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The Coys don't need the money
That's got to be why they were so unimpressed when told of the $500,000 prize and were so focused on the fact that they were "humiliated."
4 messages
02-24-04 07:07 PM
This show is sooo easy to spoil (thanks FOX!) [View All]
a little filler for any of you losers that actually care what happens next week. Speaking of little fillers, how bout that smallest groom show....m
shakes the clown
33 messages
02-24-04 05:00 PM
Would you do it?
Would you have done something like this? I'm not sure. On the one hand, I think it's making a joke of marriage. On the other hand, that%2
15 messages
02-24-04 04:00 PM
Thoughts on Steve
I know he got a Randi-Bootcamp makeover but I noticed he seemed to shed several pounds throughout the course of the show. Wonder if he did that on pur
1 messages
02-24-04 03:14 PM
Official My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance Episode 2 Summary
[b]Official [I]My Big Fat Fiancé[/I] Episode 2 Summary – [I]So I’m Engaged To An Axe Murderer[/I][
8 messages
02-23-04 07:55 PM
The Coys
The Coy family looks very familiar. Is it possible that they were on a previous TV show? Could it possibly be Meet My Folks? We did a search on
1 messages
02-22-04 04:12 PM
My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé Episode 4 Summary
[center][font size=4.5 face=rockwell]My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé: Episode 4 Summary[/font] [font size=3 face=rockwell
Tiger Lily
20 messages
02-22-04 09:06 AM
Sequel ?
I can't believe this show is almost over. Is next week really the last episode ? I don't know how FOX is going to make a sequel to th
1 messages
02-21-04 02:33 AM
Tonight's show Feb 16 [View All]
This thresd contains info about tonight's show. Don't scroll down if you don't want to know, okay? Okay! This had me LMAOing%
31 messages
02-20-04 09:40 PM
Do We Know ANYTHING About The Coys???
You know, it just struck me as very weird that we know next to nothing about the Coy family. Not what her father does for a living; what her two n
15 messages
02-19-04 10:39 AM
Her family knows [View All]
The joke is that it's all on her.
29 messages
02-18-04 01:08 AM
Are any of you a little tired of what they show and don't show on some of these Reality Shows. I've been thinking about this since, i
0 messages
02-18-04 00:04 AM
Randi's siblings are SPOILED, SNOTTY LITTLE BRATS!!!!
Randi's siblings are spoiled, snotty little brats!!! Mom and dad aren't so bad because they are willing to do what their daughter chooses
5 messages
02-17-04 11:58 PM
"Bear with me" , Randi tells her brothers
When Randi told her brothers to bear with her, wasn't she basically giving it away? She might as well have said this will all be over in a day a
4 messages
02-17-04 04:23 PM
The Mansion
Does anyone have information about the mansion - who built it, location, architectural style, square footage, price? Thanks in advance.
0 messages
02-17-04 04:13 PM
Will Randy Sue? I would for breach of contract
Seems these reality shows can do everything to include deceiving people. A contract must be made on good faith terms and understanding of the parties
7 messages
02-17-04 01:35 PM
joke on randi
This is what will happen, the night before the wedding or the morning of, they are going to tell the family the deal and they are going to tell th
0 messages
02-17-04 12:22 PM
Will Randi need therapy?? [View All]
I am so sure that Randi will need therapy after this show is over. She was soooooooo unprepared for the mental violence that is taking plac
39 messages
02-16-04 10:00 PM
Randi knows ?
I LOVE the show, but anyone get the feeling that Steve is so over the top that Randi must have figured out that Steve is a setup by now. I mean Stev
15 messages
02-15-04 08:34 PM
My big fat obnoxious fiance
Randi's family is about as dry as a popcorn fart!!!
2 messages
02-14-04 01:58 AM
Does this show really make any sense?
I see the previews and I think, that looks funny, I will watch that. But, then I think about the premise for a minute, and I have to come to t
13 messages
02-13-04 11:35 AM
whos fooling who, joke is on the audience
Who's fooling who here, this has got to be the worst reality show I have seen to date. It would not be so unbelievable till the girls family gets
1 messages
02-13-04 00:49 AM
Does anyone know where I can download a copy of the episodes?
0 messages
02-12-04 09:48 PM
Episode 4 Discussion [View All]
Please keep discussion of tonight's episode in this thread so west coasters won't have it spoilerd (or at least as spoiled as you can get on thi
28 messages
02-12-04 10:43 AM
I'm Loving This Show!
I can't wait for the new episode tonight! This is the funniest show on TV right now! Too bad I can't think of a way for them to make a seque
8 messages
02-11-04 11:31 AM
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