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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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watching the 11/03 episode
So far so nutty! Could they find a woman LESS suited to switch with Mrs. Fitness?! It seems to me like this could be dangerous for the woman s
19 messages
11-09-04 05:50 PM
Stupid Sister-In-Law
Did anybody watch last night's episode?? What was with Colleen's sister-in-law? Did she even listen to a word that Crystal said? She as
4 messages
11-06-04 06:33 PM
I hate the kids on Wife Swap!
why are they for the most part the biggest brats? I thought that boy from last week was bad but the 2 blondes from this week are terrible. They are
1 messages
11-04-04 01:19 PM
Wife Swap 10/27/2004 Episode [View All]
Tonight we have a vegetarian mom going to a non-veggie family...what drama will take place? I.CAN'T.WAIT! http://com
62 messages
10-29-04 06:42 PM
Wife Swap Episode 3: 10/06/2004 [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-06-04 AT 10:02 PM (EST)[/font] Let's discuss tonight's show! Looks like one
34 messages
10-09-04 00:28 AM
Jennifer & Veronica
I just finished watching tonights show. What a scream...I love it! How opposite can two family be? The producers have done a great jo
11 messages
10-06-04 05:16 PM
Is it just me, or ...
Is it just me, or do you also think this show looks incredibly staged? When i started to see the promos earlier this year, i had that thought%2
11 messages
09-24-04 08:25 PM
How were they supposed to spend the money?
We had a thunderstorm during last night's show (September 14) and I missed the instructions each mom gave the other's family for spending the
4 messages
09-20-04 09:59 PM
My big fat gay son...or this weeks episode of Trading Spouses
No offense meant to anyone but if Drew aint gay...I am. Man what an interesting episode this was tonight. What can you say about the Donaho
14 messages
09-18-04 02:03 PM
Finally a new show
And what an awesome show it was too. Hilibilly Jim or whatever they want to call him may have been a bit off with the monetary amounts but his heart w
16 messages
09-07-04 08:42 PM
missed the end
I missed the end of the show! Could someone please tell me how they chose to spend the money?
4 messages
09-03-04 02:04 PM
new episode
Well I was disappointed to see another rerun! Who knows when they are airing the new episode where the dads swap?
4 messages
08-31-04 02:02 AM
Trading Spouses
After watching the show, I hope that Tammy realizes how self-centered, selfish and delusional she is. Tammy - - the world does not revolve around
2 messages
08-25-04 07:50 PM
is it just me or is that 13 yr old son cute???
5 messages
08-13-04 00:50 AM
Samantha's Friends
Just a question what is wrong with being a dental hygientist?
2 messages
08-13-04 00:45 AM
Swap 1 the Difference is $$$$$, Swap 2 diff. is love
Oooh...I can't wait for the second set of families to switch moms, but this time I think the difference between the two families is that one is pi
6 messages
08-10-04 09:02 AM
Maybe the $$ will go for...
well in the Mass family maybe she'll give them money for a new car and money for a personal trainer. They are definitly out of shape and possibly u
2 messages
08-05-04 11:53 AM
Thanks Mods
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-30-04 AT 07:45 PM (EST)[/font] I just wanted to thank the moderators for giving this awesome s
2 messages
08-03-04 04:29 PM
Trading Spouses / Trading Moms [View All]
[font color=teal] Trading Spouses, as you may have read on the news page, will be on FOX. It's a [link:www.realitytvw
45 messages
08-02-04 04:53 PM
Trading Spouses
The second episode was great, but, was it me or did they not show the part about Tammy telling Amelia's son off about his "saggy pants" at t
1 messages
08-02-04 01:53 PM
The money on Trading Spouses
WAY TO GO BIGGINS!!! I was so glad that none of the money went to Tammy. Although I have a feeling she will get her hands on it so
6 messages
07-31-04 00:11 AM
Tammy in local Dallas paper
Here was an interesting article from the Dallas Morning News in which Tammy TRIES to defend herself. Enjoy! [i] By
2 messages
07-30-04 07:52 PM
News Flash Nobody liked Tammy!!!!
First off let me tell you that I really enjoyed the show. Tammy was very rude. I feel sorry for her host family on the show. I am so glad
0 messages
07-29-04 11:04 AM
Trading spouses
I really enjoyed the show. I was thoroughly disgusted with Tammy's behavior. At first I thought she was really nice, until she showed h
4 messages
07-28-04 01:14 PM
First I would like to start by saying that I really liked the show, it gives you a peek into other peoples family. Secondly I would like to commend
1 messages
07-27-04 11:58 PM
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