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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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11/17 - The Solomon Family
These people have got to be the absolute shallowest family on the face of the earth. Next to them, Paris Hilton looks like one of the world's for
12 messages
02-01-07 06:20 PM
Marguerite really tried
Abasi was a total racist jerk. He was absoutely out of line and if a white person had made the racist comments he made it would have been on national
3 messages
02-01-07 06:19 PM
I would tear that man a new one
that man whatever his name is well hes not a man. black white blue or freakin purple, I dont care what his color is there is no need to treat someon
11 messages
01-29-07 10:12 AM
Dani, the woman who doesn't own any mirrors.
What's with the wife Dani who thinks she's a model? She is what we call in the fitness industry a "Butter Face". Simply put, everything l
8 messages
01-28-07 07:46 PM
Abassi, Keilbasa, Whatever his name is and Marguerite
This rude, stupid, uneducated, ill informed about his own history, and poor excuse for a man. How dare they even let him and his sorry cab dr
1 messages
01-27-07 10:56 PM
wife swap-Friday 1/19/07 Lunch with the so called Ladies what a horrid group of women
The group of women from New Orleans do not have any class or sense. Their welcoming a visitor leaves a lot to be desired. How can they live in that co
my opinion
3 messages
01-27-07 02:41 PM
The african american guy that went on and on about poor him
I would give anything to have 2 weeks with that man! How dare he go on and on about poor him and the black community. First of all, all the blac
5 messages
01-27-07 02:35 PM
The God Warrior Return
I'm so upset,I can't believe how Rude that this man was to Marguarite.You don't treat a dog the way she was treated.I'm a Black woman and ve
1 messages
01-27-07 07:11 AM
12/15 episode- male model
I've been seeing a pattern on these shows, but geez do they have to make it so obvious that the 'plots' are contrived? Why can't ANY of th
1 messages
01-17-07 12:59 PM
11/3 episode (2-parter) of TS-anyone care to comment??
I'm REALLY bad at names. But it's the trade off with the beot**ch from Bolder and the lobsterman/woman from Mass. I am just stunn
16 messages
12-03-06 03:59 PM
Someone needs some manicure assistance...
One question, despite the fact that she may very well be Satan, how does Grace wipe her own ##### with those nails? I'm just sayin%2
5 messages
12-03-06 03:38 PM
Rivera, perverted sick voyeurism
I have to say I found just about everything with that family disturbing but I was most sickened when they showed the father sitting in his computer ro
3 messages
12-03-06 03:35 PM
wife swap 11/27th The Revera Parents are sick!
They think their children are possessions.The parents are bullies and the children are their victims! The other family has a whole other set of pr
my opinion
2 messages
11-28-06 02:18 PM
Pirate People
Last night must have been the stupidest Wife Swap there was. The pirate people need a real reality check. I am a teacher and I can imagine what that
13 messages
11-20-06 02:05 PM
11/13 Wife Swap
This show should just really's crashed and it's burned and ABC just needs to extinguish the fire. I guess there are no interesting varie
4 messages
11-19-06 02:32 AM
wendy fromc olorado
i don't know how old that wendy is but she looks about 60 i am wondering how long it will before that guy looks for grenner pastures. I d
1 messages
11-15-06 10:16 PM
11/3 and 11/10 Episode
I agree with some of the posts regarding Wendy Kahn of Boulder - what is up with the reunion and her selfish A$$ staring at her girls that they go
4 messages
11-13-06 01:44 PM
Trading Spaces
Doesn't anyone out there watch "TRADING SPACES" besides me?
3 messages
11-06-06 10:41 AM
10/24 episode-punk rockers vs baseball nuts
Sorry, really bad with names. But I have a question about last night's episode-actually a few. And it may actually be a re-run, so if it is,
4 messages
10-27-06 11:01 PM
If I were Tina Lovazzano, I'd be ashamed to ever show my face again. How dare she and her family use her Mother as a Maid! What exac
5 messages
10-24-06 11:08 AM
Wife Swap 10/9/06
Am I the only one left watching this show? I'm wondering why these families even agree to do the swap if they have no intention of foll
13 messages
10-24-06 01:26 AM
The Whacker
I am not sure what to make of "The Whacker". I know spanking is a very controversial subjuct, but I think there is a big difference between a s
4 messages
10-18-06 00:14 AM
Overweight couple vs Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader trainers
I can't remember their names, I was so blown away by this episode. How could the overweight wife say things like, "Exercise is fine but you h
6 messages
10-18-06 00:09 AM
What do you think is wrong with wife swap?
I watch this show and trading spouses. My main concern is that the Mom's go to the home of the other family and talk bad about the parents to the ki
0 messages
10-18-06 00:06 AM
WOULD YOU "WIFE SWAP"..... [View All]
I'm just curious... is there anyone here who would consider going on the show "wife swap" or "trading spouses?" As for me- I wouldn%
25 messages
10-17-06 02:22 PM
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