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kahlen's red top
Im in the uk, does anyone know where i can get a top like kahlen's halterneck red one, she wore it wen there was just 3 models left at judging%3
0 messages
08-24-05 06:33 AM
The New Cycle
Does anyone know when the new cycle is gonna air??
7 messages
08-28-05 03:25 PM
Repeats of new cycle?
Does anyone know if the new episodes will be repeated a few days later (like all the previous cycles)? I have school Wednesday nigh
1 messages
09-16-05 07:41 PM
the judges screwed up royally on this one. they chose - Naima - inner-city trash...nothing more. they should have chosen the timeless bea
60 messages
09-21-05 08:42 AM
Tyra get her own talk show
I saw a commercial yesterday for "Tyra" a new talk-show hosted by Tyra herself. Looks really lame. I think it's on Fox, but it may be on UPN
15 messages
09-25-05 09:50 PM
Ok welcome back and already some of these girls are ready for the sears catalog. I really noticed a couple of girls that should have been picked
big brutha
19 messages
09-26-05 11:12 PM
I have a feeling on who will win this cycle
I think it will be the plus-sized Model Diane.
4 messages
09-29-05 06:18 PM
Cycle 5 of ANTM
First, I just wanted to say that the last two choices (Eva and Naima) were absolutely perfect! Finally, a show that rewards talent instead o
13 messages
09-30-05 12:23 PM
Where's The Wow
I'm not sure if it's just, but for some reason this season there's not really a girl that really jumps out and I think yup she'll be the Win
Tough Cookie
0 messages
09-30-05 02:06 PM
Britains Next Top Model
Greetings from the UK. Don't know if any of you guys have heard about Britains next top model. it is so crap. instead of Tyra we've got Lisa Butch
0 messages
09-30-05 05:20 PM
Naima's Sister!!
I didn't watch the ANTM special that was on last night. But I did flip to UPN just in time to see Naima & her sister. They have got to be twins%
1 messages
10-01-05 00:23 AM
James St. James
Who is that James St. James? He is hilarious! (Remember: "I have two words for you: Hmm, no.") He needs to be a recurring judge.
5 messages
10-01-05 01:15 AM
Goldie's "Summary on the last Top Model show"
So the girls have had their makeovers, and some are way better and some only a little: Bre - love the hair Nicole - Way nicer ha
2 messages
10-01-05 02:05 PM
tonight episode 10/04/05
I was really upset with tonights episode. I am watching it and can't wait for the end to see who is eliminated. A commercial comes on for Tyra's t
0 messages
10-04-05 08:53 PM
Previous Shows- Future Contestants
Ok I understand aspiring for your dream, but what I dont understand is that some girls have no idea what the show entailed. If I were to
Tough Cookie
0 messages
10-06-05 03:27 PM
Ebony's Confessional Count
Last night I was folding the laundry and I saw that last week's Top Model was on again, so I decided to watch it and noted that Ebony had, apprx
Tough Cookie
3 messages
10-06-05 04:22 PM
What Happened
Hi, my sister is an avid fan of this show, and she is freaking out that her TIVO didn't record tonight's episode. If it wouldn't be that muc
4 messages
10-06-05 07:07 PM
Which is your favourite Season?
I think that season 2 was the best by far. Yohanna, Shandi, April and even Camille were heads and tails above the more recent groups. What do yo
11 messages
10-06-05 08:34 PM
Goldies Top Model Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-06-05 AT 08:08 AM (EST)[/font] Tyra tells the girls they are all unique. And they discus
3 messages
10-06-05 10:27 PM
Who I Think Has A Chance
Diane, Nik, Lisa, and maybe Sarah (with lots of walking help)
3 messages
10-06-05 10:33 PM
top model contestants
Did I miss something? From another thread I read that if a contestant isn't a woman "she'll" be eliminated off the show. Where they wronge
3 messages
10-07-05 01:33 PM
Lisa`s smugness
Great to see Lisa knocked down a peg or two last night. I cannot stand a person who thinks she is so much better than anyone else and lets them know i
3 messages
10-07-05 06:12 PM
***************************************- **********
Tough Cookie
0 messages
10-09-05 08:26 PM
Makeover or makeunder?
Did anyone besides me think the majority of the makeovers were pretty lame? In past cycles, girls were transformed, but this year they were jus
12 messages
10-12-05 04:48 PM
WHERE ARE THE SPOILERS? Come out from hiding!
WHERE ARE THE SPOILERS? Come out from hiding! Comeone, I want to know the places of everyone. But I found a little info myself. If yo
0 messages
10-12-05 05:01 PM
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