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Conferences The Rebel Billionaire Forum (Protected)
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the rebel billionaire
hi i follow the serie on tps satellite in france, i find it amazing, the last episode was in japan but i couldn't wait to see if i was right to
2 messages
11-26-21 12:57 PM
Yay! Our own forum! And Summaries...
I love this show! Mostly because it is a joy to summarize. Fun stuff happens and most of it is just new enough & different enough you don't fe
15 messages
11-26-21 05:16 AM
January 4 Official Episode Summary
Episode 10: HONEY, I SIGNED UP FOR A SUMMARY AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY RECAP As a new high to this seriously underperforming show we
9 messages
07-10-16 04:13 PM
Too bad I missed this show...
I would have loved to have seen this show, it looked so cool. I didn't hear about it until after it was over though... Is there going to be anothe
The Amazing Racer
3 messages
02-18-16 02:43 PM
Rebel Billionaire Dec 28th Episode summary
[b]To Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth.[/b] Last time on Rebel, Candida was canned and everybody was mad at everybody else. Or di
11 messages
02-18-16 02:43 PM
There is a link at to a site that you can download an entire episode of The Rebel Billionaire from. This series is gr
1 messages
11-21-14 11:38 AM
Rebel Billionaire Finale
Just a note before I begin the summary. Since so many people missed this show when it went up against TAR I am writing this summary “straight” wi
13 messages
09-02-05 04:07 AM
Official Summary, Rebel Billionaire, Episode 5
[font size = 3][b]Streak or Squeek.[/b][/font] This show began with such exciting, death-defying stunts in its earl
3 messages
07-31-05 06:15 AM
Finale Will Be Rebroadcast on Some FOX Affiliates Friday night, 11 p.m. e.t. I guess going up against TAR on Tuesday cost too many viewers.
3 messages
01-24-05 10:02 PM
ISO Rebel Billionaire Finale
My Dish DVR only recorded the first hour, was wondering if anyone has the series finale available for download. I will PayPal $20 to the first per
2 messages
01-17-05 04:44 PM
Will The Last Person To Leave This Forum Please Turn Out The Lights? [View All]
But not until cq and I have decided which one of us is stuck with writing the finale, writes one and posts it. At which time I expect all 6 people
26 messages
01-12-05 07:43 PM
Rebel Billionaire - Marrakesh Express
[font color=teal] Get it? Marrakesh Express? From Dope Wars? Oh, forget it. Oh my heck. This is cq, and I just wanted
13 messages
01-12-05 12:17 PM
Bye bye Nicole!
*WHUMP* is the sound of your as[]s being hit by a great big door! So happy to see her go, and lol at Branson asking Erica to st
6 messages
01-11-05 08:57 PM
Jan. 04 Episode
We are down to the final two and I enjoyed lastnight's show even though it ended up being a recarp show. However, please tell me that Richard does
10 messages
01-06-05 12:54 PM
This show is ok, but why isn't it good?
I watch this show every Tuesday, why is it just ok? I like Branson alot, he's way more down to earth then Trump is. I like the stunts in t
18 messages
12-30-04 09:53 AM
Dec 21 Episode Summary
[center][b][font size = 3]The Sayonara Show or Kiss Your SumoAss Goodbye[/font][/b][/center] I mi
7 messages
12-28-04 11:46 PM
Episode Summary: Football and Footsie
After the great job that Swami and cq have done so far, I know that the bar has been set high for the great unread summary that [i]is[/i]
10 messages
12-26-04 06:43 PM
Official Summary, Rebel Billionaire Episode 4
[center][font size = 3]Lions and Tigers and Bears! Now Die![/font][/center] I know how to be a billionaire.
4 messages
12-26-04 06:17 PM
Total Suckitude
Tonight's show is on opposite The Amazing Race! Like, that sucks! Who in their right mind would pick this clunker over TAR? And I'm sup
0 messages
12-21-04 05:07 PM
Dec 14th Episode [View All]
They are given $5000 to renovate a room. Let's see what happens! ds/User_files/41
21 messages
12-14-04 08:54 PM
Dec 7 Episode [View All]
Anyone still watching this show? ds/User_files/41ae395724e30045.gif
21 messages
12-14-04 03:10 PM
November 30th Episode: England [View All]
I have some insight to the nudity. From my online TVGuide: [i]The 10 remaining contestants return to London, where the teams seek a
52 messages
12-11-04 04:02 AM
Jess gets Naked w/Links
did a quick google and sure enough someone had a camera estival2004.htm http://w
7 messages
12-03-04 01:33 PM
MUCH better than "Apprentice!"
Although I enjoy both......(That's kinda scary!) the RB is much more entertaining....the challenges are phenomenal, the twists are hilariou
Randolph Carter
2 messages
11-27-04 09:53 AM
It's too bad the show has poor ratings...
10 millions eyeballs... I won't it won't be canceled...
2 messages
11-26-04 10:57 PM
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