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Janice's face lift
Did anyone else find it hard to control the laughter when they saw Janice Dickerson's new face lift? I saw her on Ryan Seacrests' show and she
13 messages
09-02-04 05:04 PM
WARNINGS!!! R U going to a 'Open Call'? Read this first!
Be prepaired to wait in uncomfortable conditions. I had to wait for over seven hours sitting on the floor of a dirty garage/driveway and my favorite
4 messages
09-16-04 05:35 PM
UPN in Canada?
Anyway to get this channel in Canada? I have ExpressVu and will order it if it is available. Anyone know? http://community.real
5 messages
09-16-04 10:22 PM
mercedes is beautiful
i think Mercedes was the most beautiful girl on the show her and Sara. merceds had it all she was always foucsed and ready for anything. she lived and
4 messages
09-20-04 10:04 PM
Mercedes is The bomb
I really dont agree with them taking Mercedes not the top model because Mercedes got it all in her. I hate Yoanna and yes I said it you can all
4 messages
09-20-04 10:11 PM
Yoanna blows
Yoanna falls on her ##### in the video and wins the whole thing?? Janice and Tyra and Eric love Mercedes, Yoanna says that she though
42 messages
09-20-04 10:20 PM
I think she should've won...I personally think she was by far the most beautiful and sexy. I don't think she had the best attitude, but I did th
1 messages
09-20-04 10:23 PM
i wanted april to win!!
it's a shame to see april go, she was truly a rare beauty. but i guess she will get a contract either way, like elyse (my favorite from last s
15 messages
09-20-04 10:41 PM
Never Too Much Model-Season 3 Premiers 9/22/04 ds/User_files/413771946595574a.jpg Miss Tyra returns, with a new bevy of babes to be
8 messages
09-21-04 12:52 PM
Reairing of first episode??
I was wondering if anyone knows if they're reairing the premiere episode? I have class on Wed night and my VCR is broken. I checked the UPN
4 messages
09-22-04 10:17 PM
Jenipher's hair
I wonder how long it will take them to whack off her hair? They seem to always want to do something out there with long haired girls. Magdelena ha
2 messages
09-23-04 08:54 PM
ghetto girl and other random thoughts
I felt so bad when the "ghetto girl" was eliminated. I can't remember her name, but her self-esteem and self image was in the toilet. I wish s
6 messages
09-24-04 11:54 AM
Ghetto Girl
Dang Tiffany I thought you really had a chance, but that's okay because when one door close another one opens. So keep ya head up. And it ani't
1 messages
09-27-04 12:09 PM
Stripper ! ?
Anyone else have any comments on the wannabe model that was a stripper? I was glad to see her get a chance. I think it's great that she wants to
6 messages
09-28-04 05:05 PM
Plus Sized Models
I am beginning to wonder why they have plus sized models on ANTM, if they are not going to choose one to win the competition? I would really like
13 messages
09-30-04 05:49 PM
Enough Anne, Already
Or is it "Ann." Anyway, I'm exhausted by her already, and it's only Episode Two. If you lapse into a psychotic state every time you step
6 messages
10-01-04 03:28 AM
Who's Taking The Title?
Okay I think this year epoisode is going to be the best! And I also have my picks already. EVA or YAYA. To the ladies Eva and Yaya keep putting it
3 messages
10-01-04 03:29 AM
someone do me a favor PLEASE...
Im not gonna get to watch the show tonight...will someone please email me and tell me what happened? my email is
3 messages
10-01-04 10:36 PM
more sistahs on Top Model
Its good to see a wider variety of sistahs on the show. Its really about time we see not only the ghetto girl ,but we now have the white washed sis
8 messages
10-03-04 09:55 PM
Supermodel era Vs. Celebrity era
Hey everyone, I thought this would be a good topic of discussion in this board. I am interested in everyones opinions towards this. Okay, it is sa
4 messages
10-04-04 04:10 PM
Is that Yoanna?
I've seen a commercial few times for a product, I think it's Aqua Drops-something like that. It suppose to be some refreshing hard candy or brea
4 messages
10-06-04 04:59 PM
Does anyone know when tonite's show will air in LA?
The show is being pre-empted by the baseball game. My student's earned a reward & picked watching the show - I promised I'd tape it tonight to
1 messages
10-07-04 09:55 AM
OMG, the cats come out...HISS...
Did anyone notice how Amanda's attitude changed after her "transformation" to blonde? Oooohhhh, how long do you think it will t
0 messages
10-07-04 12:34 PM
Separated at Birth
A few of our reality ho's remind me of some celebrities, wannabes and fictional characters. Who do they remind you of? Ann and K
1 messages
10-07-04 12:36 PM
Just in time for Halloween, Janice Reveals Her New Face
Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy! I'll reluctantly give her credit for making botox jokes at her own expense. Still, I envision her at night, asleep%2
6 messages
10-07-04 12:39 PM
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