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Possible Spoiler
Hey ANTM fans, I read somewhere that Nicole might be the winner of Cycle 5. What do you guys think? Personally, Nik and Kyle are my faves.
16 messages
11-16-05 04:17 PM
Eccentric Lisa given the boot....No surprise here.
On this week epi... Lisa was given the boot. Jayla was on the bottom two...again. Hope this one-blank-stare backstabber whacko is nex
1 messages
11-16-05 10:23 PM
Lisa Gone This Week? WTF?
Ok what is going on here? Why cut Lisa? Jayla was in the bottom two...two weeks in a row. After being given a second chance you would think she
1 messages
11-16-05 10:25 PM
Thank God they got rid of that kooky chick! Can you imagine working with a model who will pee on herself for attention? Disgusting! I like Br
1 messages
11-17-05 07:42 AM
Ya gotta love Bre!!
Personality-wise, Bre wins this competetion hands down. She has been portrayed as a very caring, genuine individual who displays values and morals
16 messages
11-17-05 12:31 PM
Is it my imagination, or are they showing more models smoking cigarettes this season. I know there are a lot of younger, impressionable viewers.
2 messages
11-17-05 02:36 PM
ANTM- Pick The Winner- Update
DonnaLynn has to much to handle to be updating the scores and because this is suppose to be all in fun I thought it would be neat if I could help her
Tough Cookie
8 messages
11-17-05 04:27 PM
ANTM show idea season 6 or 7 what do you think
Bring back girls from previous seasons to compete again. Girls like Amanda, Ann, Coryn, or Brandi, and let them do a whole season. It would
1 messages
11-17-05 04:53 PM
No!!! Not Lisa!!!
WTF!!! I know that did not just happen!!! Lisa instead if Jayla!!! OK they really are out of it now to send Lisa (crazy,fun,be
3 messages
11-17-05 07:16 PM
Goldies Top Model Summary and 8th cut
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-17-05 AT 11:42 PM (EST)[/font] ds/User_files
1 messages
11-17-05 09:43 PM
They just sent home the only model with a personality. Maybe no one will watch the show the rest of the way through. The judges were jealous of her
46 messages
11-19-05 11:00 AM
I thought it was great that Lisa got knocked out, I thought she was really out to lunch. I do think that Jayla should have been the one to go this w
4 messages
11-19-05 09:53 PM
Why is it to be Black is to AUTOMTICALLY be Ghetto?
Every season, a black wannabe on ANTM is called Ghetto on this board yet I have never seen a white one referred to as Trailer Trash. Even loud, al
3 messages
11-20-05 02:56 PM
Janice on Tyra's.
Did you see Janice Dickinson on Tyra's talk show today? The show was on the dark side of modeling and whether you like Janice or not, you have
2 messages
11-20-05 05:36 PM
Humble Pie
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-17-05 AT 00:22 AM (EST)[/font] Is it me or do these girls sometimes irritate you with how much
5 messages
11-21-05 05:34 PM
UPN - Top Model Finally Airing op-model-5-finale-air-december-7-reunion-show-air-following-week-3838.php
0 messages
11-21-05 11:41 PM
Tyra Banks Is To desparate to Make it - She'll have to self-destruct
Her talk show ---- Yet AGAIN ---- is a failure. She has hired a PR firm to put the word out that it's a hit in the ratings......NOT!....Hardly an
5 messages
11-22-05 04:17 PM
Lisa the great
I think Lisa's leaving is just awful. I wonder if there was any personal reasons for this. I simply do not understand how she got cut after taking s
19 messages
11-22-05 07:48 PM
Naomi Campebell on Tyra's show
Did anyone see Naomi Campbell on Tyra's talk show Friday? It was kind of weird. I felt bad for Tyra. It seems like Naomi used to be really mea
3 messages
11-22-05 08:08 PM
Lisa's gone there's no reason to watch the rest of ATM
What can I say? Boo on the judges. Their show ratings just went down. Who cares who wins -- the other girls are so boring it's pitiful.
Perturbed 2
1 messages
11-23-05 03:54 PM
This weeks Freeze Frame
[H1]What would you put under this picture[/H1] ds/User_files/437d2b0a77
10 messages
11-23-05 07:56 PM
Kim off wrong move Tyra
Tyra made the biggest mistake of all time, she forgets that to be in any type of business, truth and honesty and integrity is everything. Tyra kne
5 messages
11-23-05 10:22 PM
Cameras don't catch the theif????
Why the hell wouldn't they show who ate the damn granola bars?? That is a reality house! They have the footage of what happened. The show is c
0 messages
11-23-05 10:27 PM
Kim was not the one to go!!!!!!!
I cant believe that Tyra and the others think stealing and acting like a child is conduct suitable for a model. Shame on all of you and Kim deserved
1 messages
11-23-05 10:55 PM
I know there are plenty of forums out there that diss Lisa and just a few that love Lisa...but I had to make my own. I was so disappointed when L
1 messages
11-24-05 08:48 AM
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