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Abandon contestants! Forever Eden not on FOX summer schedule -- and beyond.
Looks like they may be out there a while. FOX announced three different schedules yesterday at their annual media conference: one for summer, on
2 messages
05-30-04 07:51 PM
favorite people from paradise hotel and forever eden
Forever Eden: Neveen, Mary, and....the popular black guy who all the women thought was the most desirable
1 messages
05-17-04 01:22 PM
18 more
We the viewers will be lucky if we get to see the last 18 show's. I believe they switch from one day to another to many times and we are the ones wh
1 messages
05-12-04 02:47 PM
Where has this show been?
Am I just missing it or have they not been showing Forever Eden?
1 messages
04-23-04 03:18 AM
Official Episode 7 Summary- Where's Your Self-Esteem, Girl?
Episode 7 [b]Where's Your Self-Esteem, Girl?[/b] A brief recap of last week's episode starts off. Michael Oste
12 messages
04-14-04 03:17 PM
It's whats for lunch! WOO HOO! w00t! ds/User_files/3fc56f
10 messages
04-13-04 02:04 PM
The Truth Tree?
Oh special powers of the truth tree! This show is spinning into P-Ho more and more every second. What did they call the little gatherings on P-Ho?
14 messages
04-12-04 02:41 PM
Forever Eden episode summaries [View All]
OK, so far I think we have the following schedule: Ep1: Estee (March 1) Ep2: TeamJoisey (March 2) Ep3: I_AM_HE
64 messages
04-11-04 10:35 PM
No Major Plot Twist For Episode 7
Did anyone else notice that there were no major plot twist last night? We did not see the Granny Smith apple (except on the truth tree) and we s
11 messages
04-11-04 03:05 PM
Queen of Hell?
Ok...the best one liner from Forever Eden this season was uttered tonight at the banishment ceremony...Ruth was referred to as the Queen of Hell and R
9 messages
04-09-04 10:39 PM
Is Jason Zack (off Paradise Hotel) brothers as they are about the same calibre. Both kinda dumb, muscled idoits. Both also mentioned something
0 messages
04-09-04 09:10 PM
Jason is "Zack Lite" with the best line of the night
What a brain trust. Is Scottsdale,AZ a breeding ground for "meatheads"? Jason's best line of the night went something like this; "Nobody
15 messages
04-08-04 12:30 PM
This show finally got interesting... took completing the wholesale rip-off of Paradise Hotel for it to happen, but it finally did. Too bad the show didn't just start
20 messages
04-08-04 11:06 AM
Episode 6 Summary...IT IS ON, IT IS ON!
Episode 6 of Forever Eden had my mind running around trying to determine which reality show I was viewing. My mind would lapse into a Survivor setting
11 messages
04-07-04 11:40 AM
Simon is the next guest
Just set Tivo up to record it tonight and it says right there: "Simon, the Eden waiter, becomes the newest guest. Ruth England hosts. CC.
5 messages
04-03-04 12:12 PM
First Impressions ;-)
Hello!! Ok, I will admit it I was addicted to PH. I hope in a weird twisted way that this will indeed replace PH in a realistic way. I miss PH%2
11 messages
04-03-04 03:17 AM
Official FE Summary ep. 5
"Stand by your man". There shall be two recaps. One short, one long. Blue pill, red pill. Both? Its your choice. Let me star
14 messages
04-02-04 05:30 PM
so, did the push forever eden to friday?
Just heard about it but wanted to make sure...did they really push the show to Friday permanently?
8 messages
04-02-04 02:52 AM
Whos off next?
I'm thinking Naveen or Michael... they seem to be in the worst positions so far... I really want matt gone, but he has some magical tendancy to st
1 messages
04-01-04 03:38 PM
Official Forever Eden Episode 4 Summary: When Survivor Meets The Bachelorette
In the beginning, God created the TV universe, and it was good. God created all kinds of great TV stuff to fill the TV universe, and it was pre
Howard Dean
15 messages
03-31-04 05:21 AM
the new guy coming "Jason" [View All]
I just wanted to say that I dated the new guy Jason that is coming to the show. He will make this show exciting. Watch out ladies he is a dog and for
34 messages
03-28-04 02:50 PM
Death Knell Night: Predict the viewership!
This is not to detract or distract from Shakes' thread: it's just pointing out a crucial evening in Eden's history. Tonight, the show goes
13 messages
03-26-04 06:25 PM
hot or not
ok theres 2 sides to every argument on the one hand its like all the other reality tv shows but on the other its a totally new concept, a mix betwee
0 messages
03-24-04 02:17 AM
Kassie's mom defends her daughter's virtue
LOL... sure Mom, they were just telling ghost stories under the blankets... /news/040
4 messages
03-22-04 05:34 PM
Where Forever Eden Filmed?
Has anyone checked this out? I was wondering if there have been flyovers, sailing vessels coming by, etc. Thanks for the info!%
7 messages
03-22-04 11:37 AM
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