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Conferences Playing It Straight Forum (Protected)
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HELP Canadians!
Are any there any Canadians out there watching this show that can tell us if this episode aired? I found this on another board posted by a viewer. T
3 messages
04-05-04 10:00 PM
PIS viewers not watching Forever Eden..
For those that like the idea of Playing It Straight, you might like what appears to be happening over on Forever Eden. Lastnight's episode had the
3 messages
04-05-04 08:13 PM
Official Episode 3 Summary, "Gayme On"
Hey folks, it’s time for another summary of Messing With the Straights. I guess it's a little anti-climactic now since we won't be finding out
6 messages
04-05-04 12:10 PM
Anyone else missing there weekly dosage of hetero or homo sexuals looking gorgeous? anyone know how we could potentially find out who else was gay a
3 messages
04-03-04 01:02 AM
Thoughts and Discussions of Episode 3! [View All]
I just wanted to start a thresd where we could discuss this episode. What were your thoughts? What caught your eye? Has your mind changed about so
47 messages
04-02-04 06:40 PM
(Not The) Official Playing It Straight Episode #4 Summary: The Gayest Little Room In Nevada.
The following Email was waiting in my Inbox this morning. ‘Dear Estee, We hate you. Do you know whose fault
1 messages
04-02-04 06:35 PM
Jackie and Jennifer Love Hewitt
As I was watching last night's episode, it crossed my mind how much Jackie looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt. DOes she to anyone else? Or does she
6 messages
04-02-04 06:25 PM
PIS: The Gayme Rnd 2 results/Rnd 3 entry
[font size="6" color="magenta" face="Snap ITC"]Playing it Straight: the Gayme[/font] [font size="5" f
5 messages
03-31-04 06:14 PM
PIS-Episode 3
Is anyone going to do an episode 3 summary...sorry if someone is in the works I'm just jumping out of myself to see it since I missed the episode
1 messages
03-31-04 05:40 PM
PIS: Episode 4 teasers
New episode! New teasers! From [ ing/ps_104.htm|Fox] [i][b]THE STAKES ARE
9 messages
03-30-04 08:47 AM
How many straights are left?
Does anyone know how many straights and gays are left? And how many were at the beginning? I just started watching after her appearanc
8 messages
03-29-04 09:28 PM
Son of a Preacher Man
Tall skinny Johnny, the preacher's son has gotten my attention ... This kid is a little devil and sharp ... I've rented My Fair Lady to run it
16 messages
03-29-04 05:10 PM
Flying Low
Do you guys think anyone is trying to fly under the "gaydar"? (Considering Jackie actually has the equipment to get a blip on her screen) %
1 messages
03-29-04 05:08 PM
Playing it Straight : the Gayme!
Welcome to the first annual(if the show lasts) game, based on the show "Playing it Straight", on FOX. This game is for all thos
13 messages
03-27-04 00:42 AM
Playing It Straight episode summary writer schedule
OK, so far we have the first three summaries scheduled and are looking for three more writers for episodes 4, 5 and 6. If interested, please re
6 messages
03-26-04 04:33 PM
Next week's previews
I brought this over from Tribephyl's Gayme thresd (which I hope all of you sign up and play this week...I would hate to win by default of no one e
12 messages
03-26-04 09:47 AM
Episode 2 Summary
[center][font size=3][b]Playing it Straight Official Episode 2 Summary[/font][/center][/b] Last week, if
Tiger Lily
8 messages
03-26-04 00:13 AM
Gay-or-straight spoilers from Gawker
Basically they appear to have outed a bunch of the gay guys via photos of them out at various gay hotspots
7 messages
03-25-04 09:58 PM
I just popped a bag of pop corn. My microwave has that sensor thingy and...EVERY SINGLE KERNEL POPPED! Has this ever happened to you? %
24 messages
03-25-04 08:11 AM
Ryan-to flamboyant to be gay? [View All]
He seemed to be the type of stereo typical gay so it was almost logical that fox would plant him since he was straight...any thoughts on the casting o
23 messages
03-23-04 11:14 PM
Can't they find something better for these guys to do than sit around and b!tch all day? The only decent thing was Eddie in wet underpants. Th
Sagebrush Dan
5 messages
03-21-04 11:26 AM
Video Tape Help...
Hi all.... I just came home tonight to find a blank tape in my VCR. I don't know what happen. If someone out there could supply me with
1 messages
03-20-04 08:29 AM
Episode 2 What should we watch for?
Did I mention anywhere that I think Ryan had a "tell" in his first confessional in last week's show? I just wonder if he did it on purpose tho
2 messages
03-20-04 08:08 AM
Place your bets! [View All]
When the 1st episode's over, I'd love to know who all you guys think is gay. I'm already making my calls... *** "Live
45 messages
03-19-04 09:02 PM
Episode 1 Summary
The powers that be over at FOX have come up with an idea very similar to Bravo’s hit, Boy Meets Boy! It is sort of the same concept in that they
18 messages
03-19-04 07:49 PM
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