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WHY I am MAD at Tyra!
Now my daughter, in wanting me to give Tyra some slack, explained to me that it wasn't necessarily Tyra's decision that Nicole be the winner%2
1 messages
01-03-06 02:38 PM
Interview w/ YAYA
Taken from "JEWEL" magazine (a new mag for women of color): To read the ENTIRE article, go to: http://jewelmagonli
8 messages
01-03-06 03:41 PM
Trya we love you
Seeing all the moaning about season 5, something here is being missed; first, Tyra and the rest of her group absolutely have no real power or p
0 messages
01-05-06 08:47 PM
Janice Dickinson Gets Modeling Series on Oxygen
-'Top Model' Judge Dickinson Gets Series Wed Dec 28, 5:30 PM
5 messages
01-07-06 02:34 AM
The Tyra show
Just finish watching the Tyra show this Monday evening. I'll start out by giving Tyra credit for giving some of the models a chance to shine. Bre lo
1 messages
01-08-06 07:11 PM
Adrienne Curry Goes Farther Than Any Other Winner
Posing for Playboy and getting their cover (Februay 06) probably does more for Adrienne than any of the other gigs other winners may get. Of cour
mocha madness
2 messages
01-18-06 09:59 AM
2005 Top Model!!!
Tyra, I was a fan of your show Americas Next Top Model. Your choice this year, I can't believe you would allow Nicole to become your next t
6 messages
01-18-06 10:03 AM
what's wrong w/ nicole??
she's so adorable and same with her personality. i like nik too. she's a sweetie. i really thought that nik was going to win but i was rootin
14 messages
01-20-06 05:08 PM
Has anyone ever try'd to sign up for America's next top model?
0 messages
01-20-06 08:18 PM
I was trying to search online how someone would go about being america's next top model, but came up with nothing. Where do I start?
1 messages
01-21-06 05:46 PM
Nik's Fan Club
Nik-I am your NUMBER 1 FAN. Us Gemini's have to stick together. People are saying that you did not have much personality, bu
5 messages
02-09-06 12:32 PM
Tocarra Big and Beautiful on KING magazine cover! 6/01/tocarra_covers_king_mag.html look miss Toccarr in KINGS... she looks good, loo
2 messages
02-09-06 03:41 PM
OMG The Premiere
OK, I'll admit it. I love ANTM, and I cannot [b]wait[/b] for the premiere on March 8th! Anybody have any early favorites?
Das Mole
1 messages
02-16-06 02:06 PM
Plus Size
Let's see if Tyra told the truth. On her talk show,she said she has a say in who will win yada yada yada, well now that she herself is looking l
1 messages
02-17-06 07:33 AM
Really, Why Nicole
Wow if you see her magazine photos. This girl perhaps has the best physical characteristics of a model of any winner of ANTM, bone structure, lar
1 messages
02-17-06 11:20 PM
ANTM ~ Season Six *Spring*
I saw the 'teaser' for this while watching the reunion. What do you think it means? It was making it sound as if they were making gir
14 messages
02-19-06 08:21 PM
Some very weak contestants this time (cycle six)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-24-06 AT 10:13 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
2 messages
02-19-06 11:45 PM
Possible spoiler; I don't know if this is true...
If you don't want to hear about this don't click. Another fan site (livejournal) has a posting that claims that they cast season s
0 messages
02-20-06 09:13 PM
Tyra Banks on The Price Is Right 2/17 as guest model.
Apparently she's had a lifelong dream to stand in front of a camera and tell people to get their pets spayed or neutered. What a DAW.
2 messages
02-24-06 04:44 AM
Janice is cool Twiggy is better
They are so mean to twiggy Janice is like way too mean and upfront. Who agrees?
5 messages
02-24-06 08:28 AM
Let Be Real
Tara, If you are going to preselect the type of model that you are looking for, then what is the use of you having a show. You stated that Nicole
25 messages
02-24-06 10:37 PM
The New Girls and their Hometowns on Google Maps...
They plotted out all the Hometowns of the New Ladies on the upcoming America's Top Model 6 on Google Maps. Each Point on the map has a collection of
0 messages
03-08-06 01:06 AM
Lisa grew up a little
Forgive me if this has already been posted -- I looked for a similar post. Lisa looked great in the reunion show (cycle 5). Sure
0 messages
03-08-06 02:17 AM
Kim and big lip girl lesbian fling...
I missed the beginning of the reunion show! Was there any talk about the blond girl with the big lips (can't remember her name - the one that ho
7 messages
03-08-06 02:26 AM
Oh, sure, Lisa, we believe you
I can't believe Tyra is naive enough to think that now the competition is over, a chronic liar is going to come clean and admit they're vicious
5 messages
03-08-06 02:39 AM
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