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old girl got voted off
Man I wish she had more personality. She had the slammin body but just no personality. I would definetly date her. She just needs more get up and go%2
big brutha
2 messages
10-13-05 07:26 AM
Suggestion about the show (America's Next Top Model)
I think it would be great to give a chance to the males to participate in the America's Next Top Model. I really enjoyed the show but i was like to
1 messages
10-13-05 07:40 AM
Sorry because of my English, but this is not my first language. Today Cassandra mentioned something, before she left the house: Hopefully s
6 messages
10-13-05 01:06 PM
We all knew from day one that she was going to win, and I was on her side the whole time but by the last episode I was bored. She can rock the runwa
11 messages
10-14-05 04:36 PM
Does anyone have a link where I can print out an application for someone so they could send in for the show to possibly be a contestant on it? I wo
2 messages
10-14-05 08:40 PM
Goldies Top Model Summary & 4th cut
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-12-05 AT 09:29 PM (EST)[/font] The show starts off with the girls taking pictures of each othe
2 messages
10-16-05 01:26 AM
Baseless Rumor
I was reading Entertainment Weekly and it said that this week one of the girls will prove to have actually been born a man. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I wonder
1 messages
10-19-05 04:26 PM
Too much collagen!!!
I never noticed their lips like I have this season. I think it's gone the way of Miss America, a lot more cynical with people who've had work do
0 messages
10-19-05 08:24 PM
So, models really are stupid...
What's wrong with these women? Surely they had to fill out some kind of application for this show? How come none of them can read? Also,
43 messages
10-19-05 10:32 PM
Cover Girl of the Week
So, am I to assume that Lisa will be the winner this season? I hate knowing the winner this early on, but judging from past seasons..
11 messages
10-20-05 11:45 AM
Never Give Up
1 messages
10-20-05 11:50 AM
Goldies Top Model Summary and 5th cut
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-20-05 AT 06:56 PM (EST)[/font] First let me start off by saying that this sho
3 messages
10-20-05 12:28 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-20-05 AT 01:30 PM (EST)[/font] In the end I still like Lisa. I think she has what it takes,
5 messages
10-21-05 09:46 AM
Lisa vs Coryn (Rant)
Lisa: maybe she's a little to honest but it doesn't seem that she's saying things to be a complete b**ch to the other girls. Theres a diff
Tough Cookie
26 messages
10-21-05 11:21 PM
Tyra's discussion of vices/disappointing
Right on cue, after highlighting Lisa's constant drinking, Tyra walks in asking about vices. She gives a long discourse about how 98% of all m
4 messages
10-23-05 02:16 AM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-19-05 AT 10:04 PM (EST)[/font] what a #####.. not going to spoil the episode for tho
18 messages
10-23-05 04:58 PM
MODELS GONE WILD ! Sarah and Kim....
WOW, did anyone catch those two in the limo. I think Sarah was dying to jump on her from the beginning. And Kim didn't look to upset by
5 messages
10-23-05 05:34 PM
I think one of the Contestants is a HE
I dont recall her/his name but I am so sure that she is a man and believe that is going to be one of the issues that unfold during a later episode a
37 messages
10-24-05 09:58 AM
Old Looking Lisa
I needed to say this.If Lisa wins then something is so wrong!!! As a mother I sure wouldnt want MY DAUGHTERS to look up to an admitted Wino.I th
11 messages
10-24-05 11:08 AM
omg they got rid of another plus size model!!!! its starting to look like they are only on the show so that top model cant be sued for discrim
25 messages
10-24-05 11:13 AM
Coryn is not a man
Check out the first entry in this blog. The publicist for the show was called to get the answer.
1 messages
10-24-05 02:38 PM
Win an exclusive invite to the ANTM Finale Party !
Super Model Sweepstakes Be treated like a VIP Here is what you can win :
1 messages
10-27-05 08:04 AM
Former ATM 4 contestant Michelle to be on WWE TV
Michelle Deighton is being sent to UPN's Friday night SmackDown! on November 7th to take part in a segment to help promote America's Top Models.
0 messages
10-27-05 02:17 PM
ANTM Pick The Winner: Cycle #5
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-22-05 AT 09:45 AM (EST)[/font] How about we see who can pick the winner and order of eliminati
32 messages
10-27-05 04:51 PM
Can't stand the heat?
I would like to know just one thing: how can the panel of judges determine that Diane "can't handle the tension and stress" because she l
1 messages
10-27-05 11:54 PM
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