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Switching Over to the 'Other' Supermodel....
Heidi Klum and Project Runway Season Two Premiered tonight...I love it!
3 messages
12-09-05 03:14 AM
NIK & Ya Ya
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-09-05 AT 11:48 AM (EST)[/font] Before all the ya ya haters start in on me remember this is jut
0 messages
12-09-05 11:19 AM
Freeze Frame
[font color="blue" size="5" face="arial"] What caption would you put under this photo ? [/font] http:
4 messages
12-09-05 02:09 PM
How tall was Bre really???
I know that there has been much discussion from the judges about Bre's height or lack of. On the ANTM website it says Bre is 5'8. Isn't tha
2 messages
12-09-05 09:35 PM
Bring Kim Back!!!!
She is the most beautiful, hardest working, versitile contestant on the show, with the most heart and soul. She is the last person that should
14 messages
12-10-05 09:03 AM
Nik has what it takes...
Nik has what it takes to excel in this industry; I'm not too worried about her future. It just saddens me that Trya straight sold out, she choos
17 messages
12-10-05 01:17 PM
News Article
Interesting comments from Jayla... Model behaviour Tara Merrin Calgary Sun December 7, 2005 After mon
3 messages
12-10-05 04:54 PM
The Victoria Secret Fashion Show
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-02-05 AT 01:44 PM (EST)[/font] [b]Premiers on Dec 6th, Tuesday night - 10/9C on CBS %2
14 messages
12-11-05 11:47 AM
Nicole should not have won.
I am very disappointed that Nicole won over Nik. I believe the judges were blind, how could they look at their pictures and go with Nicole. I thin
1 messages
12-11-05 04:24 PM
Top Model Finale Party - Swag Bag
Hey, check out . It has all the stuff the girls and other guests got at the party UPN threw t
0 messages
12-11-05 08:43 PM
COVERGIRL had their say
How much do you want to bet that CoverGirl had the big influence here? With Naima I don't think they got the serge of young girl love
13 messages
12-12-05 06:50 PM
Any final words or advice for Nicole ?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-11-05 AT 03:07 PM (EST)[/font] [font color="green" size="5" face="arial"%5
4 messages
12-14-05 09:29 PM
Why Nicole Won ANTM
Nicole won because Cover Girl was not going to let three Black Women win ANTM back to back. Everyone should have known Bree was going to be the next
1 messages
12-15-05 06:23 PM
It was a big mistake.
I was so digusted that Nicole won over Nik. The whole show Nicole had problems with the camera. I don't understand how she won. NIK should have won
1 messages
12-15-05 06:34 PM
America Next Top Model
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-15-05 AT 12:17 PM (EST)[/font] I think personally that Nik should have won. Also I did no
2 messages
12-15-05 06:37 PM
Nicole's looks like an average girl.. not a Top Model
Nicole is pretty.. but not beautiful... She's definately one of those people where you swear they look like someone they know, because she your av
0 messages
12-15-05 09:22 PM
I think Nicole sucks hard, she is nowhere as close to "top model meterial" as Nik is. I am compleetly crushed to find out that she won. Nik is
Nikki T
29 messages
12-15-05 10:15 PM
"She got mud on her. She whined. She got pigeons on her. She whined. She got bright lights on her. She whined. Yep, for 13 weeks straight, Nicol
1 messages
12-17-05 03:38 PM
Nik over Nicole....
What a heart breaking moment! Nik is a top model and Nicole has inexperience written all over her. Nicoles arms are out of control and her walk is
1 messages
12-19-05 00:52 AM
Tyra's retirement/engagement/pregnancy????
I've heard Tyra's reasons for retiring (focusing more on her show and other ventures), but is there a possibility of being more? I noticed
4 messages
12-21-05 04:46 PM
Question on the Cycle 5 Reunion - what designer?
Hi, For those of you who watched the Cycle 5 Reunion on the Tyra Banks show, I have a question. I cannot remember her name exactly,
4 messages
12-23-05 12:37 PM
ANTM Girls Signed By Agencies
This is the place to post your info on the girls that were signed by agencies. post what agency signed them, & if possible insert the
0 messages
12-31-05 00:45 AM
Tyra's web reading insights
I actually heard Tyra mention reading our comments on the web a few times watching her talk show. She mentioned it once referring to Lisa on the reuni
1 messages
01-02-06 12:29 PM
What's Bre up to?
Any idea what's up with Bre? I'm going to watch the Tyra Banks show on Monday for that reunion show again, but still...all I found was this we
Brescullark fan
2 messages
01-02-06 12:33 PM
Who's the "real" top model now?
Hello everyone, I was come from Asia, I love this show so much, so I want to know who's the real famous model now ? ( Included every seaso
5 messages
12-31-05 01:15 PM
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