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Next Season of ANTM
I just read this from this article ( 4795386400.html;_ylt=AmluOKxLjDyQXDti6wIAZ_mRsVoB) yo
2 messages
05-24-06 12:56 PM
Danielle's Look
The more I looked at Danielle, the more I just didn't like her look. Some of her pictures were beautiful, but her smile, and the way she looke
2 messages
05-24-06 12:28 PM
Battle Of The Winners?
Hi, I am new here and want to say hi. I am very happy that Danielle won becuse she worked the hardest and has been through sooo much.
2 messages
05-23-06 10:23 PM
A blonde girl has never won on this show A chocolate girl has never won on this show Joanie had agreed right away to
0 messages
05-23-06 02:03 PM
I am sooooooo happy Danielle won
for all of yall who is hatin on danielle yall need to stop. She is the only one who had potential and could withstand all the things it takes to becom
1 messages
05-22-06 02:47 PM
yes danielle won im so happy i knew she was gonna win ha ha to all the joani lovers
9 messages
05-21-06 07:32 PM
Poor Gina [View All]
I know Gina has some self esteem issues, and she just needs to be herself, but that was really mean of Janice to treat her that way. She asked Gin
31 messages
05-21-06 01:45 PM
Anna Cycle 2 and Playtex 18 hour Bra Ads
Does anybody know that this is indeed Anna Bradfield from Cycle 2 in the Playtex 18 hour bra ads? (in case you haven't seen the commercials on T
0 messages
05-20-06 01:46 PM
Tyra's mustache
Didnt Tyra make sure Furronda or Danielle had her upper lip waxed? To be so judgmental of the girls (danielle had to fix her gap, yaya had to se
1 messages
05-19-06 06:22 PM
Jade dances off to the psych ward
Jade was brought down! Her insistence that she is the most wonderful model (person) on the earth was annoying all the way along, but when she
11 messages
05-19-06 01:06 PM
Adrianne responds to Reunion show *GOT TO READ THIS!*
Just got this from another source (Mattio351) Adrianne responds to Reunion show Adrianne just posted about her experience after AN
17 messages
05-19-06 09:38 AM
The Worst
Am i the only one who thought that the fasion show was the worst finalee fasion show in antm history.I mean it was so boring quiet and during the day.
10 messages
05-18-06 07:33 PM
Bring in more male models!
I am one of ANTM biggest fan as well as of Tyra Banks, but a little more eye candy would be superb!
3 messages
05-18-06 01:45 PM
List of all top model contestants & their web pages/my space pages
I found this list of ALL the top model contestants & their web pages. Thought you guys might be interested. (Cut & paste into your browser, fo
1 messages
05-18-06 11:08 AM
Should Go/Will Go- ANTM Edition
Ok, same as on American Idol's forum ( rds/DCForumID44/1985.shtml) Who should be
1 messages
05-18-06 10:02 AM
Hmmm...and the winner should be?
Let's break it down...(and I am black by the way). Photos both great but Joanie gets the edge. She is more versatile and (as it see
1 messages
05-18-06 08:14 AM
Danielle and Joanie
I think both girls performed great through out the entire competition. They both remained positive and did not provoke any fighting and continued to
2 messages
05-18-06 08:13 AM
Who will win?? A Tiggerfied analysis... [View All]
As per usual, peeps have their undies in a bunch over this show, and feel that as expert couch potatoes, WE know more than experts in the field
21 messages
05-18-06 02:00 AM
why does everybody think joani
why does everybody think joani is gonna win. I mean she does take good pictures but so does the other two girls. The judges have got a problem with ea
11 messages
05-17-06 05:49 PM
i just thought of somthing
What ever happened to the the show teaching the girls tips on modeling. Remeber cycle one and two? Ms. Jay actually showed them how to walk, he di
Darling Nickey
2 messages
05-17-06 10:46 AM
I am so utterly disappointed that Nnenna got sent home. She was by far the most beautiful of all the models. She had the most poise, and character
18 messages
05-16-06 02:54 PM
Jade is pretty
I want Joanie to win, but Jade is completely PHYSICALLY unflawed and she looks like a model always.I also think her bad-a$$ attitude is a defens
30 messages
05-15-06 10:31 PM
What an outrage: Sara was eliminated.
What an outrage Sara was eliminated. She is so beautiful. What were they thinking?
16 messages
05-15-06 01:39 PM
Jade is one ugly girl i dont know what yall see in her but she is U-G-L-Y she aint got no alliby ugly. I try 2 look pass that becuase it's my opinio
1 messages
05-14-06 08:29 PM
I have an awful feeling...they're going to take Danielle away!
Last night had me shaking in my boots! I even (don't laugh) muted the T.V. and closed my eyes so I wouldn't be shelled shocked. They are har
Darling Nickey
5 messages
05-14-06 11:03 AM
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