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Where was it this week???
Is the show gone or was this just a one week kind of thing? ther2/images/housegues
5 messages
11-29-04 02:07 PM
***Official Summary*** - MBFOB - Ep. 3
[font color=teal][b]***Official Summary*** - My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss – Episode 3[/b] [font size=1 color
5 messages
11-27-04 04:47 PM
Episode 3 discussion
fascinating! T&A is a good addition to any reality show. Come to think about it, reality shows are just an excuse for T&A. hmmm. I have become
8 messages
11-23-04 11:58 AM
Positive things to say about the contestants
I am not one ordinarily to say good things about DAWs. But, because of the nature of the show, these people get dumped on continually, so I thou
3 messages
11-22-04 07:28 PM
Where's Tonia?
She wasn't voted off. Where is she?
6 messages
11-22-04 07:25 PM
My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, Episode Two Summary
[h1]Waiter, There's a Potato in my Soup![/h1] Is anyone reading? Thank you. Certainly no one is watching. MBFOB drew only
7 messages
11-19-04 04:12 PM
The con is on...
...but how do you keep the secret? The contestants are already showing mild signs of suspicions, at least in the 'coming in future weeks' pre
11 messages
11-17-04 11:15 AM
My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss Episode #2 Discussion. [View All]
This is discussion of episode #2 ds/User_files/4159c6231f21ba87.gif
21 messages
11-17-04 06:15 AM
"Mrs Todd"
From the minute I saw "Mrs Todd" I thought I recognized her and the more I watched I knew that I'd seen her before.While she may have been
1 messages
11-15-04 03:07 PM
(Un?)Official MBFOB Episode #1 Summary: If It’s Done With PowerPoint, It’s Got To Be All Good.
‘Welcome to Chicago,’ intones a voice that wants to be dramatic, but doesn’t quite make it – and suddenly, we’re taking a tour through
5 messages
11-12-04 10:28 AM
Big... Fat... Obnoxious? [View All]
Is this where we go to make fun of My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. I'm all over this like backfat. http://
41 messages
11-11-04 08:10 PM
Is William August a phony?
Well, yeah I know he's a fake boss on a fake show about a fake job...but is he also a fake actor? After seeing a commercial today that looked l
5 messages
11-11-04 03:38 PM
My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé, Episode 3 Summary – Bread Soufflé, Prom Dates, and the Yoga Fart
Welcome to the Episode three summary of My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé, the show that seeks to answer the question: [b]Randi Coy, what were y
12 messages
06-24-04 01:04 AM
hungry man commercial
Has anyone noticed that Steve is in the hungry man tv dinner commercials where the two guys are blow drying their hair and he get's blown away becau
1 messages
05-10-04 12:01 PM
My Big Fat Osbourne Wedding
Imagine that Melanie Coy brings home Jack and we have a marriage of reality shows. What would Jack and Melanies household look like? htt
3 messages
05-03-04 04:35 PM
Talk Shows
Are any of the family or Steve making the talk show circuit? I haven't seen anything. I'd like some behind the scenes info
5 messages
05-03-04 04:28 PM
the hostess
She looks like an alien. It looks like she put her makeup on in a very dimly lit room. I can't stand looking at her! Couldn't they afford any
18 messages
05-03-04 04:24 PM
'One of them won fame, aclaim, and public support for future endeavors...
...and the other one is Jeremy Shockey. ry?page=bracket/round2/fiance_shockey&POLL171%3
1 messages
03-20-04 09:43 PM
Questions and Comments
Since the offical Fox boards closed down, I will have to post this here. Just a few things that are on my mind. 1.) To everyone that i
1 messages
03-02-04 10:28 AM
Steve the actor
i think i saw steve on those 'Hungry Man' commercials? let me know if that is him on there. steve
1 messages
03-01-04 09:50 PM
good job
good job u pulled it off congrats to randi u get 2 go home
1 messages
02-28-04 12:25 PM
Why Are The Coys Going to Ireland If Their Heritage is Scotch?
OK, they dress their sons in kilts for the wedding to highlight their Scottish heritage (with bagpipers, too, yet!). And for Dad's 50th
18 messages
02-25-04 04:59 PM
Finale discussion [View All]
Please post here... and...I get Breaking News, woohoo! rds/User_files/3f
52 messages
02-25-04 11:21 AM
the one thing i still don't get
is there anyone who can explain why randi NEVER acted like she was having fun? why she did not "play along" with steve for the big bucks...she k
12 messages
02-25-04 10:58 AM
Who else has a crush on Randi's Dad?
He's good looking, has that great little smile, is caring. He's only 49. Ummmmmm ok, just me? [font size =
Drive My Car
20 messages
02-24-04 09:22 PM
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