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march 10 episode
Did anyone see that one? I keep expecting someone to post something about it because it was the funniest s***!!
8 messages
03-14-06 02:20 PM
I kind of feel sorry for those kids in Florida
Puppies and kittens are cute, too, until they grow up. Based on the example of the parents, these girls zero sum of people skills -- I can hear
2 messages
03-13-06 09:32 PM
How to let her know
I wonder how to let Mrs. Schactner know how much I ended up respecting her and her husband at the end of the 2/27/06 episode. I thought she was a
1 messages
03-01-06 07:34 AM
and another thing...
if the Marincak's really run in the high society circles and live in a celebrity neighborhood, then they will now be the laughing joke of those ci
3 messages
02-28-06 07:29 PM
i feel a little sorry for Lauren Martincak
Danny makes Kevin Federline look like a freaking angel. Danny gives the impression (especially since he "works" for his father-in-law) that h
1 messages
02-28-06 07:28 PM
2/27: Schachtner/Martincak: hillbilly vs. a-hole
Oh My Goodness!! The Schachtner family seemed so very close, loving and genuine. You could just tell they didn't have any hidden agendas%
3 messages
02-28-06 01:55 PM
When will the next episode be on?
I was looking for something to be on tonight, but I can't find it. Are the episodes just played sporadically?
1 messages
02-24-06 10:07 PM
Wife Swap 2/13
Oh my GOD! I couldn't help but laugh when the animal-rights activist was crying and apologizing to the deer head mounted on the wall... and saying
9 messages
02-21-06 01:49 AM
Last night February 17, 2006 Trading Spouses
Last night was the first time I watched this program. I have watched ABC's Wife Swap and most of the time the wifes learn something from that exper
1 messages
02-18-06 05:43 PM
How Disturbing!
If there was ANY reality to last nights broadcast of Margaget "Warrior of God", I firmly believe that she needs to spend some serious time with
sara smile
1 messages
02-18-06 03:32 PM
God Bless
Someone said margaret is going to be on a talk show?? please say it ain't so, please say it ain't so. I was embarrassed and I only caught th
1 messages
02-18-06 03:31 PM
I hope that Margret knows that glutony is a sin, because that's what she is. Is margret the antichrist? proclaiming herself as a god warrior?
1 messages
02-18-06 02:59 PM
Margaret -- why are you so afraid?
I am a Christian and last nights show was very disturbing - not because of the New Age Couple, but because of the attitude of Margaret and her frien
1 messages
02-18-06 01:08 PM
I hope someone paid her to act that way! Because that was no God of mine! I hate that she blamed herself on God! She should be ashamed and on na
1 messages
02-18-06 09:26 AM
Margaret Christian hmmm I dont think so!
I was appalled when I watched the show. I am a Catholic and feel she gives us a bad name. Chris was nothing but polite and accomedating to her. She
3 messages
02-18-06 09:25 AM
Margaret: I'm very embarrassed
Margaret you need to really have a relationship with the Lord you speak of. If you have really read the Bible and learned about our God you would know
1 messages
02-18-06 09:25 AM
children save with margaret?
we've all seen some bad things in our lives im sure... but hopefully it wasnt while you were a child. ive seen some bad stuff as a child, and i wa
1 messages
02-18-06 09:25 AM
a funny thing happened on the way to the nuthouse
A couple things struck me as funny: 1. Marguerite is yelling at her family because she needed their prayers, and Ashley said something
1 messages
02-18-06 09:24 AM
trading spouses - christian vs astrology - part II [View All]
[font color=teal]TONIGHT! do not forget! this thread is dedicated to the SECOND HALF of the MA and LA family trade. se
45 messages
02-18-06 01:19 AM
Two things, How much do this families earn/episode. Secondly, yes it's totally staged with steering, editting, but why do they follow the
0 messages
02-13-06 09:10 PM
Trading Spouses from last night
I was terribly sad when I watched how the father treated his son Chad. I wanted to tell Chad that he could come to my house to play with my boys beca
Lorna D
2 messages
02-11-06 07:28 PM
Trading Spouses 1/6/06 [View All]
Last night's epidsode involved one family from Florida and one from Wisconsin. At this point I'm leaning more towards liking everyone with the ex
39 messages
02-10-06 06:14 PM
Last night's episode of Trading Spouses
I have to say, I had a hard time watching the 1st episode. The way that the father treated his children was very upsetting. I was sooo happy to hear
Keri Lynn
2 messages
02-07-06 05:08 PM
Trading Spouses 1/27
Wow, last night I had a hard time watching the whole show. Between the high energy mother and daughter and the jacka$$ of a husband it was hardl
3 messages
02-04-06 10:39 PM
Last Wife Swap
I didn't really watch this episode, but I did catch a few minutes of it here and there. I was hoping someone else would post and give a brief summ
1 messages
02-01-06 02:59 PM
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