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You know, this has been one of the most interesting shows in ANTM history! Very fun! Yet, a lil' upsetting...
10 messages
04-01-05 11:22 AM
Tyra Banks
My name is Chantale from Flordia and I am 30 years old. One of the things that moves me each time I watch the show, it is Tyra's realness. I do no
0 messages
04-03-05 12:46 PM
The "True Colours" Photos
I am continuously surprised by how terrifically Keenyah photographs. The picture of her as an Asian woman was fantastic - she really "became" the
1 messages
04-03-05 02:47 PM
Season 3 Ep 9
Does anyone have Season 3 Episode 9 recorded? The one were they are in Japan and are forced to eat umeboshi? I was wondering if I could pay to get
1 messages
04-05-05 12:54 PM
Shocking Panel in 4.02
It looks like one of the models goes down during the panel in episode 2 and you can here someone say 'call 911'. Even Janice looks shocked. Anyo
12 messages
04-06-05 05:25 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-23-05 AT 09:32 PM (EST)[/font] I have been avoiding watching this show for a long time and was
30 messages
04-07-05 07:01 AM
"The Worst Picture Ever on ANTM"
I admit that I am biased because I think Lluvy is great, but her picture (while not good) was not the worst ever, imo. Remember Xiomara? N
24 messages
04-09-05 01:20 PM
Who was Tyra yelling at?
Did anyone see the preview for next weeks show, Tyra seemed really mad when she yelled "Shut Up" Does anyone have any idea who she was yelling
19 messages
04-11-05 04:35 PM
Has Tyra Changed Her Look?
Tyra is such an astute businesswoman and I wonder if that is why she seems to have changed her look. She is looking a little less fashion this season
18 messages
04-14-05 02:17 AM
Americas next tm
I missed tonights episode, just got home when does it reair what happened who got axed?
1 messages
04-14-05 04:06 PM
Tyra Did Snap, But WHY?
Tyra snapped like crazy on my girl Tiff. My whole family and co-workers and friends where rootin for her. She was Americas Ghetto girl to stardom. I u
0 messages
04-14-05 06:26 PM
2 Girls Going Home? WoW
Two Girls Going home? WOW! What do you guys think about that?
11 messages
04-14-05 10:38 PM
Girls please
Way to go Tyra, dismiss Rebecca, the best looking girl on the show. Maybe Tyra and her squad wouldnt be so upset with all the girls progress if t
3 messages
04-14-05 11:36 PM
The girls need a house mother
For future cycles of ANTM, Tyra should consider giving the girls a "house mother" - a motherly-type woman who will live with the girls. She cou
10 messages
04-14-05 11:40 PM
Tyra's Message
To everyone who wonders why Tyra snapped like she did, when she did, the answer is so simple. If we are lucky, we get the truth when we need it
0 messages
04-15-05 10:51 PM
Which Models from ANTM4 will be the most popular?
Which models from ANTM 4 does everyone think will be getting a lot of public exposure once ANTM is over? I know its quite too early in th
15 messages
04-16-05 09:48 AM
Naima: Cover Girl of the Week again!
Has anyone noticed that Naima has won the 'Cover Girl of the Week' just about every week? Last season, Eva won just about every week, which
6 messages
04-18-05 10:59 AM
Australia's version of ANTM
For those of you familiar with bittorrent, I came across a 10-episode season of Australia's Next Top Model.
0 messages
04-22-05 06:56 PM
Sarah from Season II ?
Hey you guys i got this Pop-up and i m pretty sure this is sarah from Season II. ds/User
0 messages
04-22-05 09:12 PM
Michelle's Hair
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-21-05 AT 02:36 PM (EST)[/font] I have looked through most of the posts, and cannot believe n
4 messages
04-23-05 12:49 PM
Trailer Trash
This is my fisrt time on the message board and the only reason for my comment is I was appauled at No Class Trash Britney.... she is definitley not AN
24 messages
04-23-05 01:03 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-17-05 AT 09:18 PM (EST)[/font] Janice's Pictures! Did you guys notice how mean Janice is t
11 messages
04-23-05 05:39 PM
To Give Light to the Ignorant..........
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-23-05 AT 01:55 AM (EST)[/font] I've read all of the posts from blacks falsely claiming racis
4 messages
04-23-05 10:14 PM
the next Winner ... and RE to Brandy
I believe the next winner will be Asian. First white, then Black. If there is another season, Indian. Janice, I miss your cat scratching.%0
9 messages
04-25-05 04:29 PM
Hey, I thought since we were down to the final six (Tatiana, I will miss you!) WE could post some speculations. First and foremo
12 messages
04-27-05 03:27 PM
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