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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why didn't they get rid of Jade tonight! I DON'T LIKE her at all! GO HOME JADE. As long as she's on the show, I don't
0 messages
08-09-06 09:09 PM
America's Next Top Model Male [View All]
Has anyone ever contemplated a male Americas Next Top Model.
34 messages
08-09-06 10:25 AM
Canada's Next Top Model
Anyone still watching? I was considering stopping after I was so disappointed in the first episode but I figure I should support my nati
Tough Cookie
1 messages
07-02-06 11:14 PM
america first top model (male)
we have had enough of the girls and their cat fights- Tyra it is time we move on to the guys.
0 messages
06-30-06 07:30 PM
Androgonous contestant [View All]
Ok, is it just me or is Kim in the wrong competition??? I'm not saying this because she's a lesbian, but she is completely ma
41 messages
06-28-06 09:46 PM
age limit
I would like to know will American Top Model ever considering in one of the next episodes having the age range to 25-35. This would be something for t
7 messages
06-28-06 12:09 PM
I may not return or rmemeber my pass word since I only wanted to ask this one question. I know the Mimimum age is 18, but I also know that the Max
Miss Gabbi
0 messages
06-28-06 12:00 PM
A Blonde will/can win
How can I be on America's Next Top Model? Im blonde and believe I can prove that not all blondes are commercial. They can be cute, exotic, and
1 messages
06-21-06 08:37 PM
Each week I watch this show, the more I like Danielle. She seems like a genuine person and I think she is confident but not obnoxiously overconfiden
20 messages
06-17-06 07:00 AM
Buh-bye, Jade! Ding dong the b@tch is dead!
If Jade thought it was hard to get into modeling BEFORE ANTM, she's in for a very rude awakening after the show! See, even more than winning
6 messages
06-17-06 06:58 AM
Rank them.
I apologize if somebody's already made a thread like this, but I don't believe I saw one. Rank the girls from favorite to least favor
Das Mole
3 messages
06-11-06 09:07 PM
JD On Her Own?
Has anyone heard about Janice Dickinson's new modeling agency, if so have you seen the new models Janice Dickinson has chosen to start it? If yo
4 messages
06-09-06 04:49 PM
Embarrassed to live in Canada
I am not Canadian so want to say that up front but I live her and so embarrassed by our lack of originality.First you guys ahd the AMERICAN IDOL, no
18 messages
06-09-06 08:40 AM
Danielle and Joanie [View All]
Could someone please tell me why they will not allow a blond, blue eyed girl to win this competition? Everyone says "they are too commercial"%
33 messages
06-06-06 04:24 PM
Joanie symbolizes alot of the backbiting, two-faced ways of alot of whites, in order to get ahead
One after another Joanie would constantly talk about the other contestants behind their back of why they should not win. Especially with Jade, who I
1 messages
06-03-06 09:18 PM
I am America's Next Top Model
... but when are they looking for a new cast? my email is someone help me out please. thanks
3 messages
06-02-06 10:10 AM
Party and Danielle/Tyra pix???
What happened to the party pictures that they usually show on the ANTM site? They also usually have Tyra pose with the winner in photos that can be
0 messages
05-30-06 08:34 PM
America's Next Top Model Winner 5/17/06
I cannot believe Joani didn't win...I liked Danielle too, but Joani consistantly did better than her each week. Joani can handle challenges better
19 messages
05-28-06 08:30 AM
What is up with Joanie
Ever since Joanie got her teeth fixed she has turned into a B!T@h. Why did she talk about Sara like that? I don't want her to win.
6 messages
05-28-06 08:25 AM
Blonds not winning...don't fret
Yes, there have never been a blond winner of ANTM. But did any of you see this years I Swimsuit edition? Of the 8 models on the cover, TWO are
2 messages
05-26-06 11:42 PM
A group pic of the winner (yay) Danielle with Nicole and Yoanna
Even though they could have lightened the make up a bit she still looks great...and doesn't Yoanna look like a plump Micheal Jackson? "I'
3 messages
05-26-06 06:35 PM
Tyra FINALLY suggests a voice coach for Danielle
of course the suggestion comes after the Covergirl commercial when they need to cut someone. (rolling eyes)
6 messages
05-25-06 11:34 PM
OK. I am going to post this message because this has been bugging me for a long time. JOANIE's name is spelled JOANIE not Joni or Jone or Jonie. PLL
0 messages
05-25-06 07:56 AM
Jade was planted...
Hey, I'm new to the whole message board thing,so I'm not sure if anybody has already said this, but I really think Jade was planted. I've
8 messages
05-24-06 10:26 PM
Didn't care for Joanie's look...
While I thought it would be nice to have a blond-haired/blue-eyed girl win, I thought Joanie's look was NOT as strong as Danielle's. Thought
1 messages
05-24-06 01:45 PM
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