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Who you want Eliminated
Who do you want to get eliminated from this point of time?
26 messages
11-03-04 10:10 AM
Dear Mr. Jay....
Please stop the ads. Please. I know Cover Girl has paid you and its models a large sum of money to appear in those ads and explain to us makeup-chal
14 messages
11-03-04 10:14 AM
What do you people think about Janice, she is mean but i love her, i think she is halirious. And she is like the best part about the show. Picture
5 messages
11-04-04 10:02 AM
Best line of the night---
“Then I saw a woman, a really UGLY woman that turned out to be Mr. Jay…” I expected that Ms. Jay would have looked soooooo much bet
0 messages
11-04-04 12:58 PM
Plus size
The plus size model is terrific and it is time for things to change even on the runway with the top designesrs. If more ladies could actually see clot
1 messages
11-04-04 05:58 PM
any real women????
Why cant real women be models? I am 4'11.5" and an hourglass figure (not fat). I mean most women hate models because they are not real I mea
26 messages
11-05-04 07:25 AM
Where are the spoilers
Hi, I just wanted to know where is the messageboard with the spoilers? I went to Spoiler news, but it was not a messageboard... if someone could
3 messages
11-05-04 11:16 AM
Only if i knew Cassie.
If i knew cassie, i would slap her to death and make here believe that she is GORGEOUS. Prettiest gurl there. She could've done so much w/ her b
3 messages
11-05-04 11:27 AM
What did you think of this Episode?
I was glad that Cassie left, and I think she was glad to leave as well. I wasn't surprised. I was very afraid for Tocara, and could not belive
9 messages
11-05-04 11:34 AM
Adrianne Curry will be on Surreal Life 4!!!!
Wow - I can't wait!!!! Of course, it would be better if I could get VH1.... :(
4 messages
11-05-04 02:00 PM
Kelle's goodbye transcript/chat.
ANTM Host: There are lots of great questions for Kelle so let's begin. Are you ready to answer some questions from the fans? Kelle: Of c
1 messages
11-05-04 07:34 PM
Anyone hate Ann
Ugh! What a horrible person. I havent liked her since hte second episode when she was acting possesive and codependent on Eva. She is a major biyatc
7 messages
11-08-04 03:32 AM
The First Top Model - Now on Sereal Life
If this show truely is a catapolt to stardom and model fame - why is the first girl who won on Seareal Life. Rumor has it that she was dropped like a
1 messages
11-08-04 07:33 AM
Yoanna makes it college (sort of) 76.html
4 messages
11-08-04 01:09 PM
Ebony works at my gym!!
Ebony from Season 1 works at the front desk at my gym. I almost died when she said "have a good workout" to me the other morning. Anyone else ha
1 messages
11-09-04 10:15 AM
Is it a set up?
Does anyone else think that the blow up between Tyra and Janice was set up? Kind of like the trash talking done during American Idol? Is it just
10 messages
11-10-04 03:29 PM
Last Night Episode
I have to agree with one individual when she spoke about Tyra Banks attitude and how she tried to chastise someone else who has the same attitude as h
2 messages
11-11-04 12:28 PM
Janice "take out those implants" Dickinson irritates me
She is so rude. You can be honest and tactful, and Janice has no tact. And it is just interesting how she feels that she has the right to degrade th
2 messages
11-12-04 05:56 PM
Tara Banks attitude not unlike camille's
I don't see how Tara Banks can condemn Camille's attitude when it is so much like her own. Tara seems to be on a quest to see that no other top bl
12 messages
11-13-04 12:19 PM
I like Kelle!
I didnt like her at first but I really enjoy her now. I think she's so cute and just want to give her a huig. I feel so bad for her that her picture
5 messages
11-15-04 08:10 PM
this month's elle
if you wanted to check the new issue of elle out, there's an article about both america's next top model and heidi klum's project runway. kin
0 messages
11-16-04 09:53 AM
Who caught YOUR eye?
Joccara is my fav, however I think that YaYa will walk away with it
15 messages
11-16-04 11:35 AM
Can anyone tell me what designers Eva and Ann were wearing on the red carpet last week? I feel that they mispronounced the names of the designers a
0 messages
11-17-04 05:02 PM
Next Week'z Elemination !
Who do u guyz think is goin home next week? They r all good!
15 messages
11-17-04 06:53 PM
New Top Model ISN'T
I was never so appauled as when I heard the filth come out of that woman who supposedly is to be America's Newest Top Model. If that is the kind of
7 messages
11-18-04 11:41 AM
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