovering which quarterback the media will spend two weeks crawling up between the buttocks of.
4 messages
01-21-14 11:21 AM
2013-14 NFL Conference Championship PTTE Pick 'Em & Bet 'Em
Last week's divisional playoff PTTE picks resulted in one perfect pick with no one missing more than two out of the four games. Yours truly leads t
8 messages
01-19-14 01:22 PM
NFL 'Next Year, This'll Be Round Three' Playoffs Complaining Thread
Look, we've got thirty-two teams. So let's just make four playoff divisions of eight each, seed them based on regular season record, and ju
15 messages
01-12-14 09:06 PM
2013-14 NFL Division Playoff PTTE Pick 'Em & Bet 'Em
First, the results! Alas, Estee's hopes for a perfect PTTE Wild Card pick were dashed in the very final seconds of the playoffs wit
9 messages
01-11-14 04:08 PM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- FINAL RESULTS
After my wonderful sojourn across the pond -- here it is. And what an adventure it was. [b][font color=green]WEEK 17[font color
6 messages
01-11-14 11:19 AM
Black Monday
Severed heads! Get your severed heads here! Special discounts for bulk rates! Reattach to your own organization for future guillotine results
12 messages
01-10-14 01:51 PM
Baseball Hall Of Fame 2014: No One Gets In, Year #2. [View All]
Honestly, that's what I'm expecting. The same crop of writers who declared that everyone since Babe Ruth was on steroids and thus they would ne
22 messages
01-09-14 06:32 PM
Let's Go Bowling: College Football pICK 'eM
Sorry for the delay, but real life has been in the way. Here are the bowl games coming up. Sat., Dec 21 1. Washington St. (6-6%
15 messages
01-07-14 09:53 AM
NFL Wild Card 'Good Seats Still Available' Weekend complaining thread
I'm not sure if this is the Packers, Bengals, and Colts markets expressing a certain lack of confidence in their teams or the population finally
20 messages
01-06-14 12:07 PM
2013-14 NFL Post-Season PTTE Pick 'Em [View All]
Just pick each winner all the way to Super Bowl XLVII. As before, points are awarded each round (including the Pro Bowl) 1-2-3-4-5. Don't for
21 messages
01-04-14 04:41 PM
The Winter Classic and Gordie Howe
In what is no doubt a preview of what the Super Bowl is going to be like next month, we've got a scoreless hockey game midway through the second p
6 messages
01-02-14 12:17 PM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- Week 17 (by proxy)
I'm getting this posted now, and should have standings ready soon after MNF ends tomorrow night. All games are open for [font color%3
16 messages
12-30-13 12:09 PM
NFL Week #17 Complaining Thread.
I'm starting this hyper-early because we usually wind up breaking down the final-week playoff scenarios at this point -- and in this case, things
10 messages
12-29-13 11:31 PM
The Ol' Puck in the Pants Pplay
1 messages
12-27-13 01:24 AM
2013 Vince3 Memorial NFL Pick 'em -- Week 16 [View All]
Well, that was certainly a blood-bath. But on the bright side, samboohoo managed her second [font color=red]BET UM[/font color] triple
23 messages
12-23-13 06:17 PM
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