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Any lesbians on the new season?
Hey does anyone know if any lesbians trying out for the new season? If so please give me some info on them. I'm curious to see if any of them ma
16 messages
06-25-04 03:00 PM
Wednesdays Episode
Can someone tell me what happened on Wednesdays episode on ANTM. Thanks
1 messages
06-26-04 12:38 PM
Does anyone know the brand of the teeth whitener or paint used in the last episode?
The one used by the make-up artist & it's a blue tube thingy.
0 messages
06-28-04 04:28 AM
Its a shame that the modelling industry would now consider Marilyn Monroe a plus-size. I wish we could go back to the days where women were just a lit
3 messages
06-30-04 00:32 AM
Catie from ANTM2 was on Blow Out last night...
her poses sucked...but she looked nice. at least she didn't cry.
0 messages
06-30-04 09:55 AM
Adrienne Curry disses Yoanna!
This is from my favorite newsletter from (begin) Last year's America's Next Top Model winner
20 messages
07-06-04 01:47 PM
Yoanna is beautiful.....but anyone can tell she is fake.....She tried a little too hard to fit in...she didn't flow.......but she is beautiful......
4 messages
07-16-04 03:14 PM
Why are You People Saying Mean Thing Bout Yoanna?
I find Yoanna very beautiful and friendly. She deserves to be America next Top Model. All I see is people saying Yoanna is ulgy she has loose skin. I
1 messages
07-17-04 00:07 AM
Is the season over in the US?
I thought I'd stop by over here to check things out as I'm enjoying watching Season 2. But it looks like your Americans know about some people get
Canada Girl
3 messages
07-22-04 10:48 AM
Americas Next Dissapointment
Yoanna, Yoanna, Yoanna, what can I say about her. Nothing! That is basically all she put into her performance. She had a nice face and the jud
4 messages
07-22-04 11:23 AM
this show is so bad for young teens, it just shows that if you have a little of meat on you is wrong and that you are ugly. this show does not help
2 messages
07-26-04 11:20 AM
"Supermodel", Camille, Catie, and "TARA"
First of all, the term "Supermodel" was a phrase that Janice ##### inson sarcastically asked if that was what they thought she wa
2 messages
07-26-04 11:46 AM
Season 1 will always be the best
As shown in season 2 the show is sliding downward as the comparison of Yoanna House and Adrianne Curry, winner of season 1, is like night and day
20 messages
07-26-04 01:13 PM
Yoanna should of got eliminanted in Esipode 8
I am very disa
1 messages
07-29-04 12:04 PM
Yeah Yoanna!!!!!!!!
Why is everybody being so hard on her. She is very pretty. Mercedes looks like any other girl, she looks like a cheerleader girl. Everybody is wante
2 messages
07-29-04 12:14 PM
Yoanna on!
Finally! She looks AMAZING! (as usual) Funny...still haven't seen Adrianne in ONE Revlon ad...
2 messages
08-03-04 10:18 PM
Janice Dickinson
I've noticed how Janice Dickinson Keeps saying that Janista is too short to be a model,or even win the competition, not realizing that we are in
12 messages
08-03-04 10:21 PM
this season vs last season
i feel like girls from last season had so much more of a model look than this season. with the exception of robin, all the girls from last season we
6 messages
08-04-04 01:23 PM
Not very impressed with any of the models!
I have to say I am glad Sarah was voted off, and not Yoanna. Sarah lacked any sort of top-model characteristics; there was nothing distinguishing
1 messages
08-09-04 06:02 PM
Shandi's mug shot
I guess she didn' t have a makeup artist that day to help her out. Here's a link to the story.
5 messages
08-09-04 06:06 PM
Body By Victoria
Does anyone know who that blonde girl is in that commercial with Tyra Banks?
0 messages
08-10-04 07:56 PM
Yoanna - So Beautiful and has a good figure - she is not an Anorexic is All.
I live in Australia and I can't believe how the judges keep going on about Yoanna's body. In Australia she would be considered beautiful. Look a
39 messages
08-17-04 06:41 PM
Yoanna is on the Psychology Today cover
Coz PT is covering the subject of physical beauty and how it can open 90% of doors, something like that. She really does ha
0 messages
08-19-04 02:44 PM
elyse sewell -- ANTM season 1
Does anybody know what's going with Elyse? Does she have a modeling contract? She's my favorite--Adrienne rocks, though! I was really h
6 messages
08-27-04 07:12 AM
Has anyone gotten work? Update?
The second season of ANTM just finished on a Canadian channel and I'd love an update on the girls who made it far. Does anyone know what's been ha
Canada Girl
2 messages
09-01-04 12:38 PM
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