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Immunity in ANTM!
Go with me on this one! When a girl wins a challenge, instead of getting free clothes or something, why don't they do Immunity like
2 messages
04-28-05 03:37 PM
It should have been Keenyah, not only is she inconsistent, she is mean and I didn't notice her weightgain until this episode. I kne
13 messages
04-29-05 06:13 PM
So tired of ghetto folks
I really am getting tired of these dumb chicken heads claiming "this is who I am". Who the hell are you? You've never been anywhere, you are
biggest brutha
22 messages
05-01-05 00:21 AM
I watched the episode on wednesday (apr. 20) and i just wanted to comend Kahlen for being so strong in the very sad situation that she was in and
7 messages
05-01-05 12:10 PM
Dumbest "challenge" ever!
What was with the stupid "show me a tiger, show me a bear" thing after a half hour or so of watching them? It's like what I do with kinderga
3 messages
05-02-05 08:45 PM
Black women in "Reality" Television
You know, I take offense to whites playing the "race card", by conveniently accusing US of playing the "race card" everytime we point out
64 messages
05-03-05 08:55 AM
everybody now 1...2...3 BULIMIA!!!!
Man if Keenya is fat than i am grossly obese. As so as the show went off i could hear the pitter pat of teenage feet running to their toilets. Yes,y
11 messages
05-03-05 01:44 PM
Fugly models This Year
These are model material? They should all go back to bagging groceries and invest in a little zit cream. The show is low rent this sason. I won't
8 messages
05-03-05 05:19 PM
SET UP for a perfect CAT FIGHT!
Okay, okay ...I know that this "critiquing" (or whatever) they did tonight will help the judges see what the girls have learned, and all%2
4 messages
05-05-05 04:34 PM
Because a Model must be malnurished my dear freind nearly lost her life
Well sorry it took so long for me to either defend my comment or put thanks out for the friend who is about the size of the athiest fr
2 messages
05-05-05 09:12 PM
Janice and Noel bickering last night
The 2 of them were sooo hilarious. I mean the part where Tyra tweaks Janice by pointing out again that she likes Brittany because she looks like Jani
3 messages
05-05-05 09:21 PM
Christina is boring. I think she is beautiful and all, but not as intense as some of the others. Her eyes seem to be the only things keeping her t
14 messages
05-07-05 09:56 PM
Does anyone else notice there are always a few "ugly" girls in eash season? I'm sorry, but Michelle isn't pretty in the slightest. She%2
23 messages
05-11-05 10:04 PM
Any Kahlen fans in the house?
I love Kahlen. I don't know what it is about her, but she is my definite favorite. Don't expect her to win it, but it's gonna suck when sh
16 messages
05-12-05 09:55 AM
Keenya Iukk!
Keenya is not pretty and out of shape. She should have been kicked off instead of Brittany. She doesn't have any personality, last week when she w
2 messages
05-12-05 11:31 AM
Are They Serious??
WOW! I can't believe they sent Brittnay home, its not like she is my favorite. But, Last week and for a couple of weeks, they have to been t
14 messages
05-12-05 01:45 PM
Janice's Eyes 5/11
Was it just me, or did anyone notice that Janice's eyes were outright scary last night? Was it the makeup or the eyes? I can't really tell
4 messages
05-12-05 03:20 PM
Miss J
i dont know what her/his name is Miss Jay/Jade etc..But she did not need to be dressed like that last night..Showing us her legs like that,thats
5 messages
05-12-05 07:20 PM
ANTM Sites
I found this great site that has weekly synopsis of ANTM very very fun and is open to comments [|Pammyland]
1 messages
05-13-05 03:09 PM
Keenya & the male model I watch the show...and I dont really want her to win..but...when a person makes you feel uncomfortable in a professional environment you stand
29 messages
05-13-05 06:21 PM
Keenyah: Black and in South Africa
Well, I'm White and I love to learn about my White heritage. I can't wait to go to Northern Europe so I, like Keenyah in Africa, can be wit
1 messages
05-14-05 09:53 AM
BRITTANY just don't understand...
I love Brittany, ..and she had my votes as winner (it should've been her and Naima in the top 2 for overall performance)... ...And
11 messages
05-14-05 09:54 AM
A BLACK WOMAN's perspective on ANTM:
I've been questioned on why I bring "race" into every convo regarding ANTM: Well, when I came up in here to post, it wasn't j
0 messages
05-14-05 01:47 PM
What's Kahlen's problem?
I certainly don't dislike Kahlen - just think she's extraordinarily ordinary, but does anyone else think she's more than a bit weird? When
6 messages
05-14-05 05:08 PM
I believe that the reason Brittany was voted off was because (as I've stated before): *She's a brunette - and they've already had 2
7 messages
05-15-05 07:30 PM
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