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I keep missing the show.... would someone please tell me when it airs?? I live in mountain time.. Did it come on today?? it's tuesday
3 messages
03-04-04 01:41 PM
Good for you Tyra
Hello, So nice to be able to write you I love the show and think you are an awsome person. I feel very sad that Sarah was sent home, and
0 messages
03-04-04 08:56 PM
Yoanna is a size 2 and the "largest" one left?!?! and other musings...
I'm sorry...that's just WRONG! First off - she doesn't look like a size 2 to me...but that's just my opinion. But - she has a very wide
14 messages
03-08-04 08:20 AM
Camille's funky attitude was nthe cause of her going home
Camille didn't need to stress that she made it past so many thousands of other girls.It is good to have strong confidence in yourself,but,I didn
0 messages
03-09-04 04:25 PM
The top model
I was so happy when Adrienne from the first one won, she has the right attitude and a tough side of her. I went to Taiwan for modelling and the show
jessica shay
1 messages
03-10-04 11:52 AM
Mercedes is "too commercial"?
What does it mean when Mercedes is called "Too Commercial?" I don't think I understand this criticism....
2 messages
03-10-04 02:43 PM
Little Dog
I've never watched the show before last night, but one of the judges? was holding a tiny dog. Does anyone know what breed of dog it is?
6 messages
03-11-04 03:43 PM
A freakin' re-cap episode?
who else saw this comming? dang it!
5 messages
03-12-04 10:32 AM
coming up
oh my, i am so excited for tomorrows episode, i was pissed off last week was a freakin repeat! there should be canada's next top model. this s
jessica shay
0 messages
03-12-04 05:21 PM
3/2/04 Show
I feel that Yoanna has a problem with any girl that does better than her and Camille was one of the gilrs she feared, so she started to treat her di
5 messages
03-13-04 04:53 PM
UPN Is Cutting "Orgy"
Apparently Boobgate is forcing Tyra to take Shandi's indiscretion to the cutting room. E-online says that next weeks' episode will be severely tr
9 messages
03-15-04 04:16 PM
ANTM 3 location?
Just out of curiousity this year I checked out the application info on the ANTM site, and you're supposed to send it to California, I think the
0 messages
03-16-04 04:43 PM
March 9 elimination--who's gonna go?
Thought I'd start this a little early to encourage more participation. It's pretty tough to call when there are only 4 left, 3 of the 4 are in
20 messages
03-16-04 05:27 PM
A Few Scenes From the Off-Show Life of Janice Dickerson
SCENE ONE: At the chi-chi supermarket meat counter (forced to shop after firing maid for forgetting to add “America’s Top
0 messages
03-17-04 01:09 PM
Just a thought......
The auditions for the next America's Top Model are here in town this coming weekend. Has anyone else thought about doing the audition in drag just
Sagebrush Dan
23 messages
03-18-04 11:43 PM
I hope Yoanna Wins
I hope Yoanna Wins - I just think she is so focused and dedicated and is really gorg! as in gorgeous. I think she will be a success if she wins. I
2 messages
03-19-04 11:26 AM
yoanna's body - all wrong
yoanna should of come on to the show after tonning up her body a bit. she's def NOT fat, but she's worst than being fat- her body is all flab. t
1 messages
03-19-04 11:33 AM
"Orgy" my a$$.
Bunch of girls kissing boys in a hot tub. Big whoop. Way to promote the show Tyra...just streeeeeeeeetch out that truth to get some viewers
13 messages
03-20-04 00:38 AM
I love Shandi!
Shandi is genuine and human. She cheated on her boyfriend but she took full responsibility for it. She handled the situation with a maturity that mos
1 messages
03-20-04 09:19 PM
Is no one going to comment?
I'll scroll down in case this is considered "spoiler" But on the home page at this site, it shows a p
7 messages
03-23-04 10:52 AM
And the winner is...
Oh boy, oh boy. The final three. I cannot wait!! Here's my prediction for the top spot: 1. Yoanna 2. Shandi
6 messages
03-23-04 12:17 PM
After watching the show since the interview episode and reading the message board I see a number of people saying that Yoanna is a backstabber. Now be
1 messages
03-23-04 03:26 PM
Who do you think will win?
Who do you guys think will win this time? I got my eyes on April... My second choice was Sarah but she's gone now... I don't like Camille and
36 messages
03-23-04 05:00 PM
What Will They Make the Models do in the Finale?
This season has been a bit of "Fear Factor's Top Model" - we've suspended these girls from bungee chords at least twice, for example. What
15 messages
03-23-04 07:58 PM
bo more careful top model..i saw the winner in an ad already
wheni was at the airport in feb i saw one of the contentants in an ad for a cellular company or phone and that kind of put a damper on the show for me
1 messages
03-23-04 10:07 PM
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