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The Most Meanest ANTM Contestant [View All]
Who do you think is the cruelest rudest Antm contestant ever?
25 messages
12-08-06 06:29 PM
11-29-06: Both the twins are gone!
So with Amanda offed this week, we bid farewell to our twins. Bummer they went right in a row. I think Amanda does look very 'edgy' very 'no
13 messages
12-07-06 07:18 PM
amricas next top model
I find it hard to believe Melrose is still in the competition concering the fact that she is 26 and a top model is at her best in her early twenties.
5 messages
12-07-06 04:56 PM
Season Finale East Coast Thread
Please keep all discussion of the ANTM season finale on this thread until midnight when the west coast has had a chance to view it. Thanks%
9 messages
12-06-06 10:13 PM
What happened to the plus sized model??
Not sure if anyone has talked about this yet, but i was just curious as to why they didnt have any plus sized models this year- like that one cycle
1 messages
12-06-06 09:42 PM
wwwwweeeeeeeeeeee for Cari Dee!!
Congratulations to Cari Dee! She deserved to win. Through out the wholree competition, she stayed true to who she was, she didnt have to go out
0 messages
12-06-06 09:30 PM
where are the guys?
when are they going to make an american top model for men? now that would be interesting
11 messages
12-06-06 09:17 PM
america's next top model
i am sooooooooooooo glad caridee won yeepee!!!!!!!!! now all the other models can feel much better about not winning. u know melrose
0 messages
12-06-06 09:14 PM
THANK GOD CARIDEE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HOME M
0 messages
12-06-06 08:58 PM
Melrose's jeans in the 7th elimination
Did anyone notice the jeans Melrose had on? They were beautiful! She also had on a lavender/purple tank top that was very nice too. Does anyo
2 messages
12-06-06 02:28 PM
Who are you rooting for?
I was just wondering who every one was hoping would win? I realize that a lot of people think that melrose is fake, but she seems to have a lot of
1 messages
12-04-06 04:15 PM
WTF!? Jaeda over AJ!?!? [View All]
Okay, so I love watching the show every week. And so far everything has pretty much gone in a way which I believe makes total sense when it comes to
26 messages
12-03-06 11:18 PM
Melrose is a Fake [View All]
I just have to say that Melrose is nothing but a white, ugly, arrogant, goody-2-shoes, that isn't going to get anywhere in the show or in th
38 messages
12-03-06 11:17 PM
FINALLY!! Jaeda can go home and grow out her HAIR!!!
And we don't have to hear her whine about it every single week!! You'd think this girl had been diagnosed with inoperable brain can
16 messages
12-03-06 11:13 PM
CariDee Next Week [View All]
I am really worried for her, she is one of my favorites and by last week's preview for this weeks show I think she may be going home unless she di
26 messages
12-03-06 11:10 PM
Amanda and CariDee were the bottom two models, but it was Miss Elbows and Knees who had to call it a day. This means we can look forward to a full-
0 messages
12-02-06 04:45 AM
Fabio on ANTM
Who else thinks they should have picked someone else to do the romance cover shoot? While Fabio may have been on many covers, he's not the only
5 messages
11-29-06 11:41 PM
Amanda is catty
In another thread, Amanda and Michelle were called uggos. I don't think they are very attractive in person, but slather on the makeup and s
1 messages
11-29-06 11:10 PM
Whatever happened to the re-runs before the show?!?!?
2 messages
11-29-06 10:38 PM
Canada's Next Top Model - Cycle 2
To be hosted by Jay Manuel. Tricia Helfer is too busy with Battlestar Gallactica. See [link://
1 messages
11-29-06 05:56 PM
michelle and amanda
I know that Top Model is not all about looks, but these to ugga boogers need to be voted off. They are too skinny and thick is in. How could two sis
8 messages
11-29-06 05:54 PM
What did Caridee say to Nigel?
Just wondering if anyone knows what she said to offend Nigel
6 messages
11-29-06 05:50 PM
Now we know why Adrienne is never mentioned!!
Talk about a smart mouth-that girl is the queen of smart mouths!!! So, we have wondered here before WHY no one from ANTM ever menti
4 messages
11-29-06 05:45 PM
America's Next Top Model DVD's??
Does anyone know where i can purchased most of the Next Top model dvds online? I've been looking everywhere, somone please help me.%0
1 messages
11-26-06 07:10 AM
Anyone want to guess about tonight?
I know a lot is "supposed" to be determined on this weeks performance/improvement, but I have a feeling that Tyra will not be calling the name
0 messages
11-15-06 03:55 PM
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