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Jetting Off
Whaddya think....Spain? Madrid or Barcelona? Just going by Tyra's outfit in the previews.
11 messages
11-14-06 01:06 PM
First I really enjoyed the show, but Tyra is so messy she makes me sick........
1 messages
11-10-06 08:31 AM
Recrap Rehash
I will give Trya credit; her recrap shows actually do show us new footage, unlike Survivor. I liked the What Not to Wear moment, an
5 messages
11-06-06 03:36 PM
How Can Tyra Vote Brooke Off?
I normally love Tyra Banks but I have to agree with the rest of you, voting Brooke off was a BIG mistake. Personally i didn't think AJ should hav
1 messages
10-31-06 03:11 PM
Is Trya a narcissist?
I doubt this opinion is going to be popular with Tyra fans. I never looked at it that way myself, but I have to say, I think it's kinda true,
6 messages
10-30-06 11:48 AM
Tyra Banks is a biotch!
I can't not believe that she would be that cruel! Well yes I can. She is a has been that created this show because she is too fat to be a runway m
1 messages
10-30-06 09:03 AM
she wasn't suited for drama and i'm sad to see her go
i know that some things you can't and you have experience but im' sure the first intimate shoot Tyra had with a man when she was a "virgin",
1 messages
10-30-06 09:01 AM
Brooke being voted off
I am very upset that Brooke was voted off...especially when there are two that are regulars in that final two position. With AJ and Brooke being vote
Momma NC
1 messages
10-30-06 09:01 AM
ANTM FIRST twins!!! [View All]
Looks like they will have a pair of twins on the show.
22 messages
10-19-06 09:03 AM
Monique-don't the PTB ever watch the clips??? [View All]
I don't get it. Don't Tyra, and the powers that be ever watch the clips of how the girls are getting along/responding to eachother in the hous
24 messages
10-19-06 01:34 AM
Tonyas thoughts on tonights episode 10/11
Overall a good episode. The girl with the least potential/no potential was voted off. Seriously, I do not remember her name but she really h
8 messages
10-12-06 01:45 PM
Jay is not taking any mess this year
Between "blow up" at Melrose and the chastising at the makeover I would say Jay is not going to take any complaining this year. Even though Melros
10 messages
10-12-06 09:59 AM
Trying to pretend Adrienne never existed?
Each season, it's gotten more and more obvious that Tyra wants to just forget that Adrienne ever was a part of ANTM--so far this season it's so
9 messages
10-10-06 01:20 PM
Challenges I'd like to see...
Okay, this is all in fun...but wouldn't it be great to have the girls: Draw straws to see who gets to do the other models makeovers%
3 messages
10-05-06 06:40 PM
ANTM Cycle 7--the lost epidsode
"The Organ Trail" The name of the challenge is, “Embrace Your Inner Beauty”. Mr. Jay passes around a rubber bag in which the gir
1 messages
10-05-06 01:42 AM
Trya needs to brings out the models natural beauty.
I liked what she was trying to do with the rocker chic and enhance her wild curly hair. I think they made it too long but I see where they were going.
1 messages
09-29-06 01:57 PM
Is Monique doing this for tv or is she really that crazy
Well, from last night episode I would have to say that she is a REAL B1TCH! Her mother told her last night that she is the Princess of the T
4 messages
09-28-06 10:40 PM
Danielle's Commerical
Did anyone out there happen to see Danielle's commercial last night? What did you all think of her accent. She is a beautiful girl and I think s
11 messages
09-28-06 11:18 AM
Tonyas Thoughts on tonights episode 9/20 [View All]
Tyra has once again casted a young group of talent less girls.None of them could do high fashion with the exception of the Twins and one of the blonde
24 messages
09-26-06 09:19 PM
What model from 6 will return?
Seems to be a habit that someone from the past season shows up for the current one sharing all the wisdom that they have gathered. Will J
6 messages
09-25-06 11:04 AM
hey i kno this is a while after americas next top model and everything but i just noticed it .. ok im not sure if someone already mentio
9 messages
09-20-06 06:28 PM
Summary writer sign-up thread for The CW's Top Model 7
This is the summary sign-up thread for America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7 -- the first The CW edition of the former UPN reality show. To
3 messages
09-20-06 01:34 PM
Finally the wait is over...Cycle 7
I'm sure you guys have seen this already but just incase you missed it.... l/1278810.html#c
5 messages
09-13-06 01:14 PM
Where will the next big trip be?
They've gone round the world. Where will the big trip be this time? Guesses anyone?
6 messages
09-06-06 01:31 AM
America's... Top Model
I'm an etheric person and I KNOW Leslie Hornby doesn't deserve 'Happily Ever After'. She was my daugher in a past life and used me to be a hug
1 messages
08-16-06 10:02 AM
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