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Elyse sound clip request
I'm looking for a sound clip from the first season: Elyse ranting in the second (or is it third?) episode about how much she hates all of th
1 messages
06-12-05 07:35 PM
Be in the Tyra Banks Talk Show Audience!!
ATTENTION ALL TYRA FANS: TYRA BANKS IS HOSTING HER VERY OWN TALK SHOW! Tickets are available now for: June & July Taping
tyra banks talk show audience
0 messages
06-13-05 07:28 PM
Why was Keenyah in the top 3??
I am a big fan of ANTM and the final was just wrapped in Australia tonight. I didn't understand why Keenyah could make it in the top 3, she w
Gisele P
2 messages
06-14-05 04:27 PM
Season One Marathon on VH-1??
I got home today from work and saw that VH-1 was airing episodes from the first season of ANTM. Did they have a marathon for the whole day?
7 messages
06-15-05 06:19 PM
Hey! Check out Yaya in the new Sephora Catalog!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-14-05 AT 12:11 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
22 messages
06-20-05 03:47 PM
Be on Tyra's Show!!!
“The Tyra Banks Show” is looking for the thriftiest people in America who think they are the “Queen or King of Cheap…!” -Is you
Valerie from Tyra
0 messages
06-22-05 09:46 PM
Season 2 marathon airing on VH-1 June 30 - August 1
Check your local listings
0 messages
06-30-05 04:22 PM
Eva on BET awards
I know I am a little late on this, and I am sure everyone already knows this, but Eva was on the BET awards. Maybe she'll pull this
4 messages
07-05-05 02:05 PM
How do you all get through it?
I don't watch ANTM. I do watch The Surreal Life. Janice was on it. I had to summarize forty-eight minutes of her actions and I want to drown her
3 messages
07-13-05 02:51 PM
Tocarra on Celebrity Fit Club
I think Tocarra is going to be on celeb fit club. (I THINK) She did say she wanted to turn it into muscle. I guess this would be a good way for he
2 messages
07-16-05 02:37 PM
Eva Cover of Essence Mag
Eva is on the Cover of Essence Magazine. She could have done better for a Cover photo. Again, I see that shes on the Cover of Essence and
4 messages
07-16-05 02:44 PM
my idea for next cycle
If tyra brought back the top 3 girls from the previous 4 cycles (adrienne, elise, shannon, yoanna, shandi, mercedes, eva, yaya, aman
7 messages
07-16-05 02:58 PM
Why is it that all of the "women" (and I use the term loosly judging by some of the behavior on the show) have the body of a 12 year old boy%3
5 messages
07-16-05 03:02 PM
Fun at
I was bored and felt like doing some research. If you go to, not only do Naima and Eva have contracts, but Yaya and Brita do as
3 messages
07-16-05 03:07 PM
Janice & Nole are out
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-28-05 AT 10:09 AM (EST)[/font] I was just doing some lunchtime reading of the news and came ac
18 messages
07-16-05 04:49 PM
Tyra a little heavy?
First of all congrats to Naima--I knew she would win from the first episode (goes to show you how predicitable this is all becoming) - but good lu
19 messages
07-18-05 12:59 PM
Tyra on Punk'd
I was watching Punk'd the other day (I don't normally watch this show but there wasn't anything else on.) Anyway, they set up Tyra in a r
3 messages
07-25-05 11:20 PM
check out Brita!!
Hey, I just found a site where Brita did an editoral shoot. Check out the August issue of Brentwood magazine. She l
Ashley T
3 messages
07-25-05 11:22 PM
Remember when Tyra yelled at Tiffany?
Wasn't that scary? I saw her doing it and started laughing my @ss off. OMG cycle 4 of top model was so good. I loved also when that girl faint
1 messages
07-29-05 11:16 AM
Mercedes - Season 1 (?)
I am watching the syndicated reruns of what I think is season one and I was wondering if Mercedes is the same person who was in the movie "Grace of
2 messages
08-04-05 11:05 AM
oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! amanda had that so in the bag! pluzeeee tara no you didnt go with eva! will never watch the show again%
0 messages
08-07-05 07:31 PM
You know, I had a personal "thing" for Tiffany (even if she wasn't my fav), being that I felt that I could relate to her (being
14 messages
08-08-05 10:15 AM
Runway music
WTH I can believe that it is this damn hard to find the music during any of the runway shows from ATNM... can any one help?
0 messages
08-18-05 09:32 PM
Amanda, the partially blind model with the ice blue eyes
Amanda is in the new Levi's ads. I saw the photo on and she looks really great. I guess the ads will be with all blind or partiall
0 messages
08-22-05 08:47 AM
America's next top model Theme tune
Dose anyone no the titel and the band or artist. Thanks
0 messages
08-23-05 09:19 AM
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