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What were they thinking putting those girls in freezing water?? [View All]
That REALLY made me MAD last night!! I couldn't believe it! Do they not understand the concept of hypothermia?? I noticed that
21 messages
12-30-06 08:27 AM
Eugena can't be "Bullied"
I was very impressed with Eugena in last week's episode. I thought her photo (with the bull) was awesome! The photo/pose they showed at th
4 messages
12-30-06 08:03 AM
Now, finally everyone should be happy right?
Finally ANTM has a blonde, a real blonde (if melrose would have won you guys would have been saying she was a fake blonde. So no more yelling abo
7 messages
12-30-06 07:59 AM
Photo Shoots Are Awful This Season
I am so disappointed with the photo shoots this season. Instead of having interesting and creative modeling shoots, Tyra is just trying to come up w
15 messages
12-28-06 12:25 PM
0 messages
12-28-06 12:22 PM
melrose ughhh
melrose is a hard worker but ughhh shes not exciting and shes tough enough for the modeling world...she cries over little things....
0 messages
12-23-06 10:14 PM
evanblahblahblah i love caridee has spunk and the whole pacckkage she was truly meant to win. YOU HATTTEEEERRR
0 messages
12-23-06 10:12 PM
Melrose, Caridee and Eugena Discuss Editing a99e-3930-4adf-8e54-fd1993ca6496&k=93229 http://community.realitytvw
3 messages
12-15-06 01:08 PM
Oh The Make Overs..................
I always seem to like them better before. At least most of them. I really feel for the girls when they have to do dramatic hair changes...
19 messages
12-12-06 05:56 PM
I am so fed up with these girls who have mini pitty parties for themselves and use that to say I deserve to win this. Like it entitles them to be a mo
2 messages
12-12-06 05:53 PM
American Top Model as an example [View All]
I have watched American Top model with my daughters and granddaughters. It has been a time where we share together about fashion and makeup. It has
27 messages
12-12-06 05:44 PM
Something to say about everyone!!!
First of all, I will start off with Brooke. She was by far my favorite...she had a great personality. I think it was very low of Tyra to kick her
1 messages
12-12-06 05:37 PM
Am I the only one who thinks this season is way LAME?? [View All]
The challenges, the whiney girls, the attitude of Tyra-it's all just so 'lame'-can't think of a better word right now. I felt s
33 messages
12-12-06 05:24 PM
Guess where Michelle and Amanda are now ...
So Michelle and Amanda are back at home sharing a room. Why am I not surprised. Although I wasn't their biggest fan I loved the last photo of Amanda
4 messages
12-12-06 05:16 PM
Who The Heck Is Dressing Tyra?
What was up with Tyra's makeup and wardrobe toward the end of this season? Her makeup was so heavy I thought she was going for some kind of gothic
3 messages
12-12-06 05:13 PM
My Life as a Cover Girl [View All]
The most exciting thing about the season finale is that this is the last week I have to endure [s]Danielle[/s] Dani's My Life as a Cover G
22 messages
12-12-06 05:11 PM
Hatin' on Anchal [View All]
I'm so sick of those hefas hatin' on Anchal. The are all just JEALOUS!!! I hope Anchal wins!
28 messages
12-11-06 12:05 PM
I hope that you win girl because you got it going on. Everybody is just hatin' on you. You have won some challenges, and I think that you are have
9 messages
12-10-06 00:25 AM
CariDee is back together with her boyfriend!
They were apart during the show, but I guess she got back together with her old boyfriend!
1 messages
12-09-06 11:12 PM
Tyra Makes Faux Pas
Last show: Tyra makes fun of Mr. Ruiz's accent in front of the whole panel just before elimination. Now I know I heard her tell girls off in man
2 messages
12-08-06 06:40 PM
Jaeda cut her hair after she was eliminated!!!
After all that whining and moaning she cut her hair after the elimination. I'm so glad she's gone. The quote about it is in the photo
9 messages
12-08-06 06:36 PM
The Most Meanest ANTM Contestant [View All]
Who do you think is the cruelest rudest Antm contestant ever?
25 messages
12-08-06 06:29 PM
11-29-06: Both the twins are gone!
So with Amanda offed this week, we bid farewell to our twins. Bummer they went right in a row. I think Amanda does look very 'edgy' very 'no
13 messages
12-07-06 07:18 PM
amricas next top model
I find it hard to believe Melrose is still in the competition concering the fact that she is 26 and a top model is at her best in her early twenties.
5 messages
12-07-06 04:56 PM
Season Finale East Coast Thread
Please keep all discussion of the ANTM season finale on this thread until midnight when the west coast has had a chance to view it. Thanks%
9 messages
12-06-06 10:13 PM
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