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March 18th
Wow! Take a few weeks off and then come back to watch. They look sooooo different. I'm really rooting for Dan to win this right now.
0 messages
03-19-08 07:39 AM
March 11 [View All]
Oh My. (*&)*& *(& P*(*)(*&(* *(& @##@#@%@#%@. What? What are you askin
25 messages
03-15-08 07:09 PM
Last Night's Sob Fest
I couldn't get over the ridiculous amount of emotion expressed by Mark last night. You would have thought he was being separated from his brother fo
2 messages
03-06-08 07:51 PM
March 4th [View All]
I missed the first hour, watched the boys on AI instead. *shakes head* Man was that a mistake. That zipline challenge looked awesome%
24 messages
03-06-08 07:43 PM
Previews of the March 5th episode
Previews for the March 5th episode show Dan, Roger and Jay, and the announcement that they have their first contestant to lose 100 lbs, this sea
6 messages
03-05-08 10:25 AM
Feb 26 [View All]
I loved, loved, loved, last night's show. I thought it was the best one of the season, and the only thing I FF'd through was the commerci
30 messages
02-29-08 09:07 PM
Feb 19 [View All]
Well...heading home was a true test wasn't it? Neat to see that they still spoke with their trainers. Brittany and Jillian do seem really, rea
28 messages
02-26-08 07:58 PM
Feb 12 [View All]
Is it the writer's strike or what? Have you ever seen 30 minutes of television stretched out over two hours like that before? Appreciate the p
21 messages
02-23-08 01:24 PM
Week 5 2/5 [View All]
Good show, mainly because after a two hour cry-fest last week, I didn't cry once lastnight. I'm disappointed they didn't show Bob
36 messages
02-12-08 06:55 PM
kelly & paul
i would like to know why Jen was voted off,when paul & kelly were a disaster with plus 3 and 0,why weren't they voted off. %0
8 messages
02-12-08 12:47 PM
I was so proud of them all not going for the soda. Although it must have been tempting they are only drinking water if anything just the flavor would
7 messages
02-07-08 01:44 PM
Watering up. [View All]
Discuss here. What's wrong about it. Anything right about it? Any solutions? Actually, I came up with a solution. Aqu
22 messages
02-04-08 00:03 AM
The trainer challenge.
Four questions. 1. Did either or both know that was coming, or was that an acting job we saw last night? (I say surprise.) %
15 messages
02-03-08 11:51 PM
opening theme song
Does anyone know how to get a hold of that snappy theme song from the opening credits of The Biggest Loser? Thanks in advance!
5 messages
01-31-08 04:08 PM
who does everyone want to win?
Personally, I love Trent and Roger. They are both such nice guys and both have a long way to go. As a whole, I always root for Bob's
1 messages
01-31-08 01:42 PM
Week 4, Jan 29 [View All]
Back to the more familiar black vs. blue. I am sure that Bob and Jillian are not very happy with the producers right now. They sure made Bob look li
28 messages
01-31-08 12:11 PM
Kelly is pathetic ... I was going to write "a loser," but wait, that would be a compliment. She and her partner got exactly what they deserve
0 messages
01-30-08 09:08 PM
Anyone have a link?
Hi! Brand new here! I DVR episodes but I accidently deleted last nights episode (1/22). Does anyone have a link to the results of the con
Whered it go
6 messages
01-25-08 00:29 AM
Week 3 Couples 1/22 [View All]
Interesting episode. But I didn't like it. Having it be six teams against one brought out too much game play. I've never really liked the game
27 messages
01-25-08 00:27 AM
Bette-Sue and Ali
I really was disappointed by who the yellow team voted off. Sorry the pink team hadn't been below the yellow line ever and they were sent home Pleas
7 messages
01-24-08 11:39 AM
This Week's Show
I have never posted an opinion before but I was so disappointed in this week's episode that I just had to put my two cents worth in. But it seems I
1 messages
01-23-08 09:28 PM
Betti Sue
I was totally disappointed in last night show and loved Betti Sues parting comments. The idea of this show is for everyone to lose weight not slack o
0 messages
01-23-08 09:52 AM
Does anyone know where Kim is?
Sorry if this has been discussed already. My hubby and I were wondering if anyone knew why Kim isn't back this season? I'm not really missing he
2 messages
01-21-08 02:46 PM
Biggest Loser Couples...Great so far! [View All]
I have just tuned in tonight for the first time to watch the first couples losing the big lbs.Betty Sue....She definetely made me chuckle...I am predi
42 messages
01-19-08 01:25 AM
Week 2 Couples, 1/15 [View All]
OK, I've got lots of holes for ya'll to fill. Out of the 2 hours, I saw maybe 20 minutes... they broke to primary coverage every 2 minutes!
40 messages
01-18-08 02:22 AM
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