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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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10/24 Wife Swap
Its going to be another good week! This week we have a party New Yorker switching with a fellow Kentuckian in the rural part of the state with 5 kid
1 messages
10-25-05 07:01 AM
10/17 Wife Swap
I couldn't stand that overprotective mother. If I had parents like that, I'd seriously hate them and I'd kick their asses. I don't know how
2 messages
10-20-05 11:21 AM
Wife Swap
Last night (10/17) was really disturbing. Nine people all sleeping together in one room of an RV, saying "goodnight" to each other like th
1 messages
10-19-05 08:00 AM
10/10 Wife Swap Discussion
I'm looking forward to this one b/c theres a family from Kentucky in it, because that where I live! The Kentucky Family who likes B
8 messages
10-15-05 07:11 PM
Wife Swap 9/20/05
I think this was one of my fave eps! The black family was a hoot! I think my hubby and I are very similar to them (without the white
10 messages
10-05-05 12:14 PM
Mayfield/Wasdin Family
This episode has been really good so far. The Wasdin family Mom has a similar personality as my Dad. My Dad has to clean a lot. He also is usually up
9 messages
10-04-05 10:45 AM
The LA Bayou Family
I have been wondering and was praying for the family that was on Wife Swap and lived in New Orleans. I can't remember there names, but the mother
1 messages
10-02-05 10:01 AM
Wife Swap 9/26/05
My kids go to school with the family that will be on tonight. Should be a great show. The family we know is very left of normal. Kids can do anythi
4 messages
09-28-05 11:59 AM
NEW Wife Swap this week!
While searching through my Tivo guide for the week I noticed a brand new Wife Swap!!!!! I'm sooooo excited! I am surprised that I have
18 messages
09-20-05 04:56 PM
Misunderstood Vegan? [View All]
I hardly ever post on message boards, but after tonights show I can't keep my big mouth shut. Can Barbara be anymore hypocritical when she preach
29 messages
09-18-05 11:18 PM
Wife Swap Episode 02/09/05 [View All]
This one is gonna get interesting. An interracial couple from Texas and a lesbian couple from Arizona are involved. Let's chat it up!
153 messages
09-17-05 09:36 AM
all mayne
I think that the lady that let her kids do any thing really has a problem i would never let my kids act like that also i think the lady from the south
2 messages
09-14-05 03:10 PM
New Wife Swap Episode!!!!!!!!!!
Last night I was pretty excited to see that ABC was continuing their Wife Swap series. First off where do they get these families? Both families wer
0 messages
09-13-05 07:07 AM
Bayou Lady
Hi All, I just found out about this message site. Has the B---h from Calif - Barbara try to defend herself on this site. (I would like to he
1 messages
09-09-05 04:56 PM
Bayou Mother
I agree with Donna Lynn the "lady" in New Orleans was a kind, good hearted woman. Can someone on the program update us to her family%
1 messages
09-09-05 01:25 PM
Howard/Hammond Conclusion 01/24/05 [View All]
The madness continues. Let's chat about it here. Let's see if there are changes made when the wives go home. http://www.boomspeed
41 messages
08-23-05 02:19 AM
Trading Spouces on 6/14/05
Did anyone watch the episode on 6/14/05. I was appauled at the vecan (spelling). She was the worst mother I had ever seen. But that was not
6 messages
06-28-05 03:49 PM
Barbara needs a good swift k@#$
Barbara has some nerves! My husband and I were so outraged that we couldn't stop talking about her for days. I'm glad they aired that episode
1 messages
06-24-05 04:18 PM
1 messages
06-22-05 04:10 PM
Lack of Meat Has Destroyed Her Brain
This is my first time posting, and I must say I am beside myself. Barbara emotionally abused ZZ--. I am outraged that Diego and/or that no one s
1 messages
06-22-05 07:30 AM
vegan barbie
I have never been so angry than I was at Barbara in the vegan episode. What a spoiled, self-centered,abusive hypocrit. I hope she watches the ep
2 messages
06-22-05 07:30 AM
vegan hypocrite
I was completely disgusted after watching the episode with the vegan and bouyu mothers. It is really sad that the vegan mother's supposed compassio
1 messages
06-20-05 10:04 PM
Does anyone know---
Does anyone know if and when a new season begins? Thanks 9.gif
3 messages
06-03-05 01:09 PM
"Wife Swap" Season 2 - Currently Casting! Read for more details...
ABC's hit "Wife Swap" is currently casting for season 2. If your family is interested in applying please contact us at: Heather.Te
0 messages
05-23-05 04:47 PM
vacation swap 3/23
Rich skiing family swaps with camping family. The show portrays the wealthy family who pays $10,000 a night for rental house as if they are some k
2 messages
04-03-05 06:29 AM
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