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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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2/23/05 episode needed desperately on VHS
hello everyone, I am working on a class project and one of my assignments is to record reality shows. I missed the wifeswap episode of 2/23%2
1 messages
02-24-05 04:59 PM
Wife Swap 02/23/05
Another episode and let's chat it up!
17 messages
02-24-05 12:02 PM
Wife Swap 02/16
Here goes another episode. Let's see how this one goes down.
14 messages
02-20-05 08:03 AM
Trading Spouses 02/14/05 [View All]
Ok...Mrs. Suburbia has already gotten on my nerves.
22 messages
02-17-05 03:53 PM
Is the show last night proof that the prodcuers of Wife Swap getting too "mean"?
HI, Like many of you, I have never posted before but had to find out what people were saying about the Evil One on last night's Wife
17 messages
02-16-05 09:12 PM
Episode 1:01/31 [View All]
The drama continues and the ghost appears!
34 messages
02-10-05 12:17 PM
By the end of last night’s show, I was sobbing for Kris, Nicki, and Elizabeth. My sister is a lesbian, who’s partner has a child and he i
1 messages
02-10-05 10:57 AM
WifeSwap 2/9/05 - She's the reason I'm glad I left christianity
For most of my adult life, I've been a conservative christian but as the years wore on, more and more, I become embarrassed by the increasingl
0 messages
02-10-05 02:59 AM
Episode on 2/9 I am stunned!
As an African American Christian mother of 3, I am stunned at the cold, controlling, disrespectful, arrogant, self riteous attitude of that
2 messages
02-10-05 02:49 AM
EXCUSE ME!!! I am in a long term lesbian relationship! HOW DARE SHE!
FIRST OFF!!! Ummm TRADITIONAL HOUSEHOLD?!?! You stupid ##### an inter-racial marriage is NOT considered "traditional!"
1 messages
02-09-05 11:30 PM
Janet the laziest mother in America-possible spoiler for West coast
The woman is sickening. Even her husband said that the other family got short-changed. I couldn't believe that she was angry that her family got m
4 messages
02-08-05 05:59 PM
Wife Swap 01/26/05
Here goes another episode...let's talk about it!
8 messages
01-28-05 03:30 PM
JAN 17 EPISODE .. Howard / Hammond [View All]
I am very excited about the upcoming two part episode of Howard and Hammond. The Howard family features my Nieces and Nephews, sister a
53 messages
01-26-05 06:03 PM
Wife Swap - Jan 19th
Did anyone else watch? The coupon clipping mother had a problem. She used the bathroom as a storage room for her paper products. She used paper p
10 messages
01-24-05 11:56 AM
Diana Tregle/Diego Loupe of Trading Places
I watched Trading Spouses with Diana,Zamariah "ZZ" & Lloyd "Diego" Loupe of Bayou Bouef and thought they were a wonderful and special fami
1 messages
01-17-05 04:45 PM
Wife Swap 01/12 Episode [View All]
I think I am finally back in the swing of things. Who is watching? Should be a good one!
24 messages
01-13-05 08:55 PM
Wife Swap [View All]
Who is watching? Tonight's episode had me cracking up! Anyone agree? ds/User_file
67 messages
01-10-05 01:43 AM
Wife Swap 12-22-04
Is anyone watching???? This is unreal! Sorry Vols - didn't mean to take away your thread. http://community.rea
7 messages
01-09-05 03:38 PM
Trading Spouses/Gates-Loupe/DVD&VHS
Hi there I found this web site while doing a Trading Spouses search on Google and I'm HOPING someone can help me out.... I desperately
1 messages
12-30-04 07:54 PM
Wife Swap 12/08 [View All]
Another southern family to make fun of tonight! Let's chat it up...tattoos and all! d
45 messages
12-28-04 02:43 PM
Wife swap
I wish that lady would come to my home for a week or two. The one that likes to clean. I would put up with almost anything. lol
2 messages
12-23-04 02:22 AM
Wife Swap 12/15/04 [View All]
This one is gonna be good! ds/User_files/41ae395724e30045.gif
41 messages
12-20-04 08:48 PM
Dream Rules
Do you ever dream of the rules you would impose on a family if you were on Wife Swap? I have been mulling over my dream rules for that wealthy NY f
2 messages
12-17-04 09:08 AM
Trading Spouses Dec 13 [View All]
The conclusion to last week's show! The TN mom takes the two boys to buy shoes! Those poor boys were terrified.
37 messages
12-15-04 06:48 PM
Trading Spouses 12/13/04 I LOVE VICKIE AND HER FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely adore Vickie and her family. Everyone is AUTHENTIC, SPONTANEOUS, GENUINELY LOVING, AND ALIVE!!!!!! Vickie is so lovin
Linda Peterson
2 messages
12-14-04 10:01 PM
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