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Who should have won and why
I think that Jenah should have won this cycle of ANTM. not only did she take gorgeous pictures and have the best runway walk, she was a real person.
4 messages
03-14-08 10:44 AM
new theme song?
What you y'all think of the new ANTM theme song? I mean, I like it and all but I which they had shown all of the winners in the montage instead
3 messages
03-14-08 10:38 AM
Where Can I Watch This Weeks Episode
of ANTM on the internet?
1 messages
03-14-08 05:37 AM
Out of all of the cycles in America's Next Top Model history which one do you think has the strongest group of girls. I'm not talking about the gi
10 messages
03-13-08 03:27 PM
Makeovers - Season 10! Whatcha think?
For me, four words: Marvita has a mullet. Wait, make that five: Marvita has a mullet, [i]suckah[/i%
6 messages
03-13-08 03:24 PM
New Model Wannabees? Or a Who's Who of Women with Issues?
Is it me or is ANTM this cycle full of nut cases, problem people, and others we just feel bad for so we put through to the show. It seems like Ty
15 messages
03-13-08 03:21 PM
Meat, Amis and Jazleeeeeeeene!
OK, I really liked the Meat photoshoot. The irony was great, and they did not need to shove it down our throats, but oh well, some viewers mi
0 messages
03-13-08 11:49 AM
They need to get rid of the marquee "Tyra Mail". It was annoying when one model-wanna-be was reading it in a monotone, multiply that by 11 and
4 messages
03-10-08 01:35 PM
The girls on ANTModel look ridiculous. They are just cute tall thin girls. Not models
Its even amazing that Tyra Banks was ever considered a famous model. Check out any fashion show, and you will see that the show is just as phony as
7 messages
03-06-08 11:20 AM
So who is this season's ringer?
Salicia (?sp) was the ringer for last season, so why should this season be any different? Does anyone know who the set-up chick is?
2 messages
03-05-08 10:08 AM
Jaslene is ghetto
So I really think that Jaslene is gorgeous, but really can she not speak like a ghetto chick??? She cannot even put together a freakin' sent
3 messages
02-26-08 05:45 PM
Shandi Sulliva from Cycle 2 has a date of death for Shandi as 1/1/2008. I have been looking for any report an this. Has anyone heard anything?
4 messages
02-26-08 05:41 PM
Part 1 of the Cycle recraps
Did anyone else watch this last night? I did. I like the review of were we have been and such. What I really liked was the new footage
6 messages
02-20-08 09:33 AM
Cycle 10 Cast Revealed
RTVW link with cast list w-reveals-america-next-top-model-tenth-season-cast-6407.php%0
15 messages
02-18-08 06:11 PM
Tyra is a racist!
I am addicted to the show but Tyra makes me so mad. Does anyone remember the season with Joni and Danielle? The judges never had anything bad to say
24 messages
01-19-08 05:02 PM
Next Season Starts Feb 20.
Just thought you all would like to know. ds/User_files/466f1ca43c82e1c8.jpg
8 messages
01-19-08 02:45 AM
BOO Tyra [View All]
Way to set up the Handicap girl. No, any Model can hire someone to get her to shoots on time. You just wanted her out. Heather took the best pictur
25 messages
01-19-08 02:33 AM
My Life as a Cover Girl
I'm excited to see Saleisha's My Life as a Cover Girl commercials next season. Jaslene had excellent photos, but her lack of speaking ability wa
4 messages
01-05-08 05:32 AM
I cant believe no one is did anything in light of the Saleisha scandal [View All]
with all of these connections btw her and tyra and the wendy's commercial on top of it! why wasnt Saleisha disqualified?
23 messages
12-16-07 10:54 AM
So I'm relatively new to ANTM...
but is it normal for them to have a shoot for a magazine as a prize and it never actually appear? I ask because I saw a glimpse of the En
9 messages
12-14-07 10:33 AM
It is well past the finale...and no posts?? What's up?
I think it is well past California time by now, and not a single post about it? Freaky. I am so very pleased with the outcome of this s
8 messages
12-13-07 08:01 PM
At first I wasn't so excited in watching tonight's episode because Heather was eliminated and she brought all the charm. I'm sooo glad Bianca le
4 messages
12-09-07 06:59 PM
What did your mama teach you Tyra?
I have a great idea for the next week's model challenge! Give the models 15 minutes to create the sexiest hair with no help( no extensions%2
mad mom
3 messages
12-04-07 12:26 PM
Possible final 2
Just a thought...i rewatched the first episode of ANTM cycle 9 and caught an exchange between Chantal and Saleisha.....we will be the final two standi
15 messages
12-01-07 00:14 AM
Did Heather Deserve to Go Home?
Hey do you guys think Heather deserved t ogo home last night. I kind of think so just cause she was sooo did anyone else see when she w
2 messages
11-29-07 11:35 AM
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