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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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Vicki's the best!
I absolutely loved watching Vicki in this mom swap. She is so compassionate, caring, generous and loving! When I would have been so angry and sa
1 messages
12-14-04 10:53 AM
Trading Spouses; Dec. 6 [View All]
This is going to be a hoot! The Nashville mom cracks me up so far! I was waiting on History Detective...sorry dood! http%3
42 messages
12-13-04 11:11 PM
Wife Swap Episode 11/10/04 [View All]
I can't wait to see the WHACKER! This looks like it is going to be a good one! Who all is out there tonight? %0
71 messages
12-13-04 11:01 PM
Message to Barbara Gates
> Dear Mrs. Gates, > > I am a resident of Thibodaux, Louisiana. It is a 25 > minute drive from my home to Zam's Swamp
1 messages
12-13-04 04:54 PM
How to write to FOX producers Re: Barbara Gates, et al.
Last week some of you expressed the desire to find a way to write to FOX producers about the way Barbara Gates treated Bear the dog, and the kids on
3 messages
12-09-04 09:00 PM
CajunGirls Message to Barbara! BRAVO!!!
I couldn't see how to respond to CajunGirls post that was directed at the very toxic Barbara, and I wanted to say, BRAVO, CAJUNGIRL!!!%2
2 messages
12-09-04 08:59 PM
Wife Swap Dec. 1st... [View All]
If Nic and Jessica would shut up we could get this week started! This one looks good folks! http://community.realitytv
50 messages
12-07-04 11:10 PM
ZZ:Grand Marshal of the local Christmas Parade
This article was in our local paper. Saw ZZ on Saturday and also saw Dianna at Zam's Swamp Tours. He is so cute. I live about 25 minutes away. M
1 messages
12-07-04 07:22 PM
Trading spouses last week
Hi all I hope I dont offend anyone Im not here to do that. I would just love to leave a little message for barbera in case she ever decides to read th
1 messages
12-07-04 06:58 AM
Trading Spouses - 29 November [View All]
I just saw the teaser for the episode that starts in a few minutes so I thought it would be a good time to start the discussion thread. It looks like
105 messages
12-05-04 02:04 PM
Marrying Up To The Next Generation??
I remember in the begining when this episode first started last week the cajun mom had said that she had met diego when he was nine years old and then
7 messages
12-01-04 01:20 PM
Not even a WIFE!!
In the last episode, the woman wasn't even the man's wife. So, now we're equating shack-ups with real wives? If you want to have a show ca
13 messages
12-01-04 01:11 PM
Next Weeks Trading Spouces
I saw the preview for next weeks episode of trading spouces and it looks really enterresting. I can't wait to see how next weeks episode is going to
0 messages
11-30-04 01:13 AM
Now tonights show, I think the mother from California could learn alot from the family that eat meat. Mama who visits in Ca. needs to be more open
0 messages
11-30-04 00:26 AM
Trading Spouses episode disgusting
The arrogant vegan ##### made me ill. Now her friends will see her for what she is. How can that guy stay married to her? She is selfish%2
3 messages
11-29-04 09:53 PM
Trading Spouses - 22 November [View All]
I can't believe it! Ten minutes in and nobody has started a thread yet! Am I watching all alone? From the looks of it, that might be for
44 messages
11-29-04 07:36 PM
Wife Swap 11/17/04 [View All]
Looks like we are gonna have more drama this week! Let's chat it up! ds%2
84 messages
11-26-04 10:13 AM
Hallmark's Resume
Thought you might be interested in's from the IMDB...internet movie data base.. t much
3 messages
11-18-04 11:56 AM
big dude crying
okay, have to admit i went back and forth from scare tatics to wife swap..but thats what my ol man thinks...scared peeps is to me, is funny, and
0 messages
11-18-04 11:14 AM
It's only been on 15 minutes and I already hate these people!
I think Kim and the Neanderthal man from Oklahoma deserve each other! They both suck! What is this business about the Oklahoma mom not working?
1 messages
11-17-04 10:20 PM
Trading Spouses 11.15.04 [View All]
[font color=teal] please tell me someone else is out there watching this right now, because it is truly and completely hilarious. already
26 messages
11-17-04 06:05 PM
TS ~ I missed the end!
Could someone please tell me how they spent the money? TIA!
3 messages
11-16-04 10:17 AM
Wife Swap 10/20/2004 Episode! [View All]
10 mins and I can't wait...looks like we have a mom that has to milk cows! She hopes the family she lives with doesn't stink! LMAO%
40 messages
11-14-04 01:02 AM
don't hate me because i'm pretty............dumb
12 messages
11-10-04 01:56 PM
Is it just me or is Colleen a hot mom?
It is just me or is Colleen a super hot mom?!! She's probably one of the most attractive women I've seen on the show thus far..and her husba
1 messages
11-10-04 12:19 PM
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