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The host [View All]
Why do all of these shows lately have female british hosts? This girl varies from all of the others on only one point- she's ugly! Aren't ho
23 messages
03-19-04 08:16 PM
Forever Edens Target Audience [View All]
My son says that Forever Eden is Reality TV for people with ADD. Every two minutes the producers need to remind us what happened two minutes ago, i
Chrissy gal
25 messages
03-19-04 08:04 PM
Theme song for Forever Eden
Can anyone tell me who sings the theme song for Forever Eden? If so please email me at Thanks
2 messages
03-19-04 07:41 PM
Official Forever Eden Episode 3 Summary
[u]Official Forever Eden Episode 3 Summary – Check Your Fly, Your True Colors Are Showing[/u] This is Forever Eden%
18 messages
03-16-04 12:11 PM
Forever Eden [View All]
I just wanted to say that I graduated high school with Brooke from Forever Eden.
37 messages
03-14-04 08:47 PM
Forever Eden, Episode 2 Official Summary
Webby wrote to me today to ask me if I was still writing the Forever Eden Episode 2 Summary. Having watched Episode One, I was surprised
13 messages
03-11-04 06:52 PM
A Song For Matt
(Sung To The Tune Of The "Mr. Ed" Theme) A horse is a horse, of course, of course, And no one can talk to a horse of co
Howard Dean
1 messages
03-10-04 10:22 PM
Mr. Ed or Matt?
Now I hope I am not the only one to think this but tell me why horse teeth thinks he is so good looking? Is it because he is in a frat, and you kn
3 messages
03-10-04 06:20 PM
Things we learned: Episode #3.
1. So much for the 'gang up on the new arrival' strategy. Looks like the fresh meat gets one week of guaranteed shelf life before the plastic wr
7 messages
03-10-04 12:19 PM
Official Forever Eden Episode #1 Summary: And FOX said ‘Let There Be Drek’.
Once upon a time, there was a reality show. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. Time passed, and there were many, man
13 messages
03-09-04 02:35 PM
Does ne 1 like shawna? She's my cuzin and I miss her! lol
0 messages
03-08-04 08:41 PM
Forever Eden sneak peek
Well, after tedious searching on the net, I found something that pretty much introduces the cast. Some of these people are STTUUUUUPPPIIIIDD!%2
8 messages
03-04-04 03:45 PM
Keith and Amy?
Are on this show? Or maybe they host it. Either way the show can't be very good if they're using sound bites from PH. http
19 messages
03-04-04 02:35 PM
Passing the chocolate: money transfer at departure.
Vaguely interesting idea. Right now, it doesn't mean much: David and Naveen only netted a thousand departure dollars each. But as the funds b
1 messages
03-04-04 09:59 AM
There's something about Mary....
..something that makes me want to slap her with a trout. I don't know WHAT is up with that Barbie-wannabe but she seriously needs to can
17 messages
03-04-04 00:13 AM
And having just watched the premiere...
...oh, that hurt. Y'know the worst part? I have to watch it again tomorrow. In slow motion. While taking notes. Did I
14 messages
03-02-04 04:57 PM
Could you do it?
Okay. FOX describes 'Forever Eden' as an indefinite break from civilized life as we know it. Friends, family, job, etc. in exchange for a li
6 messages
03-01-04 10:02 AM
Another mindless 20 something "reality show"
This one looks ridiculous but i will be sure to watch..It obvioius producers look no futher than appearance and ignorance when casting for these shows
0 messages
02-29-04 02:13 PM
Forever Eden? cles/story.php?s=2243 how much different can this be from Paradis Hotel? oye
9 messages
02-25-04 07:58 PM
Forever Eden: Message board/summaries?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-18-04 AT 09:15 PM (EST)[/font] Given that this show could be around for a good long time -- gi
12 messages
02-25-04 06:55 PM
Interested in Playing??
There is a game called Forever Paradise that is starting up. It is a little like Forever Eden and Paradise hotel. How do you play? Simple. T
1 messages
02-25-04 05:18 PM
FOX reveals Forever Eden's initial contestants cles/story.php?s=2283
4 messages
02-23-04 04:04 PM
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