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April 20 Episode
Sunshine! ds/User_files/450e48a151768c6a.gif
11 messages
04-27-10 08:10 PM
April 13 - Ep 14
I'm sporting my old car (below) for the new cars won last night. Pretty nice win for 2 contestants! I don't know why, but I'm almo
15 messages
04-19-10 00:06 AM
April 6
Episode 13? What can I say? Oh, I know - nothing for a couple of hours till the peeps out on the West Coast get to see. %
15 messages
04-14-10 09:41 AM
March 30 - Ep 12 [View All]
Let it start here - and now. Don't hold it in; speak your peace; cause there will be little peace at the Ranch now that 'red' is back.%
22 messages
04-06-10 03:38 PM
March 23 - Ep 11 [View All]
I think this is #11 - anyway. All I can say is [font size=6] yea! [/font size] Blue sent the right p
23 messages
04-02-10 06:47 PM
March 16 Episode
I guess everyone else was watching AI? I actually watched almost all of it this week. Pop Challenge: The teams faced off an
6 messages
03-21-10 08:42 PM
This is the first week I've watched...
What's with all the bad hair? Seriously. Did they lose a challenge? ds%
9 messages
03-18-10 08:41 AM
Mar 2, Ep 8
It's been so long everyone forgot to watch? I forgot everyone's names for a bit there; still trying to remember who is who. h
14 messages
03-09-10 09:43 AM
Danny Cahill article
Interesting article in the Tulsa World (our local newspaper)today about Danny Cahill - Some interesting trivia - He knows exactly how much a gallo
1 messages
02-21-10 09:43 PM
Feb 9 Episode 6
I hate 'to be continued' endings! especially in my reality tv when I'm not expecting it! I'll be back to discuss :-)
19 messages
02-16-10 09:05 PM
Feb 2 - Episode 5
All I saw: Michael won immunity. John went home. I haven't watched yet. We were out, and I couldn't stay up to watch. %
14 messages
02-09-10 09:47 AM
Jan 26 - Ep 4
Now don't get carried away & start spoiling tonites ep. Okay to discuss bits & pieces but don't give it away till the west coast has had thei
17 messages
02-01-10 12:18 PM
Jan 19 - Ep 3
I was waiting for Migdalia to push Jillian right on her butt! She did push but just not hard enough! You know it would have been funny :-)%0
17 messages
01-22-10 09:43 AM
Fitness Enthusiasts Show
MAKEOVER SHOW Major TV production company is casting for women between the ages of 25-40 who are 10-20lbs overweight, comfortable in fron
0 messages
01-21-10 02:20 PM
Jan 12 - Ep 2
I had an idea about the immunity challenges. Instead of telling them the winner gets immunity, tell them the winner gets [b]either [
11 messages
01-16-10 08:33 PM
Just when you thought they couldn't stall any more...
Introducing the team split weight-in. Each person stands on their scale, one result comes up, our hostess preaches about totals and yellow lines
9 messages
01-13-10 07:41 AM
New Season - 1st Ep - Jan 5
We need a place to discuss - not just bash ;-) Reality tv has to have some creative thinkers - trying to come up with new stuff every s
16 messages
01-08-10 06:38 PM
Prize money
Do Rudy and Amanda receive any prize money for finishing 2nd and 3rd?
3 messages
01-05-10 08:20 PM
New Season Starts tonight!!
I can't wait for the new season to start tonight. From the previews it looks to be another great one. The contestants are bigger than ever, whic
2 messages
01-05-10 08:10 PM
The Finale! 12/8/09 [View All]
I can't believe no one is here to talk about this yet. Yes, there was about 1 1/2 hrs of filler and maybe 1/2 hour of the good stuff. Bu
42 messages
01-04-10 11:50 PM
The Where are They Now Ep
I saw a commercial for it, but I usually dvr TBL and watch it in about 20 minutes so didn't really see when it was on. Has it already aired? A
4 messages
12-23-09 10:37 PM
Jenny O product placement
Haven't noticed much product placement so far this season. Except for Bob's Jenny O rotisserie chicken on this past episode. He's pushed Jenny O
9 messages
12-21-09 02:19 PM
LIFE at STAKE Are you or someone you know a chain smoker, Heavy drinker, overly stressed, overly worked, over weight, under weight or j
0 messages
12-18-09 03:04 PM
Matt Hoover
Season 2 winner Matt participated in the Ironman World Championships this past weekend. I don't think he made the 17 hour cut-off and have been sif
7 messages
12-14-09 01:08 PM
Season 8: Episode 12 - 12/1/09 [View All]
Didn't realize this was starting late tonight. No spoilers here YET - just getting us ready for lots of discussion later :-)
26 messages
12-05-09 08:51 PM
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