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Help! Is there anywhere I can find last week's (5/11) episode??
Just returned from a work trip to find my vcr went crazy while i was gone. Can anyone help me find last weeks episode before tomorrow's finale??
0 messages
05-17-05 05:03 PM
Ann's Modeling Picture.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-15-05 AT 01:57 PM (EST)[/font] So, She is Modeling. Not Bad. http://communi
2 messages
05-17-05 07:07 PM
Next Top Model Marathon
Hello all! I watched the marathon that they had on VH1 on Saturday and just have to post. 1. I cannot believe they kept Michelle on so l
0 messages
05-17-05 11:47 PM
Christina in a Cover Girl commercial?
I could have sworn I saw Christina in a mascara commercial for Cover Girl. The only thing is, I saw it before she was kicked off the show. I don%2
0 messages
05-18-05 09:23 PM
Cycle 5?
Does anyone know when Cycle 5 is supposed to start? I can't wait! So addicted to this show!
0 messages
05-19-05 03:34 AM
Keenya is stupid
Judges really loved her, but really i have nothing else to say except that she is dumb, I mean how do u go into a modeling competition and eat bag
1 messages
05-19-05 08:28 AM
i missed it!
I missed the show and im really upset! doesnt it air again sometime this week? I thought it did. So Niema won??? I wanted to Kahlen to win s
1 messages
05-19-05 08:29 AM
Who won
I missed the show, who won!!!
6 messages
05-19-05 09:01 AM
This season has by far the WORST choice ever
I was shocked to see Naima win last night. In fact, it turned me off the show completly. Niama was quiet, nothing special even the judges said t
3 messages
05-19-05 11:18 AM
What a horrible horrible choice. So are they gonna pick a bi-racial girl w/ short hair that's a little edgy to win every year? Kahlin did way b
3 messages
05-19-05 11:20 AM
WAY TO GO Naima. She truly represent the whole world
WAY TO GO Naima. She truly represent the whole world. She is unique, edgy, sweet, quiet, and able to deliever. Naima's personality alone ma
2 messages
05-19-05 01:26 PM
Where are the spoilers?
Does anyone know which sites are posting spoilers, or does anyone have any spoiler information.
35 messages
05-20-05 09:20 PM
Naimas Final Pics
Has anyone seen Naimas final pictures after she won ANTM on site? What does everyone think of them? :-)
8 messages
05-22-05 01:57 PM
Eva on the Cover of King Magazine
I was walking by a Newspaper stand on 125th street and saw Evas pic on the Cover of King magazine, I do not know what month, or if everyone been k
1 messages
05-22-05 02:39 PM
Missed it - England calling!
Hi guys, i'm from england and am coming to florida on holiday in june. Last year we watched america's next top model at night and it wasn't on
2 messages
05-22-05 03:10 PM
Keenyah still #1
Do the judges think we are too stupid to know what really happened? They needed Keenyah out of the picture because she would have squashed Naima. An
5 messages
05-23-05 07:39 AM
Kahlen vs Naima
I adore Kahlen. I wanted her to win so badly!! I will not watch this show again. It was quite disappointing. Kahlen is a beautiful insi
3 messages
05-23-05 07:40 AM
Magdalena in Vibe Magazine
I just wanted to keep everyone updated with ANTM, Magdalena from Season 3 was in Vibe Magazine Spring 2005 issue. She was posing in an ad. I forgot
0 messages
05-23-05 09:28 AM
Saturday Night Live Skit
Did anyone catch the spoof of ANTM on SNL? What a laugh. ANTM is becoming a real joke...if you look at the irony of it that is. Maya Rud
6 messages
05-25-05 10:14 PM
Next Season?
Anyone know when it is possible to apply for the next season?
5 messages
05-27-05 09:36 AM
Janice Dickinson is out for Cycle 5
Just read an article that Twiggy Lawson will be taking her place. Also, Nole Marin is going to be replaced by J. Alexander. Should be an interesti
1 messages
05-27-05 12:36 PM
Pics of Naima, Kahlen, and Keenyah in "US" magazine
I just saw the pics of Naima, Kahlen, and Keenyah in the "US" magazine, May 30th issue. There are three photographs of the three
1 messages
05-27-05 03:41 PM
How about a men's version of ANTM?
I could be wrong, but I'll bet most of the people who watch this show are women so why not do a spin off that is looking for America's Next Top
3 messages
05-29-05 01:06 PM
So Has The Show Jumped The Shark?
Here's a link to a Salon article, which provides a pretty good summary of last night's finale but also raises the question of whether the bloom
12 messages
05-31-05 10:01 PM
Why did Tyra change Keenyahs hair?
I had missed the episode before the finale. Could someone tell me why did tyra decide to change Keenyahs hair? Thanks :-)
5 messages
06-03-05 04:11 PM
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