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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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Outraged Iowan
Please don't judge Iowa farmers due to the outrageous show last night. I have never seen anything like them, and was appalled when I watched last
14 messages
09-19-07 09:02 AM
Wife Swap Silver/Pitney
Sheree Silver.... Now there is one nut that needs to hide from the squirrels! I don't think I've ever heard a psychic that didn't h
6 messages
09-18-07 02:32 PM
Wife Swap: Fine and Pirate Family*....
Hey y'all. I could see virtues and folly in both of these families and liked different things about them. The Pirate Family* - and for
1 messages
08-28-07 08:18 PM
wife swap
so..why do these people get crazy at the rule changes? They applied to the show and they know what's coming. They think they are going to meet so
1 messages
07-13-07 10:28 AM
Oh my God talk about Stepford Wife! I just saw the Allemon/Johnson episode. That Johnson woman lives with bulging eyes that make her look like s
0 messages
07-09-07 08:52 PM
Wife Swap: March 13, 2006 [View All]
Am watching it now. Medieval switches w/rap. I'm beginning to become worried about the good ole USA. Any thoughts? But, you gotta admit,
23 messages
06-26-07 04:27 PM
Country Boy Trash.
Just watched the episode with the "Cowboy" who throws the table up at the end. I think it's hilarious that the country folks were so rude and v
7 messages
06-26-07 04:24 PM
When does new season start?
They keep advertising "brand new show" but the are always re-runs.
2 messages
06-11-07 08:23 PM
Lovazzano Family
I don't know what other people think of the Lovazzano family but I was just amazed. I mean to offer your 14 year old daughter 5 grand to be quiet a
1 messages
04-24-07 06:28 PM
Abasi Malone
I totally understand that Mr and Mrs Malone stand up for their race but I do not side with many of the things they said on the show. Such as the scene
1 messages
04-15-07 08:53 PM
IM BACK!!! Ok so Mr. Malone has a talk show that is basically only for blacks to talk about only what is affecting blacks. If that's not racis
1 messages
04-15-07 08:52 PM
Abasi Malone and LaToya Brown
Abasi Malone and LaToya Brown please get over the fact that the United States is a Multi-Racial Country. After all we are known as the, "Melting
1 messages
04-13-07 00:53 AM
Anyone here been on the show?
Would lvoe to hear about the details of it...
0 messages
03-31-07 08:57 PM
I feel very sorry for the Crazy Cowboy's wife
She has obviously been scared into submission and exhibits all the characteristics of battered woman syndrome. I only hope that some state
0 messages
03-05-07 10:25 PM
Cowboy Southern White Trash
Just watched the wife swap episode this evening. Mr. I am a redneck cowboy is a piece of ##### white trash #####! If I was that
0 messages
03-05-07 09:45 PM
So you want to be on reality Tv .. HUH?
Well I was.. well I filmed it anyhow. It has yet to air. If you have any questions about Wife Swap I'd be happy to answer them for you - barrin
4 messages
03-02-07 06:45 PM
Where do the spouses/moms meet after the swap
I was wondering if anyone one knows how the producers arrange the meeting location for the spouses/moms after each swap. Do they meet somewhere half
1 messages
02-26-07 02:32 PM
What happens if the swapped families refuse to follow the rules in Wife Swap? Since the families are not getting paid,what would make them follow
9 messages
02-21-07 10:01 PM
Abasi is a sure cure for jungle fever...
I am a white woman who has had wonderful,long term relationships with black men. Abasi makes me ill because of his racism towards his tv partner. I
4 messages
02-21-07 00:16 AM
Does anyone know if the family has to stick to how the money was allocated 100%?
11 messages
02-19-07 10:58 AM
Wife Swap-Hoover/Meeks
I have to say that both of these families are way over the edge. They both need some improvement.
2 messages
02-13-07 09:00 AM
Trading Spouses/Oregon
1 messages
02-12-07 08:43 PM
About the Family From Oregon!!!
Oh my word... I would just like to apologize to all out there watching this show, the family from Oregon made me embarresed to be from this state I
13 messages
02-10-07 09:23 PM
hippies with kids
just how much weed does this freak of a father smoke ? he says he has a bad temper and a long fuse!!!!!!!!! aka sleeper sell seria
4 messages
02-06-07 02:16 PM
poor godfearing lady
I felt bad for her there was no reason for that man to treat her like that she was not being rude or inconsiderate to him he looked like a hot mess an
4 messages
02-03-07 02:56 AM
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