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Did anyone see YaYa stomp out of there? She was walking very hard!!!!!!!
2 messages
12-18-04 02:42 PM
Tocarra and Yaya
Tocarra does not act herself once, and she gets eliminated. Yaya disrespects the products twice, and she is still in the competition. What does ev
19 messages
12-18-04 02:47 PM
I was perfectly happy with last night's outcome. I was going to look back fondly on the season, but here's a link to an article in Salon which
1 messages
12-18-04 03:36 PM
So Yaya totally misses an appt and she still gets to stay. What is up with that attitude?! She is already has a swelled head she been hell on hee
17 messages
12-18-04 03:54 PM
Eva, YAYA, Amanda
Eva is miss IT>> work it work it.. is all i have to say YaYa.. with her snobbish attitude needs to work on her education since that is all sh
2 messages
12-19-04 06:18 PM
eva and fantasia barrino inspires people like me !!
21 messages
12-21-04 05:05 PM
Eva Diva is a DIVA indeed!
Each week I watched as the group shrunk and the true personalities came forward. I give my highest props to EVA for working it out. I think that Ama
3 messages
12-22-04 07:37 AM
what a crock
Last night's decision was the biggest theft and disappointment since Bush was "elected" over Kerry. Eva's nostrils are big enough to fit Ya Y
29 messages
01-04-05 09:36 PM
Eva in People Magazine
Does anyone know which issue/month of People Magazine Eva is in? I know she has a spread in Peoples Magazine, but I do notk now which issue/mo
1 messages
01-05-05 04:14 PM
Adrianne on Surreal Life
i suppose modeling isn't working out so well? i didn't get to see the first ANTM, but i hear she was the winner and is now on the surreal life
1 messages
01-18-05 01:14 PM
Next SI Model
Who watched the sports illustrated model search last week? Much more booty than america's top model...
9 messages
01-25-05 02:37 PM
Mercedes - HP commercial
Mercedes from season 2 is in a new HP computer commercial. I Tivoed back a few times and sure enough its her. http://community
2 messages
01-26-05 03:05 PM
It totally is Yoanna!
I have looked on the Aqua Drops Webpage and it so totally is Yoanna! Heres the link: Se
2 messages
02-03-05 04:19 PM
Eva's Website &....
Has anyone seen Eva's Website? COOL! & also upn has announced the contestants for ANTM 4!! %
Glitter Girl
4 messages
02-23-05 09:05 PM
Eva on Kevin Hill tonight...
watching it far she was on in the first five minutes. not so bad i guess...
1 messages
02-23-05 10:15 PM
New Top Model Season!
For all of those who are waiting for the new season (like me) check out the UPN website! All the new models are there and amazing! I think Br
1 messages
02-24-05 07:40 PM
OZNTM more drama!! anyone here watching?
Are there any aussies or anyone else here that have been watching australias next top model?
0 messages
02-25-05 06:43 AM
ANTM Cycle 3 Finale Party Shots
Check out this link, it is pictures from the ANTM Cycle 3 Finale Party: search/Fram
5 messages
03-02-05 01:19 PM
Why so many people HATE Cassie?
I'm doubt, why many peole don't like her. But I think she's very pretty, and she just a little girl who want to be a model.She just try
0 messages
03-06-05 01:26 AM
If Eva and Yaya were to make to the final tow who you think will win. My guess would be that the judges would pick Eva. However I am
46 messages
03-08-05 12:27 PM
what the heck!!
The last two seasons have made a huge deal about eating disorders and taking care of your body. Then this show they say that Brita is "carrying too
1 messages
03-10-05 11:13 AM
The vote tonight
I thought Brita should have stayed both the other last girls had terrible attitudes could they have gotten to stay when Brita did what she was
1 messages
03-10-05 11:14 AM
Brita -v- Brandy
What a terrible way to start the season. It's obvious they kept Brandy on board because she behaved so badly. In television-land, conflict is life
1 messages
03-10-05 01:13 PM
Eva has a real job
i was confused when I first saw the covergirl commercial last week but now that i've seen two i think they're really cool. i like eva and i'm gl
0 messages
03-10-05 01:32 PM
Hey, guys! We're overworking the mods' locksmith on this forum.
Just a friendly reminder that one should scan the posts already standing before starting a new one so we don't end up with twelve "Brita Got Robbe
0 messages
03-10-05 01:40 PM
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