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YAY Brian...100k!!!
I'm soooo happy Brian won the 100k. He was my fav & I just hated when he was voted out BUT he did it!!! It couldn't of happened to a nicer
1 messages
12-14-06 08:50 AM
Help! Does anyone know if The Biggest Loser will be rebroadcast on any network? Thanks
0 messages
12-14-06 08:44 AM
How fat is Caroline Rhea???
Did anyone notice that Caroline was the biggest body up on that stage? She needs to seriously reconsider her wardrobe. She looked like a gigantic Pe
0 messages
12-13-06 10:12 PM
Oh. My. Goodness...did you see the previews?!?!
Ok - first off...I'm glad Jaron was a good sport about last night. Says alot about his character. I'm impressed with the work he did at the ranch.
8 messages
12-13-06 12:56 PM
11.08 double episode...
I was NOT HAPPY with Bob's attitude last night AT ALL. Granted, he had a fair point about Jaron's diet...but he could have done it without the a
18 messages
12-12-06 11:32 PM
Heather Has Another Tantrum
Why, oh why, do the reality God's let this happen? Although Heather looks fantastic, I DO NOT think that she deserves a spot in the final f
5 messages
12-08-06 12:53 PM
The female trainer this year
Does any body else have an issue with this woman? She is so arrogant and her attitude toward the new people was completely unacceptable. All of a su
9 messages
12-07-06 00:18 AM
Notice how Kai and Heather are now edited to seem really nice?
The way they edit these shows is truly weird. For most of the season, Kai and Heather have been edited to be shown as really mean..evil incarnate%2
2 messages
11-30-06 06:28 PM
Muscle gain vs. weigh loss
I'm a bit disappointed that the show did not make a point to tell the viewers possible reasons for the dramatic drop in weight loss. I think this is
14 messages
11-30-06 06:18 PM
Who Left the Ranch tonight?
I was watching the show at my sister's house and missed who was voted out. Was it Heather or Adrian? Thanks for the help.
12 messages
11-30-06 06:00 PM
Marty Looks GREAT
Yes, he DOES! It is amazing how when the show started how TERRIBLY OBESE the contestants were - and their fat is MELTING! I would LOVE to go on
2 messages
11-25-06 10:26 AM
Holy Hair Colour Change Kai...and Adrian..get a backbone...
Was it just me, or did Kai get blonde hair during the makeover, and then end up as a red-head at the end of the show? I guess she didn't like
5 messages
11-21-06 04:14 PM
I missed what Marty looks like now...
Due to a local cable network switch, I missed last weeks episode... and I want to see what Marty looks like now! Does anyone have any pointers o
1 messages
11-21-06 03:12 PM
Wow what a great player.... Not only is he getting healthy,but what strategy.Ithink what he did to Kai was great and even though he was tight with M
0 messages
11-19-06 01:19 PM
I really want to email Marty to congradulate him on his AMAZING weight loss. Have you seen him?? He looks incrediable. I just wanted to let him kn
5 messages
11-17-06 12:08 PM
Did Heather gain weight on purpose?
Last night, the narrator made reference to Heather's "stategic" 4 pound weight gain on last week's episode. What do you think? That she ga
0 messages
11-16-06 05:43 PM
Heather and The Red Team
First off, I don't see a bashers forum for TBL, but I would just like to say that Heather is the worst type of person... hypocritical, hysteri
12 messages
11-11-06 12:58 PM
I thought that I saw Brian on Extra or Access Hollywood tonight (November 8), but I couldn't see what they were saying about him. Can anyone
2 messages
11-10-06 08:13 AM
Biggest Loser Cookbook
Hi everyone. I got the Biggest Loser cookbook the other day from Amazon. It's got some amazing recipes and some personal stories and tips from all t
2 messages
11-09-06 09:55 PM
11.01 episode...
Brian...WOW... I didn't even RECOGNIZE him in his "follow up" at the end of the show. I thought they were showing another 'at-
14 messages
11-09-06 05:23 PM
"At-Home" contestants joining the ranch
Can't wait to see them! And how will our Losers react? Will we get nastiness from Kai and Heather? Maybe they'll both go home! But I think
20 messages
11-09-06 05:14 PM
Suzy is getting fat again!
Because she is pregnant!! all together now... AAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!
4 messages
11-09-06 01:49 PM
4 messages
11-09-06 09:07 AM
Goodbye Ken
Well, the downfall of The Red Team has finally come, and who can say anything but, IT'S ABOUT TIME. I appreciate the efforts they have made t
11 messages
10-27-06 09:59 PM
Too Rigorous? [View All]
Anyone else around here think TBL diet and exercize regimen is too rigorous for the contestants. Daily calorie allowance is 1200 to 1500 for the women
23 messages
10-26-06 02:28 PM
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