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Conferences Trading Spouses / Wife Swap Forum (Protected)
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To Amy the treehugger mom
Amy, When you returned home you said in order to become a "real" animal rights activist you needed to become a vegetarian. I'm surprised
6 messages
05-14-15 06:08 PM
Biggins Family
was on another reality show last night-Renovate my Family. I guess this show is a spin off of Trading Spouses because it used some of the same clips.
3 messages
03-26-15 10:52 AM
karen sutton
Is this just me and the Myers family, but did Karen (the Kentucky mom) seem rather unintelligent?
8 messages
03-09-15 11:07 AM
Wife Swap Christians vs. Atheist [View All]
Usually I don't even bother to post about this show and only watch it on ocassion but last night really irked me. First off, both families were so
25 messages
03-09-15 11:06 AM
DeConcillis & Hawkins
I know it seems schmoozy of me but this swap was AWESOME. Only thing is the dad was correct in that his kids were the least likely to be sagging and
1 messages
02-17-15 07:13 PM
URGENT Wife Swap USA Episode Info ...
I am trying to track down a Wife Swap USA episode where the parents leave the eldest child to cook and clean and take care of the younger siblings. T
2 messages
02-19-12 03:10 AM
The strict Baptists vs the Punk Rock Christians
This one really surprised me. Sorry, I don't know their names but it was the Baptist family. The husband had an invisible stick up his butt, the
0 messages
02-01-12 06:34 PM
Celebrity Wife Swap.
...I guess we could get lucky. There's every chance the world will end before the premiere date. Actually, there's every chance the
5 messages
01-11-12 03:31 PM
Help needed!
Hi everybody, I'm newbie here...I just wanted to know what is the best forex trading strategy? I have read about so many different st
1 messages
05-21-11 09:14 PM
Rebecca Blackburn
How lazy and disgusting can one person be? I just saw the show with her husband Tom and Jay Johnson, the drill instructor/Dallas cowboys trainer
4 messages
04-06-10 01:54 PM
Kinison/Czerniawski Freak Show vs Miss Teen New Jersey! 3-27 [View All]
I'm googling myself, cause I'm REALLY nervous about how I'll be portrayed. What up?! Anyone have an opinion yet? Before the s
76 messages
01-16-10 10:53 PM
here is what the episode is about: Jeanne tries to get to know the Perrin family more, and draw out Brooke's individuality; Margaret goes
1 messages
12-11-09 06:57 PM
magurite perrin
I think its terriable the way ashely treats her sister like shes her personal slave. she sits on her fat but and orders her around. she doesnt even sa
0 messages
12-11-09 06:44 PM
Malone-Brown and Perrin
I have many things to say about this swap but first let me start out by saying I am a white American woman but I agreed with quite a bit of what Abasi
0 messages
10-13-09 05:47 PM
Poor mrs.hammond the ugly girl in school. who had to change her dialect to be accepted by her other peers who would friend her in school. Mrs. hammo
1 messages
09-21-09 08:01 PM
I feel sorry for the Wopperer family. [View All]
Before you all jump dowm my throat, I agree that they have problems and are immature. Too many drugs? Looks that way. Too many concerts? Most de
21 messages
08-31-09 10:14 PM
Lesbian Wife Swap/ Pepper & Judy
That was a very interesting episode. I think Judy shined above all the rest of the adults and made her situation better and helped her swap family.
10 messages
08-31-09 10:05 PM
Barbara Gates, Dog & Child Abuser
I have been so angry for the last 24 hrs, thinking about Barbara Gates, that I just had to find somewhere to vent! I am not a dog person, but
16 messages
08-14-09 04:17 PM
Wife Swap 03/02 [View All]
Another week means another episode! Let's see how this goes down.
66 messages
08-03-09 03:46 PM
I think the west coast family, (Pilek i think), were so RUDE. I know Lisa might come off as rude, but her host family seemed so lazy. That
30 messages
07-31-09 05:17 PM
Let me start by saying first that I am African American. I was appalled at the behavior of the husband Abasi. There are so many positive ways to enl
2 messages
07-21-09 00:47 AM
Hi my name is nicolle tucker. I like the show wife swap because you get to see how people live their life ,there culture,and what there family is
cash money
1 messages
05-25-09 12:25 PM
Getting on the show?
I am a married mother of four and I have been watching this show since the beginning and I just love it. Lately I have seriously considered enter
1 messages
05-05-09 12:34 PM
Does anyone know what the consequences (if any) are of not agreeing to follow the rules of the new wife? They must be substancial as no one ever
charge rn
6 messages
04-30-09 07:00 AM
Show Production
Do you think they could make the music just a tad louder? I'm still able to hear, although barely, the conversations. After all, who needs a
0 messages
04-15-09 06:32 PM
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